How to program a Samsung DVD Player Universal Remote Control?

Do you want universal remote codes for programming your Samsung DVD player? Here, you will get so many codes that suit all types of universal remotes. Samsung DVD player universal remote codes usually come in 4 and 5-digit remote codes, and these codes will support all universal remotes when configured with the correct programming steps.

We have provided a list of all working remote codes for your Samsung DVD players in this post. You will also get the programming user manual below, and you have to perform these steps carefully. You have to pick a code to pair the universal remote with the Samsung DVD player. The remote control codes for the Samsung DVD player will also work with SAT and CABLE remotes.

Check this article for more information on controlling your favorite Samsung DVD player with the universal remote.

Find the Four-Digit Universal Remote Codes – Samsung DVD Player

You can operate a Samsung DVD player with the universal remote if you have a valid remote code with you. The code that you enter should match the brand and model of the device that you are programming with the universal remote. Here, you will come across 4-digit Samsung remote control codes for DVD players, wherein you can select the code of your device brand.


Find the Five-Digit Universal Remote Codes – Samsung DVD Player

If you need 5-digit Samsung DVD codes for universal remote, you will get them in the below list. A universal remote can handle many appliances with one remote control. You only have to pair the universal remote with the device by inserting the correct code. To operate a Samsung DVD player with the universal remote, get the linking codes right here.


How to control a Samsung DVD with the Universal Remote?

Find the programming process of the Samsung DVD player below:

  • First of all, turn on your Samsung DVD player and make sure the DTA is on and appropriately installed.
  • Take the universal DVD remote and aim it towards the programming device.
  • You will get the ‘PROG’ option on your universal remote control. Press the button till you find the LED light flashing up. Now, hit the ‘INFO’ button.
  • If you perform the first three steps correctly, the small LED light will continue to flash.
  • Now, get the valid code and enter. Your DVD will display ‘Success’ when you insert the correct code. The DVD will show ‘Sorry’ if you enter the wrong code. Repeat the programming method with another code from the list.
  • Press the remote’s function keys, and if it works, you get the steps ideally. If not, do programming once again with another code.

How would you know that a Samsung Remote is a Universal Remote?

Samsung DVDs usually come with their own remotes that are universal, and that means you can use this remote control to configure appliances other than Samsung DVD. If you want to test the Samsung remote as a universal remote, check if it carries the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options. If the remote has these options, then it is a universal remote.


So, what are you waiting for? Go through this article carefully and get the perfect codes for your brand device. By inserting the correct code for your Samsung DVD player, you can efficiently operate it with a universal remote. Here, you will surely get the codes matching your Samsung DVD brand.

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