Are you looking for RCA universal remote codes for Element TV? or do you want to know about the RCA universal remote setup? Here, you can find out the remote codes for element Tv with the complete setup method. In the following listing, there are many RCA universal remote codes for Element Tv. you can easily program by using the below remote codes and instructions that are given below. Follow the given instructions effectively to program Element Tv with RCA universal remote. 

List of RCA Universal Remote Codes for Element TV

The available codes of RCA universal remote for Element Tv are listed here. You need to choose one code from the RCA code list and follow the procedure to enter your keycode.

Rca 4 digit codes

4217 3559 2964
1756 3183 3907
2434 4398 1687
1886 0885 2256
2049 0706 2183

Rca 5 digit code


Element TV Codes for RCA 3 in 1 Universal Remote

11687 12964

Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes for Element TV

To program Rca universal remote codes for Element TV have multiple methods. Here, we can discuss two methods of programming: manual method and without code method. If one method is not working then, try the second method, and with the below instructions, you can program easily. 

Programming RCA Universal Remote for Element Tv Manually

In this method, you can use code to program RCA universal remote for element Tv 

  1. Switch on your Element Tv that is going to work with a universal remote
  2. Tap on the TV button on the RCA universal remote.
  3. Press and hold on to the setup button until the light switches on. 
  4. Enter your RCA universal remote codes from the above list
  5. After entering the code, press the power button to turn off your element Tv
  6. Now, you can operate your Element Tv with RCA universal remote, however, check your universal remote keys and confirm that the remote keys are working correctly. 
  7. If the remote keys are not responding then, repeat the above process with another code.

Programming RCA Universal Remote for Element Tv Without Code

In this method, all universal remotes are scanned to find out the right code of your device. So, if you need this method, you can check out the instructions.

  1. Switch on your Element Tv, you want to connect with a universal remote.
  2. Click at the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL) on your remote control for a few seconds. A light indicator will show up and your device is all set to program
  3. Click on the (CH+\- ) button and your universal remote will show on\off signals to turn off the device press the Up\Down button. 
  4. Click on the power button for the verification and the device will turn on.
  5. Try to press on a different key to confirm that the remote keys are responding
  6. After verification, now save the corresponding code, and when the device code is saved a light will blink twice. 

You need to complete the above process carefully and you can program your Element Tv with RCA universal remote without using any code.

How We Can Reset an RCA Remote Control ?

It is possible that you will not need to replace an RCA remote control that no longer controls electronic equipment. Resetting the memory of your remote control is one method of troubleshooting. When you do this, any programming codes stored in the remote’s memory are permanently deleted. Similar to reformatting or resetting an MP3 player, this procedure is performed on a computer. Because the remote control has been restored to its factory settings, it is now ready for you to begin reprogramming it to work with televisions and other electronic devices.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the entire process to reset an RCA remote control in a few simple clicks. In addition, we will attempt to address the user concerns listed below.

So, continue reading the article.

How to Reset An RCA Remote ? Steps

Step 1: On the rear of the RCA remote, slide or pull out the battery compartment cover.

Step 2: Disconnect the remote’s batteries. Then, flip the remote over so that the number pad is facing you.

Step 3: For 60 seconds, press the “1” button on the remote. Wait approximately 10 seconds after releasing the button. This procedure should be repeated two to four times to completely wipe the remote’s memory.

Step 4: Replace the batteries in the remote’s rear and replace the battery cover. The remote control is now ready for programming.

Continue Reading for More Information What to Do If Your RCA Remote Doesn’t Work

Batteries: The batteries are one of the simplest and most obvious items to check. If it’s been some time since the batteries were replaced, replace them with new ones. Examine the remote control to determine if it was the source of the problem.

Reset the RCA Remote Control: If you really have access to your owner’s handbook, check to see if your RCA remote has a reset button. Certain modern RCA remote controls include extremely simple, user-friendly reset options for restoring remote control functioning. If you reset your RCA remote, you may need to reconfigure it to the devices to which it was previously programmed (TV, DVD, receiver). If you do not have your owner’s manual, you can access the electronic version of the manual for your remote by visiting RCA’s website. Additionally, you can contact RCA’s customer care directly to acquire a reset code for your particular remote.

Examination of the Remote Signal: Additionally, there is a digital camera method that is usually used to verify that the issue is with the RCA remote and not with the eye on the television that receives the signal from the RCA TV remote. Adjust the picture setting on your digital camera (or camera phone) by pointing the RCA television remote control at the camera and pressing buttons on the remote control. If the display on your digital camera shows a frequent flash from your remote control, this indicates that your RCA remote control is emitting a signal. If no flash appears, try another button. If you press many buttons and there is no flash, then your remote control is not transmitting a signal.

What MY RCA Remote Control is Not Working ?

Troubleshooting an RCA remote is simple and will take no more than a minute or two. After examining various possible causes of your remote’s malfunction, you can assess whether or not you need to acquire a new remote control.


I hope, this article has helped you with RCA universal remote codes along with the device programming. Use the correct code and try to program your brand device with the RCA universal remote. If you have any doubts about RCA remote programming with the device, connect with us.

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