How To Program Sleep Number Bed Without A Remote

If you’ve bought a sleep number bed and you want to discover your perfect sleep setting. If in case, your remote has been lost or the remote has some fault.

You may find it difficult to Program it. But here we bring a solution for you. If you don’t have your remote control Still, you can program a sleep number bed without a remote control.

 If you don’t have the remote control, you can use the sleep IQ app on your mobile. This mobile app can help you to reset and let’s discuss how to do it. 

Sleep Number Bed Remote Pairing

The sleep number bed is adjustable and perfect so you can get the support and pressure. This unique technology can help you to sleep well.

It can automatically adjust the sides and can cooperate with your movement. 

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How To Manually Fill Sleep Number Mattress

You can unplug the centre pump unit from the outlet. Leave it to unplug for a short time. After some time, plug the unit back by pressing the upper and lower button on the remote.

This method can reset the unit circuit and you’re ready to start again. 

What will you do if the remote control isn’t working? you can contact tech support members. They know everything so they will support you. 

How To Fill My Sleep Number Without Wi-fi?

You can adjust your sleep number setting or base offline. If you want to track your sleep Or you want to use Responsive AirTM tech. Then, you have to work it online. 

How to Reset Sleep Number Bed Remote

You have to remove the inlet tube and place the cap on the bed to stop air from escaping. Hold on to both switches simultaneously for about ten seconds.

Now, the unit is reset and you’re all set to go. 

How To Use My Phone As A Sleep Number Remote?

First, open the SleepIQ app and pair it with the bed. Now, you can control it by using your smartphone. 

If you’re unable to pair it with the bed. You can pair it by using the bed number. To find the bed number, you have to search on the base of the pump unit. Make sure, the pump is plugged in to pair.

After Pairing the bed will fill. You have to wait for 20 minutes to fill it. 

Sleep Number Bed Remote Control Troubleshooting

If the mattress is not filled. Make sure to check if there is any leakage. It might be loose fitting to try to identify the location of the leakage. To Fix the loose fitting, fix it with your fingers and tighten the fitting.

If your bed has been moved to enter the pump, it could be that you have a sharp tube line. This might be easy to sort. You just need to straighten the sharp lines to allow unbroken airflow. 

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How To Put The Air In A Sleep Number Bed?

You can use the pump or you can also use the battery-oriented campaign mattress pump.

Two airlines are entering the sides of the mattress. The two airlines are considered for inflation and deflation. If possible, Try to connect the inflation air tube and make sure to close all the lines to prevent air from escaping. 

Turn On the pump which is handheld and start to inflate. When you can observe that you have reached a certain inflation level, you’re done. 

You need to fill up the air from time to time even if a small amount of air escapes from the mattress.

You can also make the same inflation with a foot pump. Hence, it is difficult. If you put in the extra effort then, you can do it. 

The Pump Service 

To fix with a campaign pump it might be a limited period. Then, you will need a new or original pump serviced.

Pumps are easy devices for service. If the motor is in a good condition. Then you can service the air pump in less amount.

First, take the airbox apart. A circuit and a compressor will be available. The compressor won’t break until it gets old. Check the connection outlets and replacing them can be worth it. 


We have given ways to inflate your mattress. You can use the mobile app to pair and control the pump unit. Again you can start to use your mattress using the mobile app.

If in case both the remote and pump are not working for you. Use a battery-powered campaign bed inflator it will do the same thing. When the airflow is smaller the bed mattress might take a longer time to inflate. 

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