Are you having trouble using your Insignia TV remote? We’re here to assist you with setting up a replacement remote for your Insignia TV. If you enter the correct remote codes and follow the programming instructions, the GE universal remote works wonderfully as a replacement remote for the Insignia TV. These remote codes are specific to the brand and model of the remote.

List of GE Universal Remote Control Codes for Insignia Televisions

We’ve compiled a list of all the GE universal remote codes for insignia tv that work with the Insignia TV device, organized by brand name. You can program your GE remote control with any of the codes available.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV and Setup Guide


GE CL3 Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV


GE CL4 Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV


GE CL5 Universal Remote Code for Insignia TV


What is the procedure for programming my GE Universal Remote to my Insignia TV?

To utilize universal remote codes from Insignia, you must first set the remote to work with your television. The universal remote programming method for Insignia TV is a sequential process that must be carefully followed. We’ve listed the Auto code search method for configuring the GE remote with the Insignia TV below.

While using the Auto search programming approach, all universal remote codes are scanned in the remote control.

Auto-Search on the Insignia Universal Remote

In the auto-search approach, all of the Universal Codes in the Remote Control are scanned. The Insignia Universal Remote programming procedure is a step-by-step procedure. It should be done with caution. The steps are as follows:

Step – 1 Turn on the TV that you want to control using the Universal Remote.

Step – 2 Turn on the television by pressing and holding the device (TV) button for three seconds. The LED light on the device shows that it is ready to program.

Step -3 Point the remote at the device and press the CH+ and CH- buttons. . On your remote, on/off signals will be displayed. Press and hold the up/down buttons until the gadget turns off.

Step – 4 By pressing the “Power” button, you can check the code. The device will be turned on.

To program the remote control, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions and enter the code:

Step – 1 “Switch On” the Insignia TV you want to program a universal remote for manually.

Step – 2 Activate the remote control. Press and hold the device button on the remote for 3 seconds. The remote’s LED light lights, indicate that it is ready to program.

Step – 3. Aim the universal remote at the television and press the CH- and CH+ buttons. On your remote, on/off signals will be displayed. Click on the Up/Down arrows until the TV gadget turns off.

Step – 4. Press the “POWER” key to check the remote code. The device will restart. To see if the remote is working properly, try changing the channels.

If the remote is not programmed correctly, repeat the process until the remote is properly programmed and works to control the Insignia TV device.

Step – 5. To save the code, press the device key. For confirmation of the stored universal code, the LED light blinks twice.

Last but not least,

This guide will show you how to use a GE universal remote with an Insignia Smart TV. We sometimes have to deal with situations like a lost or broken original remote, which might cause problems with our entertainment. In this circumstance, having a universal remote that is configured with all of your smart gadgets comes in handy. Please send us your comments and recommendations so that we can enhance this website and provide you with the most up-to-date operating techniques and universal codes.

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