When you get free time, you watch TV. Right, sometimes it happens that you get frustrated handling multiple remotes to control many devices or you lose a TV remote or your remote is not functioning then, you need to buy a universal remote control.

This universal remote is best if you are struggling with your Tv remote control. You can connect a universal remote with a TV and enjoy watching it.

In this post, you will get Tcl Roku TV Remote Control Codes and instructions that help you to program it. So, read the complete article without missing any point. Let’s begin

Tcl Roku TV Remote Control Codes List

Here, you can find the remote code list. Have a look at the table , This guide will help you in understanding and performing the steps to program a TCL Roku Universal Remote Code.

Universal Remote Codes for Tcl Roku TV

Here is the TCL Roku Universal TV Remote Codes List

Bright House Cable1756
Dish Network535
Cable Vision0031
ATT Uverse1346
Time Warner0387 , 1566 , 268
TIVO0091 , 0366
Hawaiian Telcom2434
RCA/Voxx12434,387, 12049
GE Universal Remote2891
Verizon FIOS180
DISH Network1756, 535, 645
Cable One2434
Windstream2414, 2434, 3183
CenturyLink3183 , 2414, 2434
Comcast12434, 11756, 12292 , 12290

Tcl Roku TV Remote Control Codes for DirecTV RC73

List of DirecTV RC73 Universal Remote codes

Here, you will get the complete list of DirecTV RC73 remote codes for controlling your smart device of any type. Check out the list and select the matching code for your device and enter it. After entering the code, follow the programming guide. When you enter the correct code, your device gets successfully programmed and you can control it using the DirecTV universal remote.

Select any one code from the above listing of your brand. Use that code to connect the universal remote with the device. If the chosen code is not responding, you can select another code of your device brand.


Easy Guide on DirecTV RC73 Remote Codes

It is a good choice if you are using a DirecTV RC73 universal remote for controlling your brand device. To program the DirecTV RC 73 remote, you need to pair the remote to the device and then program it. There are two types of DirecTV remotes and you will get codes for programming those remotes right here. One is the standard universal remote and the other one is the Genie remote.

The RC73 is the latest model of the Genie universal remote and most new connections come packed up with this new universal remote. Both the universal remotes work in the same way and they can operate your televisions and audio receivers. You can see the difference in the Genie remote for not being able to control the receiver of the universal remote. The universal remote also cannot control Genie devices in their RF modes. However, the Genie remote can manage any receiver made after 2003 in the IR mode

How You Can Program TCL Roku TV To Universal Remote

To program your TCL Roku Tv to a universal remote, you need to follow the instructions that we have listed below.

  1. Switch on your Television that you want to connect with a universal remote.
  2. Point out the universal remote towards your TV
  3. Tap on the TV button on the remote control and press the setup button and it starts learning mode
  4. Then, a light indicator blinks four times.
  5. From the above listing of program codes, search for your device code.
  6. Enter the code. when the code is correct the light will turn off.
  7. If the code is wrong, the light will remain on and you need to enter another code from the list.
  8. Click on any key on the remote control and check if it works, if not you have to repeat the process.

How You Can Program TCL Roku TV To Universal Remote Auto-Search Method

This automatic search method will find out your TV code and this process will help you when your TV does not respond with any of the code from the list.

  1. Switch on your TV
  2. Click on the TV button or OK button for about 3 seconds. An LED light will indicate that means your remote is in learning mode.
  3. Point the remote towards your TV and press the channel button. The remote will show signals. Press the button until the device turns off.
  4. Verify the code by turning on the tv. The TV will turn on. Now, try changing the channel to check your remote is in working mode.
  5. To store the code, tap on the DEVICE button. For confirmation, a light will blink twice.

How can you Program TCL Roku Universal Remote Without Codes?

  • Power On” is the TCL Roku smart device like “TV” that you want to program with the Universal Remote.
  • “Turn on” the remote, tap on the TV button or any other device like DVD, CBL for 3 seconds. The blinking LED shows that the device is ready to program.
  • After that, point the remote to the device and click on “CH+” & “CH-” switches. The TCL RokuUniversal Remote will show on/off signals. Now, press the “up” or “down” key, and the device will turn off.
  • Now, use the Universal Remote to turn on TCL Roku TV. After pressing the Power button, the TCL Roku TV should turn on. If it starts, change the channel and verify the working of the TCL Roku Universal Remote.
  • Finally, tap the “device” button to save the code. The LED of TCL Roku TV will blink twice to confirm that the code is stored.

Hopefully, this article helps you to find Tcl Roku TV Remote Control Codes and you can follow the instructions. However, be careful and don’t skip any point to program and control your device with a universal remote. If you have any issues let us know

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