How to Get Dish Remote Codes for Samsung TV & Program

Did you know the best universal remote for your Samsung Tv? Many brands sell universal remotes. A universal remote is the best replacement remote. For Samsung Tv, you can use Dish Remote. This dish remote can help you to control your Samsung device. Program codes are necessary to connect with the device. Dish remote codes for Samsung TVs are listed below with complete instructions. Let me explain how to do it first. You have to check out the code list below and select your device code then, follow the instructions that we have given below. follow it properly to program correctly.

Listing of Dish Remote Codes for Samsung Tv

The complete list of program codes for Samsung TVs is found below. Select a code of your Tv’s brand from the below list and enter the code. By following the instructions below.


How to Program Dish Remote For Samsung Tv

If you wish to program your Samsung tv with a dish universal remote you can follow the below instructions. Select one code from the above code list. And follow the instructions carefully. Don’t miss any step or any number while entering the code. Use the number pad of the remote to enter the code.

  1. Switch on your smart Samsung Tv
  2. Point the universal remote to Samsung Tv and press the TV button for a few seconds when the light turns on and release the button.
  3. Enter the keycode that you have selected from the above list. After you enter your device code press #.
  4. When the code is correct light will indicate, and when the light doesn’t indicate, it means your code is incorrect.
  5. When the code is incorrect, you can find another code from the list and follow the process again.
  6. When the light indicates, press the power button and your Tv will turn off. Again press the power button and your Tv will turn on now, confirm your Tv remote is working properly
  7. When the TV won’t turn off or the remote key is not working then, repeat the process with different codes from the list. That’s it. Now, you can operate your Samsung Tv with Dish remote control.

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