Rca Universal Remote Control Codes for Roku & Program Guide

To operate your Roku TV using your cable, satellite, or universal remote, find the code that corresponds to your device or component. We’ve given programming instructions for each remote along with the codes.

Because the Roku TV contains a variety of features that are not available on universal remotes. The majority of universal remote controls have buttons for power, volume control, and input selection. Some enhanced universal remotes include additional functions such as back, home, up, down, right, left, replay, options, play/pause, reverse scan, and forward scan.


The instructions below will walk you through the process of programming the Roku TV remote code using the Universal Remote:

Universal Remote Control Codes For Roku Television: The codes for the majority of devices on the roku universal remote are listed below. To use these codes, you must first programme your roku television using the basic techniques outlined below.

This Roku universal remote is really simple to configure and set up in order to use it for entertainment purposes. To find the optimal code for your device, consult the table below, which lists all accessible roku remote codes alphabetically by brand name.

How can I set up my RCA universal remote control to work with Roku?

Simply follow these straightforward steps:

1. Turn on your television manually.

2. Aim the remote control at the television panel and press and hold the TV button on the remote control.

3. After turning on the light, press and hold the “On/Off” button simultaneously until the light turns back on.

4. Press and hold the Play or Slow button on your remote for five seconds.

5. At that point, your television should be turned off.

6. The television is operable if it is switched off. If the television does not instantly turn off, press the Play or Slow button once again. Repeat this technique every five seconds until the device shuts down.

After powering off the gadget, the remote control should be synchronised with the television. Patience is required if this strategy does not work. Simply repeat these steps, making certain that you are pressing the buttons for the entire duration specified.

RCA Streaming Devices Universal Remote Codes

This is the most comprehensive collection of free universal remote codes accessible on the internet for streaming devices. We have provided the Streaming player followed by the five-digit Streaming player code for programming your RCA Universal remote. We’ve compiled a list of 54 device codes for your convenience. We attempt to deliver high-quality information at directutor by completing thorough study, dogfooding, and testing the codes. The following is a comprehensive list of codes: