If your Samsung soundbar remote control is not working with the device or you have lost it then, you can use a universal remote control. This universal remote will help you to handle your various devices. To use this remote control you need Samsung Soundbar Remote Code List.

By using such code you can connect the universal remote to your device. At the time of purchasing a remote, you’ll be provided with an instruction paper and all the codes are available in that paper. If you don’t have that paper or lost it so, we’ve listed below all the codes

In this article, we have mentioned all the Samsung soundbar universal remote codes if you don’t have codes to connect it with the device. All the remote control has their brands which require 3, 4, and 5-digit codes and from this post, you’ll surely select your device codes

If you want to program it and you need a programming method well, in this article we’ve clearly explained how you can program it with code search, and in the case when you can’t seem to find your device code, you can also program without code and that method is also mentioned here. so, read it till the end and get some more information along with codes.

Samsung Sound Bar Remote Codes


Samsung Sound Bar 3 Digit Remote Code

We’ve brought you some 3-digit universal remote codes and one of these codes will help you to connect your remote to the device. If a 3-digit code doesn’t work with your device you can use 4 and 5-digit codes and those codes will help you to find your device code.


Surely, the above listing of remote codes helps you. As we’ve discussed before, if one of the codes doesn’t work with your device, don’t stop unless you get the correct code. Try every single code which is listed so that you can select the right code for the device.

Samsung Sound Bar 4 Digit Remote Code

When you’ve tried 3 and 5 Digit codes using correct programming methods, however, it doesn’t work with your device then, you should go with 4 Digit code and I am sure your device will accept it. So, we’ve listed below the 4-digit universal remote codes for the Samsung soundbar.


All the codes that we’ve mentioned in our articles are tested. So, don’t worry you can use all the remote codes. while programming your remote with a device you need to follow the programming procedure carefully, select the correct code of your device, and don’t miss any number while entering the code.

Samsung Soundbar 5 Digit Remote Code


Samsung Sound Bar Codes for Spectrum Remote Control

If you’ve bought a spectrum universal remote and you need remote codes to connect your remote with the Samsung soundbar. If so, you’re in the right place. Here, you can choose one of your codes as we’ve listed all the available codes in the below section you can check it.


The above codes can work with any model of the spectrum remote. First thing first, you need to select one correct code that matches your device and enter the code using the programming process. If one of the steps is left out, you can’t program your device with the universal remote.

Samsung Soundbar 4-Digit pairing Codes

The above pairing codes will help you to pair the universal remote with the Samsung soundbar. If you want the pairing codes. Then, you can follow the below table of remote codes and select one code that suits the device and enter it using the number pad from the remote.


The above 4-digit Samsung soundbar pairing codes can be used with any brand of the universal remote and can pair with the soundbar. I Hope these codes will help you and if you’re struggling to pair. Then, write on the comment box of your device model. we’ll help you to find your code.

One For All Remote Control Codes for Samsung Soundbar

One For All universal remote is the famous universal remote as it can control 3 devices simultaneously. So, if you want one for all remote-control codes for the Samsung soundbar you can select your code from the below list and can control your device with this universal remote.


The one for all remote controls, has many models and the codes that we’ve listed above will work with every single model. If the remote won’t pair with your device or have any issues then, check it once and try to program it again, this will help you.

Samsung Sound Bar Code for GE Universal Remote

If you want to control GE universal remote for the Samsung soundbar you need codes to program it. So, in the below list we’ve mentioned the complete list of GE universal remote codes where you can find your remote code. First, select the code and enter it using the manual method and the remote will start to control your device.


 The above codes will work on each model of GE universal remote. when you enter the code a small light will blink which means you’ve successfully programmed it and if it doesn’t blink do it again using another code from the above list.

How to Program Samsung Soundbar Universal Remote Without Using Codes

When you have tried all the codes on the Samsung soundbar but still can’t control it, then, don’t worry we’re here to help you. Well, you need to follow some steps to program the Samsung soundbar universal remote without using any codes. So, let’s discuss.

This programming method without using code will work on each brand of the universal remote and this is to avoid programming issues. First thing first, check your remote batteries or replace them with new batteries and follow the steps and ensure you follow each step carefully to program it well.

Step :1 To begin with, you have to SWITCH ON your Samsung soundbar

Step :2 Now, for about 3 seconds, press the AUX and OK\SEL keys simultaneously.

Step :3 Then, a small LED light will turn ONN on the remote which means your remote is ready to program.

Step :4 After the light turns on, release both keys and press the CH+ and CH- keys.

Step :5 Then, the remote shows ON\OFF signals, hold and press the channel up or down keys till the device turns off

Step :6 After the device turns off, now to verify the code press the POWER button and the device will turn ON

Step :7 Now, you have to save the code and then press the AUX button on the remote control. A small LED light will blink twice on the remote control.

You’re done with the procedure, now the remote has been programmed without using remote codes. Next, you have to check all the remote keys are working properly and if the keys are not working then, follow the above steps again until the remote keys function correctly.

This code search method will help you when you have tried all the methods and if your remote isn’t responding then, follow this method and the remote will automatically find its code and can connect to the Samsung soundbar. Follow the below instructions carefully

  1. TURN ON the soundbar device
  2. click the AUX button
  3. now, hold and press the SETUP button until a small LED light will blink twice
  4. After the light blink, release the button
  5. Then, enter the 3-digit code (9-9-1)
  6. After the code, press the power and channel up button until the device turns off.

That’s it, your remote is all set to control your soundbar now, you have to turn on the device by pressing the POWER button. After the device turns on now, check if the remote keys are working properly. If it doesn’t work properly, then follow the above instructions again and the remote will find its correct code to connect with the device.


We’ve listed the complete codes of the Samsung soundbar remote that you can use to program the universal remote with the device. All the codes that we’ve mentioned in this article have been tested before. and if one of the codes isn’t responding, we’ll ensure to remove that code from the list.

You can share it with us if you find any not working code. when your device doesn’t accept the code you can use all the codes from the code list to find the right code. If Still, you can’t get it then, you can try to program it without using codes as we’ve mentioned easy steps for you in this article.

Hopefully, this article helps you and we’ve given all the possible methods where you can program the remote with the device in an easy way. When you have read this article completely and you’ve some questions in your mind then, feel free to comment and surely we’ll answer your questions and guide you to understand better.

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