RCA Universal Remote Codes List & Program Instructions

Everyone wants to live a comfortable life with no hard work but smart work in today’s world. Nowadays, all devices come with remote controls, which make your life easier. But, is it possible to use individual remotes for operating all devices. Yes, it is such a confusing thing to deal with. People need something easy and functional to use in such a situation, which is nothing but an RCA universal remote.

It is a better option to control all televisions, set-top boxes, and amplifiers. This remote will be a one-stop solution for all your electronic devices at home with a proper setting. It also works as a command center to your television, component, or audio system. In this way, your remote and system can interact with each other in the same language.

You can use the VCR, TV, or Cable box codes for programming a remote for your particular device brand. Some cable box brands like Scientific Atlanta and Jerrold can be programmed by code search method using Channel UP key other than using ON/OFF button during the code search. Hence, you need to program using the code search method first and if it does not work, look out for the RCA Universal Remote Codes list search.

List of RCA Universal Remote Codes

RCA Universal Remote Codes and programming have already been used to operate your television, VCR, or cable box brand. RCA codes are helpful to pre-program these remote code instructions. TV-000, VCR-000, Cable Box-000, and AUX use VCR Code 037 to get programmed. Below, one can get the RCA Universal remote codes for some of the top brands.


How Do I Reset My Rca Universal Remote Without a Code?

There is no need to replace an RCA remote that is no longer controlling your electronic devices. The best way to analyze your remote is to reset its memory. While doing this, you clear the programming codes from the remote’s memory. This method is similar to resetting or reformatting an MP3 player. The remote control gets reset to its factory settings, allowing you to re-program the remote with the TVs and other devices.

Step 1: Remove the battery compartment cover at the back of the RCA remote.

Step2: Take away the batteries from the remote. After that, turn over the remote to look at its number pad.

Step3: Press button “1” for 60 seconds and then release it out. Wait for about 10 seconds. Repeat this method 2-4 times to clear the memory of the remote.

Step 4: Now, put back the batteries into the remote. Place the battery cover and you can use the remote for programming.

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 Programming RCA Universal Remote without Codes

All the universal remote codes go through the scanning method in the remote in the auto search mode. The scanning process allows one code at a time to get the right remote code. This allows the remote to program the control. Look at the given instructions below:

Step 1. Firstly, switch on the “TV” where you want to access the universal remote for operation.

Step 2. After turning on the button, press the device button (DVD, TV, CBL and OK/SEL) for three seconds. You can see the LED flashlight which means the device is ready to program.

Step 3. Pointing out the remote to the device, press the switches “CH+” and “CH-“. Remote will display the On/Off signals. Press the keys “Up” or “Down” continuously till the device turns off.

Step 4. Click the “Power” key to verify the code. Now, switch on the device. Change the channels to verify the programming condition of the remote. Check whether the remote is working correctly.

Step 5. Then, press the “Device” button to save the code. The LED light of the device will blink twice to confirm the storage of code.

 Programming RCA Universal Remote Manually

With the help of a keycode, one can program a universal remote and this key will identify the make and model of your appliance.

Step 1. You have to switch on the appliance first.

Step 2. Press the button “TV” on your “RCA universal remote”.

Step 3. Then, hold the “Setup button” of the universal remote till the light flashes (Learning Mode).

Step 4. At last, enter the “Keycode” that you got from the programming guide (Instructions Booklet).

Step 5. After finishing this process, point your remote towards the TV and click the “Press and Hold the Power” button.

Step 6. Leave the “Power Button” whenever the screen turns off.

Now, your device is ready with the universal remote control. If it is not working repeat the same process with some other code from the reference table.

 Programming RCA Universal Remote with Code Search

If you are not getting the keycode working for the appliance, set up your universal remote to find the mode for the right one. It is a code in the manual which takes the remote into the search mode.

Step 1. At first, make the device on.

Step 2. Now, click and hold the “Setup” button.

Step 3. Use the three-digit code “9-9-1”.

Step 4. Press the “Power” button on the remote and make the channel up till the device is turned off.

It might take some extra time but it is essential to search for the key code. Once completed the above process, your remote is ready to program.

How do I program an RCA universal remote to my Vizio TV?

Step 1. Initially, turn on the appliance that you want to control.

Step 2. Click the device button and hold for five seconds till the LED light flashes twice.

Step 3. Check out the programming code for your appliance in the code list. Then, enter it by using Number Buttons.

Step 4. After that, point the Vizio remote control towards your TV and click the power button.


By choosing the right code for the device, one can easily program an RCA remote control for controlling your smart home appliances which support remote control. All you need is working batteries and a correct list of codes to program a remote control. In short, RCA universal remotes are making life easier and full of fun.

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