Are you looking Sony Briva TV Code for Universal Remote Control? If yes, in this article you will find a complete solution. To connect a universal remote with Son Bravia TV, you need a set of universal remote codes.

Using those codes, you can follow some quick steps and connect the remote to the Sony Bravia TV very easily. Keep reading to find the complete methods along with the list of Sony Bravia TV codes for a universal remote.

Sony Bravia tv code for a universal remote. Below is a list of codes used to program your remote for Sony Bravia tv. These codes are in the form of 3 digits, 4 digits, 5 digits, and you have to pick the code according to your device.

First of all, look at the Sony Bravia tv code list mentioned according to the device brand name. You need to select the correct code for Sony Bravia tv to your remote, so please check out the complete Sony Bravia tv code list for your device

Sony Briva TV Code for Universal Remote Control

RCA Universal Remote Codes for SONY TV:

If you want to program your Sony TV with RCA universal remote, you will find the solution here. In this section, we have given the complete list of RCA Universal remote codes for Sony TV.

Check out the complete list here and find out the required Sony TV remote codes.


Sony Bravia TV Codes for GE Universal Remote

Do you want to program the GE remote with Sony BraviaTV? If yes, you will need the list of Sony Bravia universal remote codes for GE universal remote.

We have mentioned the complete list of GE universal remote codes for Sony Bravia TV in the following section. Check the list to choose the appropriate Sony Bravia TV Codes for GE universal remote.

Rca Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu Ray Player & Guide


sony bravia tv codes for dish network

If you want to program a Sony Bravia TV with the Dish network, you might need the list of Sony Bravia TV codes for Dish network.

This section gives the complete list of universal remote codes to connect Dish network universal remote with the Sony TV.

652 841
187 720

sony bravia tv codes for directv

Here is the list of Proscan TV codes for the Comcast remote. If you want to program Comcast remote with your Proscan TV, choose the required code from this list, and you are ready to connect both devices.

10810 11317

CL3 GE Universal Remote Codes For Sony TV

Following is the list of CL3 GE universal remote codes for Sony TV. Find the required code from the list to connect Sony TV with GE CL3 universal remote.


CL4 GE Remote codes for Sony TV

If you are searching for CL4 GE universal remote codes for Sony TV, refer to the list of codes given below. These are tested codes that will help you connect SonyTV with CL4 GE universal remote control.


CL5 GE Remote codes for Sony TV

Check the following list of Sony TV remote codes, which are three, four and five-digit remote codes.

You have to pick one code from the list of CL5 GE remote codes for Sony TV to program Sony TV with a universal remote using one of the given methods.


Sony Bravia TV Codes for Xfinity Remote

Here is the list of Sony Bravia TV codes for the Xfinity remote that you will need to program the Sony TV. Go through the list and choose the required Sony Bravia remote code as per your requirement.


Program Directv Remote to Sony Bravia TV

Step-1 Turn on the sony Bravia tv and Direct tv box

Step -2 Press the menu button on your remote and select “system setup ” from Parental, Favs and setup and select the program option

Step -3 Select the tv mode on your remote, press and hold the mute button. Press and hold the select button until your remote’s light blinks.

Step-4 On your remote’s number pad, press the number 9911. On your remote, the light should flash.

Step-5 While pointing the remote at your Bravia television, press the button to change the channel. When you’ve found the proper code, the set will turn off.

What is the best way to find my TV’s code?

Press the [TV] button on the remote control one time, and the button will blink once. Next, hold and press the [SETUP] button for a few seconds until the selected mode button flashes two times. 3. Find the brand name of the television by using the code below, and then input the first four-digit number for your TV.

How to Program Sony Bravia TV with Universal Remote using Codes?

In the automatic search method, all standard Sony Bravia remote codes are scanned during the scanning process.

One code is scanned at a time to find the correct Sony Bravia remote code to program with universal remote control.

1. Switch On your Sony Bravia TV to connect with the Magnavox universal remote control.

2. Now, turn on the universal remote control and press the device button for three seconds.

The LED light tells that the device is ready to be programmed with the Sony Bravia universal remote.

3. Next, on the Sony Bravia universal remote control, click the “CH +” and “CH-” switches, and the remote signal will display on/off.

4. Press the “OFF” or “DOWN” key continuously on the universal remote until the Sony Bravia TV is turned off.

5. Verify the Sony Bravia universal remote code by clicking the “Power” button. The Sony Bravia TV turns on, and try to change the channel to verify that the universal remote control has been programmed correctly.

6. Now, click on the “Device” button to save the chosen Sony Bravia TV universal remote code. The LED light will flash twice to confirm the stored Sony Bravia remote code.

The Final

The complete list of Sony Bravia remote codes is found in the first section. This section will review details about the Sony Bravia TV codes for the universal remote. If you’re one of those searching for the same thing, This article should help you.

If you require any further information or have questions, Do not be afraid to reach us at any time. We are always available at all times to serve you.

Sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read the information.

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