How to Get Rca Universal Remote Codes Hisense & Program

Are you looking for remote or program codes for your Hisense TV? Here, all the available program codes are listed in this article. when you don’t have those codes or you are unable to find the correct codes. Then, you can search in the following table. We have mentioned all the tested RCA universal remote codes Hisense. We have tested every code before listing it down.

When you want to program Hisense TV or you don’t know how to program it, we are here to support you. So, we are sharing the instructions below. So, follow the instructions properly, to handle your device with universal remote control. Do not skip any step. First, understand the instructions then, program it.

There are so many codes in the remote code list, based on the device brand name you have to choose your brand code. There are many brands for universal remote, ensure you select one code of your brand. All the brand’s universal remote code lists are listed, you don’t need to go anywhere and search for your code, here we have mentioned each code.

All the 3 Digit codes, 4 Digit codes, and 5 Digit codes for universal remote for Hisense TV are listed in this article. when you don’t have your brand code in the code list or your code is not working on your device then, let us know in the comment box, note down your model’s name and we will help you to find out the code. So, let’s walk into the topic.

Rca Universal Remote Codes Hisense List


Hisense TV 3 Digit Universal Remote Codes


Hisense TV 4 Digit Universal Remote Codes

00731204 0216 1314
0748 0182 1138 0178
4398 0818 1756 2098
4149 1602 2434 4029
0885 3519 2360 3183
2049 2355 2183 3382

Hisense TV 5 digit Universal Remote Codes

1074812419 10178 10885
12183 12355 12360 14398
12098 12049 13183 13382
11756 11314 10818 12434

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