Nowadays, we have multiple electronic devices in our homes like TV, DVD player, cable box, music player and much more. It can become difficult to handle separate remotes for all devices. To avoid this situation, you need a definite solution. The universal remote control is a one for all remote using which you can control multiple devices together. You have to program the universal remote with your device using some codes to do so.

Time Warner Cable Remote Control TV Codes & Program Methods

If you have a Time Warner cable box, you can connect it with the universal remote control. In this guide, you will find the complete solution to program the Time Warner universal remote. To help you with the programming, we have also mentioned the full list of Time Warner cable universal remote codes UR5U-8780L.

Time Warner Cable Universal Remote Codes List

See the complete list of Time Warner cable remote codes for further information.

Emerson033, 193, 477,638 , 053 , 637, 168, 194, 250 , 191, 192
GE035, 465 ,296 , 061, 107 , 065 , 149, 192
Magnavox068 , 044 , 193
Panasonic065 , 264
RCA033, 065,061 , 104, 149 ,107
Samsung044, 070 , 192 , 074, 033
Sylvania044 , 068
Vector Research044
Soundesign194 , 193 , 192
Yamaha033 , 044
Zenith030 , 031 , 106
Toshiba074 , 168 ,170
Nikko044 , 106 , 192
Radio Shack044, 053, 061, 070, 168, 192 , 179 , 033
Mitsubishi192 , 107, 164 , 033
Hitachi065 , 159 , 070
Daewoo637 , 465, 638 , 053, 106 , 033
Brocksonic250 , 477
Gilbrater033 , 031 , 044
Harley Davidson193
NAD180 , 170 , 192
Proton480 , 192
Scott033 , 192, 194,193 , 250
Teknika070 , 033, 053, 068, 074 , 106, 164, 193, 194 , 030
Wards193 , 030, 033, 035, 044 , 068, 070, 179, 192
White Westinghouse637, 638
Realistic033, 044, 053, 070 , 168, 179, 192, 194
Philco033 , 159, 477 , 044, 068
MTC044 , 192 , 033, 164
Kenwood033 , 044
Admiral107 , 477

Usually, all the Time Warner cable boxes come with an original remote control. But, if you want to avoid the hassle of controlling your devices with multiple remotes, you can always switch to the Time Warner universal remote control. Please read the guide given below carefully and find the complete solution for Time Warner universal remote control and the codes needed for programming it.

This guide will give you a simple and direct solution to program Time Warner Cable universal remote in just a few quick steps. Before checking the user manual, check the list of Time Warner cable universal remote codes UR5U-8780L first. You have to choose one required code from the list of Time Warner universal remote codes and then follow the instructions to connect the Time Warner universal remote to the cable box.

In what ways does possessing Time Warner cable Remote codes help you? UR5u-8780I

UR5u-8780 is the time warner cable remote code. I am eligible for a variety of benefits. Some of them are listed in the following section:

1. The item is easy to use and is convenient to carry along.

Due to the fact that you can find the remotes for all of your appliances in one location, it minimises your tension and saves time.

3. It is pretty simple to design and to use in terms of operation.

4) You may save the codes for future use, avoiding the need to go through the full procedure again.

This article may have been of use to you in your quest to discover more about Time Warner cable universal remote codes. This universal remote is simple to operate, and the programming procedure is both tough and straightforward. So go ahead and get your remote control.

How You Can Program Time Warner Remote Control To Cable Box ?

To configure your Cable box, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Make certain that the cable box you wish to configure is turned on.

Step 2: Keep your Time Warner remote in close proximity to your cable box

Step 3: Press and hold the “CBL” button on your remote for a couple of seconds to activate the CBL feature on your television. The CBL button on your remote is the Component button, and it allows you to setup a Cable Box. When the little LED light on your Component button illuminates, press and hold the button for a few seconds.

Step 4: Enter the right code for the manufacturer of your cable box. A list of the remote control codes may be found previously in this page.

Step 5: Press the Power button to turn on the computer. If your gadget beeps, it implies you have the proper code in your possession. If it doesn’t work, try the next code. Alternately, you might experiment with the Volume buttons.

Step 6: Last but not least, save the codes by hitting the Component button once again. In other words, keep pressing the ‘CBL’ button until the little LED button blinks twice, indicating that your codes have been successfully stored.

What are the advantages of having the UR5u-8780I remote control codes for Time Warner cable?

There are several advantages associated with using Time Warner Cable Remote Codes UR5u-8780I. The following is a list of some of them:

1. The gadget is user-friendly and compact, making it convenient to carry along.

2. You will have less worry and more time savings as a result of being able to locate the remotes for all of the appliances in a single location.

3. It is not too difficult to learn how to run and program it.

4. You have the option to save the codes for the next time, which will prevent you from having to go through this entire process once more.

Instructions for Setting Up a Time Warner Universal Remote Control to Work with a DVD Player

Step 1: First, make sure the DVD player is turned on. Put a DVD inside of the player so that it can play. There is no need to navigate to the main menu screen on the DVD.

Step 2: Select “DVD” from the menu on the remote. The button labeled “DVD” flashes once.

Step 3 Depress and hold the “Setup” button on the remote control until the “DVD” button flashes twice. After that, you can let go of the button labeled “DVD.”

Step 4 Press the number buttons on the Time Warner remote control in order to enter the code “9 9 1.” The “DVD” button flashes twice more in rapid succession.

The next step is to direct the Time Warner remote control toward the DVD player. To turn the power on, press the “PWR” button once.

Step 6: Hold down the “CH+” button on the remote control until the DVD player turns off completely. There is a possibility that turning off the player will take several minutes.

Step 7 Immediately after the DVD player has shut off, use the remote to choose “Setup” from the menu. The remote for Time Warner contains a memory that stores the code.

How to program a remote control for Time Warner Cable to work with a Sharp LCD TV?

Step 1: First thing you need to do is power up the Sharp LCD TV.

Step 2: The second step is to direct the remote control for Time Warner Cable to the Sharp TV. Proceed in the same manner for the entirety of this procedure.

Step 3: Using the Time Warner remote, choose the “TV” button and press and hold it. If you keep your finger on the button for around four seconds, the indicator light on the remote will turn on.

Step 4: In the fourth step, use the remote provided by Time Warner to enter one of the Sharp codes. For Sharp televisions, the following error codes can be entered: 014, 081, 028, 019, 004, 081, 143, 022, 029, 236, 175, and 251. These can be found in the manual.

Step 5: To continue, repeat the process of pressing the “TV” button on the Time Warner remote. If you do so, the code will be preserved.

Step 6. Put the Time Warner remote through its paces by pushing its other buttons and seeing whether it works. Restart the entire procedure and attempt a different code if the remote does not function when paired with the Sharp remote.

In Conclusion

In the above post, we have explained the Time Warner Cable Remote Codes UR5u-8780I. Hope you will find it helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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