Seiki devices are the most popular among users. Mostly,  you get the remote control with the device. But sometimes it gets spoilt or misplaced and also many times the remote control are not work properly.

But you want to use Seiki universal remote control. With the universal remote control, you are able to control your TV but also other household devices which you use in day-to-day life.

Here you get all Seiki TV Universal Remote Codes and tutorials related to how to program Seiki universal remote control. At the time of programming, you’ll need Seiki universal remote codes.

Seiki TV Universal Remote Codes List

In the below table, we added many codes for RCA universal remote codes for Seiki tv. Check out all the codes and pick the one which suits your universal remote to program

Rca Remote Code for Seiki TV


Philips Universal Remote Codes For Seiki Tv


Seiki Comcast Remote Code


Seiki TV Code for Directv Remote


Seiki Tv Remote Codes For Dish Network


Seiki Tv Remote Codes For Charter


One For All Remote Codes For Seiki Tv


Seiki Tv Remote Codes Spectrum

3470 3559

Time Warner Cable Remote Codes Seiki


Seiki Tv Universal Remote Control Codes For Att Uverse


GE Universal Remote Codes for Seiki TV


3-Digit Seiki TV Universal Remote Codes:

If you want to know the SEIKI TV 3 Digit Universal Remote Codes then check out the below table where you will find universal remote codes for your device.


4 Digit Seiki TV Remote Control Codes

If you want to program a SEIKI Tv universal remote you need codes. The complete list of codes for the SEIKI Tv 4 Digit universal remote is mentioned below. Select the required codes for your device.


SEIKI TV Universal Remote Codes : 5 Digit

Do you want the list of SEIKI TV 5 Digit universal remote codes? if yes, then go through the below table you will find the codes for your device and choose the needed code.


Seiki Tv Remote Codes For Verizon Fios


There are too many benefits of using Seiki universal remote control. But to enjoy the functions of the remote control you have to program it. Here we mention three programming tutorials in which we suggest some points you have to follow these steps.

How to Program Seiki Remote Through “Keycode Method”:

Step1: Firstly, please check your remote control is “ON” or not. if your device is “ON” then move to the next step.

Step2: Tap on the “TV” button from your “Seiki Tv universal remote control”.

Step3: Hold the “SETUP” button from your universal remote control, till the indicator light of the remote control didn’t come “on”.

Step4: Select the “Seiki tv universal remote codes” from the table according to your device. Enter the Seiki tv universal remote codes using the number pad of the remote control.

Step5: Tap or hold the “POWER” button from your remote control. Hold the “POWER” till your device turned to shut down.

If your device turned “Off” normally it means now your remote control is compatible with your device.

If this method is not proven helpful for you then you may have to switch on the next programming methods. Which is suggested below.

How to Program Seiki Remote by “Code Search Method”:

Step1: Please tap on the “ON” button to start your device.

Step2: Now, press and hold the “SETUP” button from your remote control.

Step3: Apply the “9-9-1”.

Step4: Now, press the “CH+” button from your remote control along with the “POWER” button. After pressing these buttons your device should be turned “OFF”.

 Now, your remote control is able to change the channels of your device. You can follow this programming instruction to program your remote control according to your choice. One thing you have to remember that don’t use the “CH+” button for every button that you want to program.

How to Program Seiki Remote by “Manual Method”:

Step1:  Your device should be “ON”. Don’t remember to keep your remote control in front of the device during the programming.

Step2: Press and hold the “SETUP” button. Maybe in your remote control instead of the “SETUP” button, the “MAGIC” button is fixed. If your remote control magic button is present then tap on it.

Step3: Now, you have to enter the Seiki tv universal remote codes. All the codes are mentioned in the table.

Step4: Now, tap on any function button such as “VOL+”. And after this, you have to press any corresponding button from your universal remote control.

Step5: The indicator should be blinks “TWICE” at last. It confirmation your Seiki tv universal remote codes are locked.

Now, tap on the “VOL+” button if your remote control is compatible with your device then device volume should increase. You can use this programming instruction to program all the buttons of the remote control.

But at last, don’t forget to tap on the “SETUP” button. by pressing the “SETUP” button you can save your Seiki tv universal remote codes.

How do I Program my SEIKI TV Universal Remote Without Codes

To control TV we need a remote and most of the branded TVs are provided with a remote. Sometimes we lose a remote or the remote you have is not functioning, in that case, you need a universal remote to operate your Tv.

The universal remote is one of the best remotes to control your Tv and the advantage of this universal remote is “one single remote can control multiple devices”. To operate a universal remote you need a code of your brand for verification. But we can teach you to verify without codes.

In today’s article, we can learn how to program SEIKI tv universal remote without codes, and also you can see code list, 3, 4, and 5- Digit codes to activate your SEIKI Tv universal remote. let’s get into the instruction

All the universal remote codes are one’s scan in the remote through the scanning process, in the auto search method. To find the correct code it scans one code at a time, and checks if it works with your remote to program. follow the process given below

  1. To begin with, you need to SWITCH ON your device like Tv, that you want to operate with a universal remote.
  2. Next, TURN ON the universal remote, press the component button like (TV, OK\SEL, DVD, CBL) for 3 seconds. When the device is ready to program an LED light will indicate on your device.
  3. Make sure you have pointed the remote toward the device and click on CH+ & CH- switches after that, the remote will show on\off signals. Press the UP or DOWN key continuously and the device will TURN OFF.
  4. To verify the code, click on the POWER key and the device will TURN ON. When the device starts, try to check the remote by changing channels to clarify that the remote is programming correctly.
  5. Now, to save the code you need to press on the DEVICE button, and to confirm that the code is stored an LED light of the device will blink twice.


We watch Tv for entertainment and if you’re struggling with the remote to change the channel and to volume HIGH or LOW throw away the remote and buy a universal remote, this remote is beneficial for you to use as we talk about above. It only needs some process to activate the universal remote with your device. As we learned above, how do you program a SEIKI Tv universal remote without codes and the code list to verify the universal remote easily. Hope the above methods are helpful for you to program your device.

If you’re still facing any issues, please leave a comment below and we’ll try to solve those issues and also, you can operate your TV with your favorite universal remote control. 

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