Magnavox Universal Remote Codes | Magnavox DVD Codes

Magnavox universal remotes control TVs, cable boxes, VCRs, DVDs, and other accessories. Programming a remote control for your Magnavox TV is easy and you can connect it to your TV in seconds. The result is a highly functional and easy-to-use TV and entertainment system. How to Program Magnavox Remote Before programming the remote, test everything … Read more

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes & Program Methods

Firstly, you have to know the Vivitar is 8in1 remote control. For the programming of the Vivitar universal remote control, you need 3 digit remote codes as well as 4-digit. If you don’t have the codes then don’t worry all the related codes are available below. You have all the codes are mention in the … Read more

Xfinity Remote Codes 5 Digit & Program Guide – 2022

LG 10178, 11265 Panasonic 10051, 10250 Samsung 10812, 10060 Sanyo 10154, 10159 Sony 10000, 11100 Sharp 10093, 10165 Toshiba 10156, 11156 Vizio 11758, 11756 LG 10178, 11265  Panasonic 10051, 10250  Samsung 10812, 10060  Sanyo 10154, 10159  Sony 10000, 11100  Sharp 10093, 10165 Toshiba 10156, 11156  Vizio 11758, 11756 Popular TV Brands’ Remote Codes TV Brand Remote Code LG 10178 & 11265 Samsung 10812 & 10060 Sony 10000 & 11100 Panasonic 10051 … Read more

What Are the Xfinity XR2 Program Universal Remote Codes & Program Guide

universal remote code for xfinity cable box 3M 10737, 11616, 11655A-Mark 10003Abex 10032Accurian 11803Acer 12244, 12245Action 10873ADC 12246Admiral 10093,10463, 12246, 12258,12286Advert 10761,10783, 10815, 10817,10842, 11933, 12267Adventura 10046Aftron 10891Aiko 10092Aiwa 10701, 11914, 12248, 12270 Akai 10030,10060, 10098, 10672,10702,10812,11207,11385,10030,10060,10098,10672,10702, 10812,11207, 11385,11675, 11676, 11688, 11689,11692, 11903, 11935Alaron 10179, 10183, 10216Albatron 10700, 10843Amark 12286Ambassador 10177American Action 10180Ampro 10751Anaba 12249Anam 10180Anam National 10055AOC 10030, 12250, 12268, 12284,12287, 11590, 11365Aomni 11623Apex Digital 10156, 10748, 10879, 10765,10767, 10879, 10890, 11991Archer 10003, 12286Aspect 12251Astar 11531, 11738Audiovox … Read more

Innovage Jumbo TV Universal Remote Control Codes & Guide

When we get some free time, after loads of work. We usually spend our time watching TV, listening to music, etc to feel relaxed. When we handle multiple devices with different remote controls we get confused. So, to end this confusion we bring you a solution that helps you to control your many devices like … Read more

What Are the Mitsubishi TV Codes for Universal Remote Control & Program Guide

Is there any remote which can control multiple devices? Yes, a universal remote can control multiple devices. So, if you want to use a universal remote to operate your multiple devices you can buy it online or at a nearby shop. To program Mitsubishi TV with universal remote control, you have to enter remote codes … Read more

Where to Get Philips Universal Remote Control Code List?

Nowadays, we are surrounded by multiple electronic devices, including televisions, home theatre systems, DVD players, and various other products. Do you ever feel that controlling so many devices with different remotes is overwhelming? We have a solution for you that will allow you to eliminate the need for multiple remote controls and operate all of … Read more