GE universal remote Samsung Codes

Is the original remote control for your Samsung TV damaged? And do you have the new GE remote control for your Samsung television? To programme and then work with your Samsung TV, you’ll need a perfect working GE universal remote code. I’m here to assist you. I’m going to share with you all of the codes for the GE universal remote control for Samsung Smart TV in this post. And I’ll show you how to programme a GE universal remote control for a Samsung television.

GE universal remote controls are available in three distinct version code lists: CL3, CL4, and CL5. Your GE universal remote control will be listed under one of these three code lists when paired with your Samsung TV. As a result, we must locate the GE remote code for Samsung TV inside the code list.

If your GE universal remote employs CL3 codes, you’ll need to find the Samsung TV brand’s CL3 GE universal remote code.

Do not fear; I will publish all of the codes for GE remotes below.

So how do you determine which code list is being used by your GE universal remote control?

It’s not significant. On your remote, the code list number will be indicated. To determine which code list your GE remote is utilising, open the battery cover and look for CL3, CL4, or CL5.

Samsung TV GE Universal Remote Code:

The following is an exhaustive list of universal remote codes for Samsung televisions:

Codes for the CL3 GE universal remote control for Samsung televisions (4 digit codes) –

CL4 GE Samsung TV universal remote code (4 Digits) –

CL5 GE Samsung TV universal remote code (4 Digits) –

How to programme the GE Universal to a Samsung television using codes?

1. Press and hold the “Setup” button on your GE universal remote control until the red light on the remote control illuminates.

2.Then, using the GE remote, press and release the “TV” button, as we want the Samsung TV to be programmed using the GE remote.

3. Using the numerical keys on your remote, enter any one of the four digit remote codes. If the remote Code list on your computer is CL3, type 3301. Enter 5791

 4.  if your GE remote code list is CL4 or CL5. Once the code is entered, the red light that was turned on will turn off.

5. Then the testing phase began. After turning on the Samsung TV, press the keys on your GE remote control. Connect your GE remote to the Samsung TV and verify that all of the remote’s buttons operate properly.

6. If step 6 does not work, try the procedure using another code specified.

Note:- If you’ve successfully paired your GE universal remote with your Samsung TV but not all of the buttons operate perfectly with your Samsung TV, you can try another code from the list.