In this hectic world, everyone needs a comfortable life. After returning from their busy life, people want some entertainment and relaxing moments.

For that, they want to get rid of using multiple remote controllers for different entertainment devices as it creates great confusion.

Here, you will learn about the usage of Samsung Blu-Ray universal remote codes that can be used to program the Samsung Blu-Ray universal remote. You can use this universal remote for controlling all your devices in your home entertainment area.

Moreover, the programming guide is also mentioned here which will take only a few minutes. By entering the correct code and performing the programming steps correctly, one can easily succeed in device programming. For programming your Samsung Blu-Ray player with the universal remote, select a code that matches the brand of the device.

Here, you will get the latest list of Samsung Blu-Ray remote codes which will surely program your brand device with the universal remote control.

If the samsung bluray remote codes below doesn’t work properly then try to get it manually using the Samsung TV remote encoding method listed below. Read this article.

Even if your device is not connected, you can send us your request using the comments section below. We will reply as soon as possible.

Samsung Blu Ray Universal Remote Code List:

In this section, you will find Samsung Blu Ray universal remote code list. Using these codes, you can program your Samsung Blu Ray device with the universal remote control by following a simple programming method. In this blog, you can find a different method to program Samsung Blu Ray universal remote. You will need the following codes if you choose the manual method.

Samsung Blu Ray universal remote code can be of three, four or five digits. As per your requirement, choose the suitable Samsung Blu Ray universal remote code and follow the guide. The following list contains the tested and authorized five-digit codes that can be used to connect the Blu Ray player with universal remote control.

[table id=673 /]

Samsung DVD Player Remote Code List

If you are looking for a Samsung DVD player remote code list, you will find it in the list of codes mentioned below. Using these codes, you can connect the Samsung DVD player with the universal remote control very easily. So, select a required code from the Samsung DVD Player remote code list and follow the set-up manual.

These are the specified codes that are tried and tested for the Samsung DVD player. Check the list of Samsung DVD player remote code list and select the code as per need.

Sony DVD Player 4 Digit Code

[table id=679 /]

5 Digit Code for Sony DVD Player

[table id=680 /]

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Samsung Blu Ray Player

You can easily program, Samsung Blu Ray player with a RCA universal remote. Universal remotes are always helpful if you lost the original remote for the Samsung Blu Ray player. To connect the Samsung Blu Ray player with RCA remote, you need RCA universal remote codes for the Samsung Blu Ray player.

[table id=674 /]

universal remote codes come in three, four and five digits. You can select the appropriate code as per the brand and model of your Samsung Blu ray player.

3 Digit Code for Samsung Blu Ray Player

[table id=675 /]

4 Digit Code for Samsung Blu Ray Player

[table id=676 /]

5-Digit Universal Remote Code For Samsung Blu Ray Player

[table id=677 /]

Samsung Blu Ray Player for Philips

[table id=678 /]

You can simply use the Blu-ray player’s remote control to control your Samsung Blu-ray player

Step – 1.You need to “turn on the TV”

Step2. Set “Blu-ray Remote Control” to “TV”

Step3. Now press and hold “TV power switch”.

Step4. While holding down the power button on the TV, you need to use the number buttons on your Blu-ray remote and “enter digital code” (you will have to keep changing the samsung blue ray code until it is programmed).

Step5. Every time the code is entered correctly (correct code), “TV is turned off”.

This shows that the remote control is “connected to your TV”.

Step6. Now you can access easily your TV with this universal remote control


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