If your Roku TV remote is broken or lost, you can use a GE universal remote to control your device. The GE universal remote is one of the best universal remotes, and the Roku is the most entertaining platform.

The GE universal remote can control multiple electronic devices. This article has shared all the available codes for the universal remote of GE on Roku TV.


GE Universal Remote Control Codes & Programming GE Remote

Best GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV & Program Methods

How Do I Program GE Universal Remote to a TV Without Code?

Working GE Remote Codes for Roku TV

Below are some of the available codes for the GE universal remote. You have to select one of your device codes from this list and if you can’t find your device code, select another code as there are multiple codes available in this list.


GE CL4 remote codes for Roku TV


GE Universal remote code CL5 codes for Roku


Sharp Roku TV for GE Remote


GE Universal remote CL4 Code For Roku stick

The following is a complete list of the ROKU universal remote codes.


GE Remote Codes for Tcl Roku Television


GE remote CL3 code for TCL Roku TV


To program your GE universal remote for Roku, follow the instructions below. Read out the instructions and if you face any problem, let us know.

How to Program GE Universal Remote for Roku TV:

Steps – 1 Turn on your TV. Press the setup button on the universal remote and hold it until the light flashes.

Steps – 2 Press the device button you want to program and release when the device blinks.

Steps – 3 Enter the 5-digit code from the code list you have selected. The light will turn off. When the light remains on, try with another code.

Steps – 4 When you find a working code, click through all its functions to ensure that they work correctly.

Steps – 5 If everything is operating as expected, you’re finished! You can now enjoy using your new Roku remote to control your streaming device!

How you can program GE universal Remote Without Using Codes

In this method, all the universal program codes are scanned by the remote, and this method is known as the “auto search” method.

This auto-search method helps to find out the right code that works and connects the universal remote to the devices. It scans one code at a time and finds the remote code.

To program GE universal remote without using code then follow up the given instructions

Step- 1. Turn on your device that you want to connect with GE (General Electric) universal remote control.

Step- 2. Tap on the device button (Tv, DVD, OK/SEL) and hold it for 3 (three) seconds. After that, An LED light will turn on now your device is ready to program

Step- 3. Facing the remote control to the device tap on the CH+ & CH- button. Then, the remote will show signals (on/off).

Step- 4. Tap on the volume up/down key continuously until your device will turn off.

Step- 5. Now, verify the key by clicking on the power button and your device switch on then, check the volume, Channel changing, to make sure your GE remote is all set.

Step- 6. To save the code, you have to tap on the device button and your codes will be saved. The LED light will blink twice to make sure your remote code is saved on the device.

What If GE universal remote codes do not work on the device?

When you enter the selected code and the device shows incorrect or the code doesn’t work on your device then, try with all the codes from the given table of remote codes.

 If still, your remote is not working then it may be remote battery issues so, try to check the remote batteries.

Remove the batteries and replace them with fresh batteries.

When you observe a physical barrier then try to remove it and don’t place it between the GE universal remote and your favorite device that you wish to control.

Let us be clear about GE universal remote it doesn’t work with all the features so, you have to use more features and more buttons.

As you know, this universal remote is easy to control and can handle many devices without any confusion now, give it a try and let us know if you have any issues.

FAQ Of GE (General Electric) Universal Remote

1). Do these codes work?

Ans: Yes. The given codes will work correctly. When you could not program a universal remote then read this article multiple times to understand better and program well.

2). Is it possible to reset the GE universal remote after configuration?

Ans: Yes. If you want to reset the GE universal remote after configuration then you can.

3). Where can we get the best GE universal remote?

Ans: GE universal remote producers have a website and they are selling the best remotes so, you can buy there or else other e-commerce websites also sell these remotes.

4). Does the GE universal remote handle other smart TVs?

Ans: Yes, GE universal remote can work with other smart TVs also. All you need to do is to follow a few steps.

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes 4 Digit 

5). Is it possible to control multiple devices at a time?

Ans: Yes, you can easily control multiple devices at a time with the help of GE universal remote.

6). How to program a Roku with a GE remote control?

Ans: Visit our website, to know more about how Rokurogram roku with GE universal remote control. We have shared a complete article about this.


I hope this article helps you to program the universal remote favorite device. We have shared the complete process on how you can program and control your device so, if you find any difficulty then let us know in the comment section.

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