Have you ever used universal remote codes and found yourself becoming captivated by what you were doing? Would you like to programme your Comcast universal remote control with three-digit codes, four-digit codes, or any other codes that are compatible with the remote control? So what’s the point of waiting? Simply follow the steps outlined below to discover how to enter codes into your device in order to configure it with your favourite remote controls.

Comcast Xfinity Universal Remote Codes are listed below.

The following is a comprehensive list of all of theComcast Xfinity Universal Remote Codes:

The Comcast Universal Remote  four-digit codes-

  • 0497
  • 0030
  • 0056

 Comcast Universal Remote  five-digit codes-

  • 10000
  • 10178
  • 10812
  • 11291
  • 10036
  • 10019
  • 10434
  • 11704
  • 11704
  • 10030

LG 10178, 11265

Panasonic 10051, 10250

Samsung 10812, 10060

Sanyo 10154, 10159

Sony 10000, 11100

Sharp 10093, 10165

Toshiba 10156, 11156

Vizio 11758, 11756

LG 10178, 11265 

Panasonic 10051, 10250 

Samsung 10812, 10060 

Sanyo 10154, 10159 

Sony 10000, 11100 

Sharp 10093, 10165

Toshiba 10156, 11156 

Vizio 11758, 11756

Instructions on how to Program Comcast Universal Remote Without Codes

During the auto search method, the remote is programmed to scan for all universal remote codes. In order to programme the control, it examines each unique code one by one, one by one. Follow the instructions listed below to program Comcast Universal remote without codes:

1. Turn on the smart device, such as a “TV,” that you wish to be able to manage with the universal remote control.

(2) It is possible to switch on the remote by tapping it for three seconds on the power button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL).

3. Position the remote in front of the device and press the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons on the remote. On/off signals will be displayed on the remote control. Press and hold the “up” or “down” key down until the gadget has completely shut down.

4. Confirm the code by pressing the “power” key on your keyboard. The device should now be operational. Changing the channel will ensure that the remote is properly programmed. If it starts, continue to the next step.

When you are finished, press the device button to store the code. The LED on the device will blink twice to indicate that the code has been successfully stored.

How can I set up a Comcast remote control to operate with a Samsung television that I bought recently?

A large number of devices is generally accompanied with a large number of remote controls. Identifying which remote controllers execute which functions increasingly becomes less functional and more of a musical chairs game as time progresses. Comcast customers, for the first time, have the option of programming several devices on a single remote control. If your coffee table is cluttered with remote controls, programming your Comcast remote to control both your Samsung television and cable box will help to reduce the amount of clutter on the table.

Manually Entering Device Codes is an option.

Step 1  is to create a plan.

In your television’s user manual or online, look for the programming code that corresponds to it. Following the instructions for the Comcast Custom DVR 3-Device universal remote, the codes for Samsung LCD televisions are 10812, 10766, and 10814 for the Samsung LCD televisions. The codes for the remainder of Samsung’s televisions are 10060, 10812, 10702, 10179; 10030, 10766; 10814; 11060; and 11903. The codes for the rest of Samsung’s televisions are 10060, 10812, 10702, 10179; 10030, 10766; 10814; 11060; and 11903.

The second step is to turn on the television. While the power button on a Samsung television can be found in a variety of locations, the majority of the time it is found on the front panel of the device.

On your remote control, hit the “TV” button to go to Step 3.

To complete Step 4, keep pressing and holding down on the “Setup” button until the “TV” button blinks twice more.

Step 5: Using the remote’s numerical keypad, enter the first five-digit code you see. The button labelled “TV” will blink twice in rapid succession.

Step 6: Aim the remote at the television and press the “Power” button on the remote control. The device should be turned off at this point. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure with the following television code if the first attempt does not yield results.

Step 7: Check the other buttons on the remote to check that all of the possible functions are operational. Please keep in mind that the Comcast universal remote will only support the most basic of functions. Then, if the fundamental controls do not work properly, repeat the preceding steps with a different code.

Search for Device Codes via Automated Method

Step 1: Turn on the television.

Step 2: Using the remote control, press and hold the “TV” button for a few seconds, then press and hold the “Setup” key for a few seconds until the “TV” button blinks twice.

Step 3: Using the numerical keypad on the remote, enter “9-9-1.” The button labelled “TV” will blink twice in rapid succession.

Step 4: Using the numerical keypad on the remote, hit the “1” button once.

Step 5: Using the remote control, press the “Power” button, followed by the “CH +” button. Continue until the power to the television is switched off. To save the code, select “Setup” from the drop-down menu.

How Do I Refresh the TV Listings Guide on My Comcast XFINITY Account?

You can assure that your DVR will never miss an episode of your favorite program by checking that the TV listings on your device are up to current. The XFINITY service offered by Comcast comes with its own specialized listings guide, which loads program information depending on your ZIP code and the time zone in which you live. There are some subtle differences in the process of updating your program guide depending on whether you are watching it on your television or on the Internet.

Onscreen TV Listings

Step 1

After your TV listings have loaded, select the desired programming by clicking the “Change” button that is situated at the very top of the grid.

Step 2: Enter your own ZIP code in the field that has been supplied.

Step 3

Select the appropriate time zone for you by using the pull-down option labeled “Time Zones.”

Step 4

To bring up the most recent version of your TV listings, use the “Save” option.

Online TV Listings

Step 1

Proceed to the XFINITY online listings page by using your web browser (link in Resources).

Step 2: Just above the top right corner of the grid, you’ll find a click labeled “Change Location.” Click on that link.

Step 3 Locate the text field designated for your ZIP code, enter it there, and then click the “Search” button.

Step 4

To update your listings, first locate your service area on the list of Service Areas, then click the “Save” button when you are finished.

Where can I look for the Xfinity guide?

1. If you click the xfinity button on your remote and then pick Guide from the Main Menu, you will always be brought to the All Channels view of the Guide. This is because the xfinity button takes you directly to the Guide.

2. By hitting the Guide button twice, you will be able to navigate through any of the Guide displays.

Is there a manual for the Xfinity app that I can download?

The tab menu that is located above the guide provides access to various filtered versions of the guide, including All Listings, Kids, Sports, and Movies. By pressing the corresponding buttons in the bottom bar, you may access the guide filters for High Definition (HD), Closed Captioning (CC), and Secondary Audio Programming (SAP).

What sets Xfinity apart from Comcast is its superior customer service?

Comcast and Xfinity are essentially the same thing but presented differently.

It is clear that Xfinity and Comcast are two distinct brands offered by the same parent corporation, Comcast. Consumers get their television and internet service through Xfinity, which is owned by Comcast, which is also the parent company of Xfinity (and other brands, like NBCUniversal).

How can I access the primary menu on the Xfinity website?

Simply pressing the “xfinity” button on your remote will take you to the primary menu. After that, you may navigate the menu by clicking the left arrow button or the right arrow button on your keyboard.

Where can I get more information on the Xfinity remote’s Info button?

I (Info): Displays in-depth information about the program. On some other remotes, this button is referred to as the Last button. This function takes you back to the previous channel or screen in the guide. When watching a show in full screen, using the Back Arrow key will bring up a list of the most recent nine channels, DVR programs, or Xfinity On Demand programs that have been viewed.

What may be causing my Xfinity guide to malfunction?

If you are trying to refresh the onscreen listings guide but are still having no success after re-entering your ZIP code and re-selecting your time zone, you can try power cycling the XFINITY cable box. This may help. Remove the plug from the power cord that is located on the device’s rear, wait ten seconds, and then re-insert the plug.

On the new Xfinity remote, what does the Setup button do?

Voice-controlled Xfinity remotes do not have a button for setting up the device. Both the XR15 and the XR16 remotes allow you to change channels or access the material you desire through the use of spoken commands. You will need to link the remote with the XR15 or XR16 in order for it to function properly with your television set or streaming box.

How can I use the remote control that came with my Comcast service to operate my TV?

1. Activate your television set.

2. While simultaneously pressing and holding the Xfinity and Mute buttons, wait for the indicator light at the top of the screen to transition from red to green for a total of five seconds.

3. Enter the first five digits of the manufacturer’s code for the television. The right code may be determined if the LED on the remote blinks green twice.

4. Point the remote at the television and then hit the button labeled “Power.”