What Are the Directv Remote Code For Vizio TV & Program Guide

Subscribers to DirecTV can programme the satellite receiver’s remote control to control other connected devices. The DirecTV remote may be used to control DVD players, televisions, and VCRs. It just takes a few minutes to programme a DirecTV remote to control a Vizio television, and it can help you remove the need for several remote controls. Once programmed, the remote control may be used to change stations and control the volume on the Vizio television.

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DirecTV is a broadcast satellite company that offers a variety of channels via subscription options. You can get these channels by connecting a Set-top box or a Digital Video Receiver to your television. While the service may be flawless, you may have noticed a small TV button on your DirecTV remote. Today, you’ll be utilising that switch on the remote. Continue reading to learn how to programme a DirecTV remote control to a Vizio TV.

Directv Remote Code For Vizio TV

12757 11758

How to Program a DirecTV Remote Control to Work with a Vizio TV

Step 1 Identify the DirecTV remote’s model number. The model number is located in the upper left corner of the remote’s front panel.

Step 2 Navigate to the online DirecTV Remote Control Code Lookup website.

Step 3 Enter the model number of the remote control in the “Brand Name” field and click “Search.” 11756 is the most frequently used code for Vizio televisions.

Step 4 On the remote, slide the “Mode Switch” button to “TV.”

Step 5 Continue pressing and holding the “Mute” and “Select” buttons until the LED on the remote flashes twice. Allow the buttons to be released.

Step 6 Enter the Vizio television’s code.

Lookup Remote Control Codes

Create a remote control programme.

With any of our innovative remotes, you can control your whole entertainment system – not just your DIRECTV® receiver.

Programming your remote and customising your viewing preferences enables you to watch and record your favourite shows exactly as you want.

Select the DIRECTV remote control that corresponds to your television.

Your remote’s model number is written in the upper left corner:

Remote Codes / Universal Remote.

To obtain a code, push a button (or series of buttons). Select the size code that your universal remote is seeking below:


This concludes the procedure for programming your DirecTV remote to work with your Vizio TV. These methods should work with either an older or a new Vizio television. This method works for all types of televisions, from Samsung to TCL to Hisense, or whatever brand of television you use.

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