Time Warner Cable Remote ur5u-8780L Codes & Program Guide

If you have a Time Warner Cable Remote UR5U-870L and the remote is not working or you want to replace it. Then, you should buy a universal remote. The universal remote needs a program code to connect with your device. The codes are listed in the below section. Apart from the remote codes for TV and DVD, we will also be sharing various instructions that help you to program Time Warner cable remote UR5U-8780L with a universal remote.

so, let us see how to control your device with a universal remote and also search for your codes in the following list of universal remote codes.

Remote Control Codes for TV

The remote codes for the UR5U-8780L universal remote are listed below. So, select one of the codes based on your brand name.

Entone: 221

Scientific Atlanta / Cisco: 042, 046, 001, 002, 041, 045
Pioneer105, 063, 076, 001, 034, 103, 051
Evolution215, 189
Pace217, 005, 001, 002, 206
Samsung030, 001
Motorola206, 002, 148
Digital Multimedia Technology222
Cincinnati Bell220
Arris216, 172
Sky241, 240

Remote Control Codes for DVD

We have listed all of the codes for DVD player UR5U-8780L universal remote so, check it and select one code of your brand.


How to Program Time Warner Cable UR5U-8780L Manually

  1. Turn on your device like TV, DVD, etc that you want to connect with a universal remote
  2. On the remote control, click and hold on the device button if your device is TV, click on the TV button and OK\SEL button simultaneously until a light indicates on the device button which means the device is in learning mode.
  3. Pointing the remote towards the device, enter your device brand code that you have selected from the above listing and the device will switch off if it is the correct code.
  4. To verify the code, you need to click on the power button and the device will switch on and try to check the remote by clicking various function keys. If the device does not turn on or you have any issues then, you have to repeat the process.
  5. Lastly, click on the device button to save your device code. when the code is stored, an led light will blink two times.

How to Program Time Warner Cable UR5U-8780L Auto Code Search

To program Time Warner cable UR5U-8780L, this auto code search method will help you to find your device code by scanning all the remote codes. follow the instruction below

  1. Switch on your device.
  2. Click on the device button for TV-like on TV button and for DVD click on DVD button, etc and click on the OK\SEL button simultaneously till the device button indicates a light
  3. Point the remote towards your device and click on CH+\CH- button and the remote will show a signal. Press the up\down key till the device switches off
  4. Click on the power button, to verify the code, and the device will turn on then, try to check your remote by clicking on the function key.
  5. Now, click on the device button to save the code, and when the code is stored a light will blink twice.

That’s it. You can control your device with a universal remote and if you have any issues, comment down

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