How to Find 4 Digit Tcl TV Universal Remote Codes & Program

A universal remote prove good when you want to avoid the confusion of using multiple remotes for your brand devices. In this blog, you will learn about the 4 Digit Tcl TV Universal Remote Codes for programming the TCL TV. The remote codes mentioned over here will definitely pair with your brand device and you can enjoy the television programs with one single universal remote.

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You have to pick the correct code matching your device from the TCL universal remote codes 4-digit list mentioned below. After inserting the right universal code in your TCL remote, simply follow the programming instructions. If you got the correct code, you have successfully programmed the device and no need to follow any further procedures. So, why don’t you check out these 4-digit TCL remote codes for controlling your TCL TV?

4 Digit Tcl TV Universal Remote Codes for TCL Television

If you have a TV of the TCL brand and are willing to use a universal remote control t operate it, look out to this page for the right information. Now, you got the universal remote but certain remote codes are required for using this universal remote. The table below contains the list of TCL remote codes of 4-digit wherein you need to choose a code matching your device. If the code matches your device, you can easily program the universal remote with the device by following some simple steps.

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Tcl TV


0053 3031

Rca Universal Remote Codes for Tcl TV

13183 2434318343983847

One For All Remote Codes For TCL TV


GE Universal Remote Codes for Tcl TV


Universal Remote Codes for Tcl Roku TV

Time Warner0387 , 1566
TIVO0091 , 0366
Dish Network535
Cable Vision
Bright House Cable1756

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Tcl TV


Philips Universal Remote Codes for Tcl TV


TCL TV Remote codes for DirecTV RC73


TCL Universal Remote Codes for Different Remote Brands

If you want to use a universal remote of your choice for programming the TCL TV, then this page will help you. The below-mentioned code-list consists of TCL remote codes for various remote models and types. You must find the right code that pairs with your brand remote control so that you can manage your TCL TV easily.

Comcast 11756
Bright House Cable1756
ATT Uverse1346
Dish Network535
Time Warner 387 , 1566
TIVO0366 , 0091

The Programming Guide of TCL TV Universal Remote using Code-Search

When you are unable to get the key code working for your TCL device, set up your universal remote control to search mode. It is a universal code in the manual that puts the remote into search mode. In this way, you will get the right working code for controlling the TCL device. Check out the programming steps mentioned below:

  1. The initial step is to start the TCL TV that you will be programming with the universal remote.
  2. Then, tap on the Setup key and hold it down for some time.
  3. Insert the remote code (9-9-1), the three-digit code with the help of the remote’s keyboard.
  4. Hold down the Power key of the universal remote and press the Channel (+) button till your brand device gets off.


This blog has helped you with all kinds of TCL universal remote code 4 digit for setting up your TCL TV. You have to follow the programming steps properly along with the correct key code. So, make use of this blog carefully and enjoy your brand entertainment device with no interruption.

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