Are you searching for GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV? It seems impossible to program the remote to vizio tv without remote codes. However, you need not worry as we have all the remote codes to program your universal remote with any Vizio TV.

You have found the right article, as here we have combined the entire two, three, four, and five-digit vizio tv programming codes. It will help you to find the correct code for your universal remote code and program it with Vizio TV.

After finding the correct code you can learn to program the universal remote with Vizio TV. In this article, proper steps are written to program your remote with Vizio TV.

You need to spare only 10 minutes, after reading this article you need not hustle at different sites.

Once you program your universal remote you can control the volume and all the channels on your Vizio TV. Remember you cannot find the correct code easily, if one code fails to program your remote, try another code.


How to Do I Program GE Universal Remote to a TV Without Code?

GE Universal Remote Control Codes & Programming GE Universal Remote

4 Digit GE Universal Remote Code for Vizio TV

If you are looking for 4-digit GE universal remote codes for Vizio TV, you can find them right here. The list contains all the four-digit universal remote codes vizio needs to connect the remote with the Vizio TV. You have to select the desired tv code for vizio as per the requirement and follow the process to program the GE remote using the manual method.


3 Digit GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

Find the complete list of three-digit vizio smart tv codes required to connect the GE universal remote with the Vizio TV. Choose the desired code from the given list of 3 digit GE universal remote codes for Vizio TV and follow the set-up manual.


5 Digit GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

In the above sections, we have given three and four-digit ge universal remote code vizio . Here is the list of 5 digit ge universal remote codes for vizio smart tv that you might need during programming.


Vizio TV Program Code for Uverse Remote


Vizio TV Universal Remote Code

2 Digit Remote Codes10 , 17 , 19 , 01 , 02 , 12
3 Digit Remote Codes011 , 627 , 502 , 004 ,113 , 505
4 Digit Remote Codes0030 , 1017 , 0178 , 1758 , 1756 , 0128 , 0056 , 0205 , 1292 , 1004 , 1078 , 0117
5 Digit Remote Codes10178 , 10864 , 01377 , 10117 , 11756 , 10885 , 10120 , 11758

What are the Steps to Reset Vizio Remote Control?

You can reset the Vizio universal remote by either power cycling method or simply resetting the memory.  Also, in some cases, you can reset the Vizio remote by troubleshooting. This will solve the problem and you can avoid the need to reset the Vizio TV remote.

Method 1: Remote Power Cycling

Step 1. First of all, remove the old batteries from the Vizio remote. You can find the batteries on the backside or the bottom of the Vizio remote.

Step 2. Now you have to drain the stored power from the Vizio TV remote by pressing the “Power” button for around 5 seconds.

Step 3. Now, to loosen up the stuck buttons if any, press all the buttons at least once.

Step 4. As we had removed the old batteries, now you have to put new batteries in the Vizio TV remote control.

Step 5. After putting in the new batteries, you have to check if the Vizio universal remote is working. In case the Vizio remote was not working due to over usage or firmware update, it should work now.

Note: If this method does not work, you have to power cycle the TV as well. For this, unplug the TV and similarly, press and hold the power button for almost five seconds and then re-plug the TV.

Method 2: Troubleshooting of Connection Issues

Step 1. Firstly, check and remove if any obstacle objects are coming between the Vizio remote and TV. This also includes the plastic transparent cover on the TV.

Step 2. Check if the batteries are new and not drained. In case the batteries are old, replace them with the new ones to improve the Vizio TV remote’s performance.

Step 3. Many Vizio remotes work with other different models of Vizio TV too. If your TV is responding to other Vizio models, you have to replace the remote.

How to Connect GE Universal Remote Control with Vizio TV?

Step 1. The first step is to turn on the Vizio TV to connect with the GE universal remote control.

Step 2. Now, on the GE remote, press the TV button and the remote will now enter the learning mode. An LED light will now blink four times.

Step 3. From the list of GE universal remote codes for Vizio TV, choose the required code and enter it using the numeric keypad of the GE remote.

Step 4. Once you enter the code, the LED on GE universal remote will turn off. If the light does not turn off, choose a different GE universal remote code for Vizio TV and repeat the above steps.

Step 5. Finally, check if the chosen code is working well with the Vizio TV.


1. Are three and five-digit GE universal remote codes available for Vizio TV?

Ans. No, three and five digits GE universal visio tv code are not available for Vizio TV. You can get four-digit codes using which you can connect the GE universal remote with the Vizio TV. At the time of pairing Vizio TV with GE remote, you should carefully enter the CL3, CL4 and CL5 codes.

2. What is the reason for GE universal remote not working properly with the Vizio TV?

Ans. There might be a few reasons for your GE universal remote is not working with the Vizio TV.

One of the main reasons can be that the GE universal remote is not properly programmed with the Vizio TV. To rectify this, you can follow the programming procedure given in the above sections to connect the GE universal remote with the Vizio TV.

In case you have already reprogrammed the GR remote and still, it is not properly working with the Vizio TV, check your remote batteries as they might have drained. You can replace the old batteries with new ones and reprogram the GE universal remote with the Vizio TV.


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