Sony Bravia tv code for a universal remote. Below is a list of codes used to program your remote for Sony Bravia tv. These codes are in the form of 3 digits, 4 digits, and 5 digits, and you have to pick the code according to your device.

First of all, look at the Sony Bravia tv code list mentioned according to the device brand name. You need to select the correct code for sony Bravia tv to your remote, so please check out the complete Sony Bravia tv code list for your device

A List of Sony Bravia TV Codes for Universal Remote

3 Digit Remote Program Code for Sony TV










4 Digit Sony TV Universal Remote Program Code









5 Digit Universal Remote Program Codes for Sony

11317, 10000, 11100

RCA Universal Remote Codes for SONY TV:

11685 10810

One for All Universal Remote Program Code for Sony TV

42226 23352 21656

Chunghop Universal Remote Program Code for Sony Bravia

589 587 590 585 588 005 049 586

Sony TV Codes Program for GE Universal Remote

0128 0002 0071 0380 0013

Magnavox Remote Program Codes for Sony

0043 0101 0029 0030

Philips Remote Program Codes for Sony TVs

0902 0414 0801 0639 0708

Jumbo Remote Program Code for Sony TVs

006 002 071 128

Program Your Remote for Sony Bravia TVs

Step-1 Turn on the sony Bravia tv and Direct tv box

Step -2 Press the menu button on your remote and select “system setup ” from Parental, Favs and setup and select the program option

Step -3 Select the tv mode on your remote, and press and hold the mute button. Press and hold the select button until your remote’s light blinks.

Step -4 On your remote’s number pad, press the number 9911. On your remote, the light should flash.

Step -5 While pointing the remote at your Bravia television, press the button to change the channel. When you’ve found the proper code, the set will turn off.

What is the best way to find my TV code?

Press the [TV] button on the remote control one time, and the button will blink once. Next, hold and press the [SETUP] button for a few seconds until the selected mode button flashes two times. 3. Find the brand name of the television by using the code below, and then input the first four-digit number for your TV.

The Final

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