Jumbo universal remote is outstanding and has stood on user trust for years. This guide is worth reading if you also want to know about the Jumbo universal remote codes Hisense list.

We will provide a complete list of Jumbo universal remote codes for Hisense in this blog. In addition to the list, we will guide you about setting up Jumbo remote codes for your Hisense devices.

You must select the correct code from the list given to set up the Hisense device with the Jumbo universal remote. Before we discuss how to program the Jumbo remote with your Hisense device, let’s look at the Jumbo universal remote codes list for Hisense.

Jumbo Universal Remote Codes Hisense – Complete List

Here are the Jumbo universal remote codes for Hisense devices. These are tested codes to connect the Jumbo universal remote with different devices. The universal remote codes for Hisense are three, four, or five-digit codes.

You have to select one required Jumbo universal remote code Hisense from the given list and follow the programming steps given in other sections.

Following is the Jumbo universal remote code list you need to connect the Jumbo universal remote with the Hisense devices.

3 digit TV remote codes


4 digit TV remote codes


5 digit TV remote codes


How to Connect Jumbo Universal Remote with Hisense TV?

Step-1 . Firstly, turn on the Hisense TV and enter the chosen Jumbo universal remote code for Hisense. On the Jumbo universal remote, press the mode button “TV.”

Step- 2. Now, on the Jumbo remote, press and hold the “Select” and “Mute” keys simultaneously. Wait for a few seconds to check if the LED flashes twice on the Jumbo universal remote.

Step- 3. If the LED does not flash, the Jumbo universal remote code The Hisense code you have chosen does not work. So, choose another one from the list of Jumbo remote codes for Hisense. 

Step- 4. When the light flashes on the Jumbo universal remote, release the “Mute” and “Select” buttons.

Step- 5. Once you have put the correct code, the Jumbo universal remote must work with the Hisense device. 

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