If the remote keys of your scepter TV are not responding or any issue with the remote control then, you can buy a GE universal remote to work with your Sceptre TV.

This GE universal remote is famous and it can control many electronic devices. To activate, you need a program code of your device brand name and you can connect your Sceptre Tv with a universal remote. 

If you are searching for remote codes you can find them out below. We are listing the GE universal remote Sceptre TV codes with instructions. Follow the instructions properly to control your Sceptre Tv with GE universal remote.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sceptre TV

Here, GE universal remote codes for scepter Tv are listed. You have to select one code and ensure you select a code of your model’s name. Many codes are available and you have to choose one code. follow the below instruction to enter the code.


How to Program GE Universal Remote for Sceptre Tv

To program your Sceptre TV with a universal remote, you have to follow the below steps carefully. 

Step :1 Switch on your Sceptre TV

Step :2 Press the setup button on your GE universal remote and hold it

Step :3 Hold the setup until the red light blinks. When the light blinks release the setup button.

Step :4 Select your device model’s name code from the above remote codes.

Step :5 Enter the selected code. To enter the code using the number pad of GE universal remote. Do not miss any number.

Step :6 After entering the code, press the power button, and your Sceptre TV will turn off.

Step :7 When your device turns off, then press the power button again and the TV will turn on. Now, check if the remote keys are working properly, and if not you have to use a different code from the list with the same procedure. That’s it, you can operate your Sceptre Tv with GE universal remote control.

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