How to Get Time Warner Cable Universal Remote Codes Ur5u-8780l

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Nowadays, we have multiple electronic devices in our homes like TV, DVD player, cable box, music player and much more. It can become difficult to handle separate remotes for all devices. To avoid this situation, you need a definite solution. The universal remote control is a one for all remote using which you can control multiple devices together. You have to program the universal remote with your device using some codes to do so.

Time Warner Cable Remote Control TV Codes & Program Methods

If you have a Time Warner cable box, you can connect it with the universal remote control. In this guide, you will find the complete solution to program the Time Warner universal remote. To help you with the programming, we have also mentioned the full list of Time Warner cable universal remote codes UR5U-8780L.

Time Warner Cable Universal Remote Codes List

Amino 219
Samsung030 , 001
Evolution215 , 189
Motorola002 , 148 , 206
Technicolor 365
Digital Multimedia 222
Windstream 212
Pioneer076 , 103 , 105 , 001, 051 , 034 , 063
Scientific Atlanta / Cisco 002 , 045 , 046 ,001, 042 ,041
Pace001 , 005 , 206 , 217 ,002
Arris216 , 172
Sky241 , 240
LG143 , 569 , 116 ,112, 648 , 284 , 741 , 363, 113 , 102
Sony001 , 646 , 702 , 651 , 608

Usually, all the Time Warner cable boxes come with an original remote control. But, if you want to avoid the hassle of controlling your devices with multiple remotes, you can always switch to the Time Warner universal remote control. Please read the guide given below carefully and find the complete solution for Time Warner universal remote control and the codes needed for programming it.

This guide will give you a simple and direct solution to program Time Warner Cable universal remote in just a few quick steps. Before checking the user manual, check the list of Time Warner cable universal remote codes UR5U-8780L first. You have to choose one required code from the list of Time Warner universal remote codes and then follow the instructions to connect the Time Warner universal remote to the cable box.

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