A universal remote can be your choice remote for Viore TV when you lose its original remote control. You can use this universal remote for programming other devices like cable boxes, DVD players, and satellites. Remote codes for Viore TV are needed to use the universal remote on your Viore TV. These remote codes should match the brand of your programming device.

This post will learn about Viore TV universal remote codes for programming the universal remote with the device (TV). Also, the programming setup for your device with the universal remote is mentioned step by step below. Get the perfect code for Viore TV from the table and program it with the universal remote to enjoy unlimited TV programs. A universal remote is a one-stop solution when you misplace the original remote.

How to know a Viore Remote is a Universal Remote?

Usually, the remote controls that come with Viore televisions are ordinary remotes. You can use them to operate different devices except for Viore TV. To check whether the Viore remote is a universal remote, test if it carries two options, ‘Set’ and ‘Mode .’If the device has these two options, it is a universal remote control.

Viore is a famous producer in home-entertainment manufacturing in the continent of Asia. They are considered for making cheap, tremendous LCD HD televisions. Viore is an excellent combo TV for occasional use and can be used with DVDs.

The remote control is designed to control the Time Warner Cable set pinnacle containers besides DVD, TV, VCR, and Audio devices in the market. This remote requires two AA batteries for operation.

How do you operate a Viore TV with the Universal Remote?

Before entering the code for Viore TV universal remote, you need to know the programming steps for using the universal remote:

  1. Make your TV set on that you will program with the universal remote.
  2. Hold the universal remote facing the device (Viore TV).
  3. Search the ‘TV’ option on the Viore TV universal remote. Hit on the Setup key, and the remote will go into learning mode.
  4. Then, you have to find the codes matching the device brand from the code list mentioned here.
  5. If the process is correct, the small light will flash four times. When the light flashes, get the key code for the Viore TV and enter it. When you add the valid code, the light will go off. If not, get some other code from the code list.
  6. Check if the function keys of the remote control are working or not. If it works, you performed the steps correctly.

GE Universal Remote Codes – Viore TV

If you want to program a Viore television with the universal remote, get the codes from the below code list. The below table consists of GE universal remote codes for Viore TV, of which you have to find the working code for the device. You are all done with device programming by following the programming steps correctly and entering the correct code.

5347 5442 5428 1018

RCA Universal Remote Codes – Viore TV

You will get the working codes right here if you have an RCA universal remote to operate the Viore TV. The RCA universal remote codes for Viore TV are mentioned below, and you must find the best pairing code for your device. Once you get the proper code, you can easily program your brand Viore TV with a few simple steps.

11684 13094 13382 12352 12104
13118 13154 2352 31541207
3118 3094 3382 2104 1684

Viore TV-DVD Combo Universal Remote Codes

You will need some codes to pair a Viore TV with the same brand DVD. Get those pairing Viore TV-DVD Combo remote codes from the below table, of which you have to choose the perfect one. Try one code and then another till you succeed in programming the device.

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5-Digit Viore TV Universal Remote Codes


4-Digit Viore TV Universal Remote Codes

1684, 3094, 1457, 3382, 1032, 1403, 1018, 2831, 5442, 1018, 4829, 1435, 5428, 1032, 4829, 3118, 2104.    

3-Digit Viore TV Universal Remote Codes


Viore TV Code for Vizio Universal Remote


Viore TV codes for Philips remotes

5431 1421 36811881 2141
2831 2841 1142214216 16836
14352 18810 18326 10960 18424

Viore TV Codes for Dish Network Remote

704 505
573 913
322 942
500 666
522 455
529 524
542 516
907 738
596 915
612 669

Viore TV codes for One for All remotes

2352 48293382
3094 3429 3118

ge universal remote codes for viore tv

5347 5428 5442 1018 2831 2841 3681


Viore TV Codes for Comcast Remote

12104 1153113094 12279
12352 11361 12278 13118
11207 11684 13382 12496

Viore TV codes for U-verse remotes

12352 1032 13429 1315413094
12104 11684 13382 11207 1457

viore tv dvd combo remote codes

0005, 0017, 0047, 0050, 0062, 0103, 0146, 0156, 0486, 0237

Viore TV codes for Spectrum remotes

472 592 192258
229 578 055 --
1207 3382 1684 3094
11207 23972051 3154
12496 13382 2352 2104
11684 13094 11714 11811
13118 13154 14105 12104
1239712352 12051 13159

Viore TVs service menu Instructions

There are two methods of instructions, you can pick anyone and start processing

Method 1: Tap on the menu button on the remote control and hold it for about ten (10) seconds.

Then, the menu will display a service menu option (factory setting). Press the menu button and exit.

Method 2: Tap on the menu button on the remote control and also press the menu button on the Tv simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. A service menu (factory setting) option will be displayed on the menu, press the menu button and exit.

Viore Tvs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I check If my Viore Remote is a universal remote?

Ans: Most of the Tv remote that comes with Viore Tvs are normal remote control. You can use the remote to control your Viore Tv. If you want to check whether your remote is a universal remote or not then have a look at the remote control if the remote contains the “set and mode” option then your remote is a Universal remote control.

Q2: How to exchange the entree on a Viore Tv?

Ans: you have to press the Input source button on the Viore Tv or to show the button enter the menu and use the CH+ key on the Tv or pick up the enter source from the remote control. To enter press the ok button on the remote control.

Q3. How to reset a Viore Tv?

Ans: press and hold the menu button on the remote control and also press the menu button on the Tv and press both buttons for 10 seconds. A menu with a service menu “factory setting” will be displayed on the screen. Press the menu button to exit.

Q4. Why Does Viore Tv switch off?

Ans: Try to inspect the energy sector that is positioned close to the cooling gadget. If the cooling gadget is not operational, then this may cause shut down from time to time and it is because of warm conditions. If the cooling gadget is operational then this may verify a capable and faulty energy strength board.

Q5. Is Viore a good TV?

Ans: It’s a perfect Tv and can be used occasionally. If you need, you can move from room to room and are handy. The great thing about Viore Tv is the photo dimensions and the affordable price. Hence, Viore is a good Tv.


So, you got all information on programming the Viore TV with the universal remote codes in this post. The codes mentioned here are the latest ones, from which you will surely get the perfect code for your device to program with the universal remote.

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