In this informative article, we present a step-by-step guide on how to program your DirecTV remote for an RCA TV. Whether you’ve recently purchased a new remote or need to reprogram an existing one, this tutorial will walk you through the process.

Follow along as we demonstrate each step clearly, ensuring that you can easily sync your DirecTV remote with your RCA TV.

Say goodbye to the frustration of juggling multiple remotes and enjoy the convenience of controlling your RCA TV with your DirecTV remote

RCA Universal Remote Code List for Directv Tv

Following is the complete list of RCA universal remote codes for Directv TV. From the code, list selects any one code of your model name and enters into the device to activate. The device only accepts the right code so, select the correct code. follow the given instruction to program well.

11781 13938

What are the codes for connecting a DirecTV remote to an RCA television set?

Summary: How to connect a DirecTV remote to an RCA television will be covered in detail in the next section. In order to learn more about this, please continue reading the article to the conclusion.

The process of programming a device with a DirecTV remote that does not have the correct codes can be time-consuming and challenging. It is possible to prevent this difficulty by using 4-digit or 5-digit codes that are appropriate for the situation. You may select the appropriate RCA DirecTV remote code from a list of codes and program it into your system. Here you will discover the RC TV codes for DirecTV, which you may use to configure your DirecTV remote to an RCA television.

Check the DirecTV remote codes for RCA televisions in the manual

Full-length manuals can be time-consuming to read in its entirety. However, it is recommended that you go through the manuals that come with the equipment in order to avoid any difficulties when using it. To begin, consult the handbook for configuring the DirecTV remote to an RCA television, and then go to the next step.

How to program RCA universal Remote for Directv TV

You can use this quick setup to program the RCA universal remote for your Direct TV. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t skip any steps.

Step :1 Switch on your Directv TV

Step :2 Press the TV button on the RCA universal remote.

Step :3 Press the setup button on the remote control and hold it till a light indicates.

Step :4 Now, enter the code which you have selected from the above code list.

Step :5 Pointing the remote control to the device press the power button and hold it. when the device turns off, release the power button.

Now, you can operate your device with a universal remote and if your remote is not working you have to select another code from the list of codes and repeat the above process.

What are the steps for connecting a DirecTV remote to an RCA television set?

Step 1: To begin, switch on the RCA television and input the RCA DirecTV Remote code that you selected. Press the “TV” button on the DirecTV remote to activate the television mode.

Step 2: Now, simultaneously press and hold the “Select” and “Mute” buttons on your keyboard. Wait a few seconds to see if the LED flashes twice before proceeding.

Step 3: This indicates that the code you entered did not function, as seen by the lack of flashing of the LED. Consequently, select another RCA TV code from the list of RCA TV codes for the DirecTV remote.

Step 4: When the light flashes, press and hold the “Mute” and “Select” buttons until the light stops flashing.

Step 5: Once you’ve entered the right code, the DirecTV remote should be compatible with your RCA television. As soon as you have determined that the remote is operational, change the “Mode” to “DirecTV.” You will now be able to use both the satellite dish and the television at the same time if you so want.

What is the best way to configure my RCA universal remote?

Turn on your television by hand.

Aim your remote towards the TV panel and press and hold the TV button until the picture is complete.

Immediately after the light is turned on, simultaneously push and hold the “On/Off” key till the light turns off.

What is the best way to configure the RCA remote-control with code search?

Manually switch on the component that you wish to operate using the IR remote.

In order to turn on the remote’s indicator light, press and hold the CODE SEARCH key for a few seconds.

To programme a component key, start by pressing the key you want to programme.

You should point your remote control at the front panel of the item that you’d want to control.

What is the way to setup my RCA antenna?

More videos may be seen on YouTube.

Screw the coax cable connection from the antenna into the rear of your TV’s coax receiver, using the coax cable connector from the antenna.

Place the antenna just on wall, on the a shelf flat, or upright with the provided stand for versions that are appropriate for this application.

Take advantage of the free television programming.

How can you determine your television’s code?

Click the [TV] key once on the remote control; it will flash once. Then, while holding the [SETUP] button, push and hold it until the selected mode key blinks twice. 3. Using the codes below, identify the brand name of your television and then input the device’s initial four-digit code.

How can I set up my RCA antenna to receive channels?

Connect the antenna straight to your digital converter box or to a television that is capable of receiving digital signals. Then perform a channel re-scan. If your signal is strong enough without the amplifier to obtain the channels you need, the amplifier may really be a hindrance. Bring the antenna as close to a window as possible.

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