Time Warner TV Remote for a Panasonic TV & Setup Guide

It’s uncomfortable to use different remotes for each device. Do you feel the same? Then, I recommend you buy a universal remote. If you bought a Time Warner remote to operate your Panasonic Tv. If you don’t know how to program it then, this article is for you only. In this article, we share a Time warner tv remote for a Panasonic Tv code list.

The remote codes play a major role while connecting the Time Warner remote with the device. In the following, you may get your remote codes and the complete guidelines so, read this article till the end.

The universal remote has different brands and each code is unique. You have to choose the right way which is valid to program with the device. you have to enter the code on the device and for that, you have to follow the program instruction. The program instruction is given below where you can find the correct method to program.

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If you have chosen the right code then, it will be easy for you to program. To select the right code, we have given a guideline on how to select the right code. Check them on the remote code list.

Code List Time Warner Remote For A Panasonic Tv

The complete code list for the time warner remote Panasonic Tv is given below. You have to select any one code from the following code list to program. Start with choosing your brand name as there are many brand names available. Pick up your brand name and there might be multiple codes on that list. select any one code from the list and start programming. you have to enter the code to program and control. Now, let’s catch up on the remote codes and start the process.

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065 264

How To Program Time Warner Tv Remote For A Panasonic Tv

Step- 1 Switch on the Panasonic Tv and check the Time Warner remote batteries. If it’s working then, start the process and if it’s not working then insert new batteries and start programming.

Step-2 Press the Tv button using the Time Warner remote. The Tv button light will blink once

Step-3 Press and Hold on to the SETUP button on the remote control. Hold it until the Tv button light blinks twice.

Step-4 Using the number pad enter the 9-9-1 code

Step-5 Point the Time Warner remote on the Panasonic Tv and tap on the Power button.

Step-6 Press the CH+ key on the remote control repeatedly for a few minutes. Leave the CH+ key when the Panasonic Tv turns off.

Step-7 Now, again press the Setup key on the remote control to store the code. After that, check if the remote is responding. Click on the various remote keys to make sure the remote keys are working properly.

Step-8 If the remote is not responding then, you must try with different codes, following the same process. You can start from the above step number 2.

If the remote code is not suitable for your device or if the device shows an incorrect code. Then, let us know your device brand name. Our team will help you to find that one matching code. Also, If you have any doubts regarding universal remote and programming methods then, let us know. This website is all about different brands of universal remote including methods of programming. So, if you want any other branded remote codes then, you must visit this website. If you find it helpful, recommend this website to your friends and relatives.

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