With the Dish Network remote control, you can control the receiver box of the Dish network service. This remote has many functions that allow you to control other devices such as TV. You need to reprogram dish network remote accordingly. If there are any issues in programming, the remote will not work. For this, you need to reprogram the Dish network remote. Here you will find the method dish troubleshooting remote that begins from resetting Dish remote .

Steps to Troubleshoot Dish Network Remote :

If your Dish remote is not working, you need to reset it to make it properly work again. Follow these steps and find out how to troubleshoot Dish network remote.

Step 1. Firstly, remove the batteries of the Dish remote and replace them with new ones. It is essential to change the batteries as it can impair the functioning of the remote.

Step 2. Now, verify the code of the TV or device that you want to connect with the Dish Network remote. Press and hold the mode button on the dish remote. Keep holding it unless the LED flashes.

Step 3. Enter the three-digit code for your device and press the # button. The light will flash three times. When it flashes, check if your TV is working with the Dish remote.

Step 4. Allow the Dish Network remote to scan your TV or the device that you want to program. If you allow the Dish remote to scan automatically, this might find your devices without having to program manually.

Step 5. Now, turn on the device that you want to operate with the Dish network remote. Choose the mode on the remote according to your device. Also, press the “Address” button of the Dish remote and check if the light on the remote is flashing slowly.

Step 6. Finally, press the “Power” button and with the arrow keys, scan through the codes. The TV or the device you are programming will turn off as soon as the correct code is scanned. To save the found code, press the “Address” button on the Dish network remote.

Dish Network Remote Errors

Are you using a Dish Network receiver? After long usage, it may come across various errors. You will get the error codes in the form of three, four and more numerical digits. These codes will help you to know the exact issue with your Dish receiver. The error codes will appear on the Dish receiver’s display or on your TV. Other than error codes, your Dish network can also meet up with other problems. In this post, you will learn how to troubleshoot these Dish receiver problems.

Why is my Dish Remote Control not working?

Your Dish receiver may not be working due to dead batteries or an error with either the remote or the receiver. If the problem is with the battery, you need to replace the batteries with fresh ones. For remote or receiver errors, you need to troubleshoot the problem.

Are Universal Remotes available for Dish Network?

If you want to replace the original Dish remote, a traditional universal remote control can work well. Dish Network receivers make use of an infrared (IR) frequency of about 57 kHz. This frequency is on the higher limit of power output for infrared remote controls.

How to resolve the Error Code 002 on your Dish Receiver?

In this error, the Satellite signal has been lost completely and the Signal acquisition is in progress. You have to wait and then, press the Up or Down arrow keys to change the channels.

How to overcome the Dish Receiver Error code 003?

This problem arises with your Multi-Dish switch. It is caused by cable lengths more than 100 feet or usage of the wrong cable. One should use the RG6 type model.

What is the meaning of Dish Receiver Error Code 010?

This problem arises when you can’t purchase the Dish-On-Demand program anymore. You have to check for availability next time.

What is the 018 Error Code in Dish Receiver?

This error occurs when the credit limit on your smart card exceeds. You will require authorization from the customer service provider. Your Dish receiver should be linked to a phone line. It will take some minutes for the call and authorization.

How to Fix Dish Network Error 048?

In this case, the VCR test is finished. You have been observed your VCR start recording, stop and then rewind. If your VCR doesn’t show these features, try some other 3-digit code from the user guide.

What do you mean by Dish Receiver Error Code 060?

This Dish problem arises when you didn’t get the signal from the satellite that you have selected. You have to adjust the position of the Dish and then check for the Dish connection. If this does not happen, choose the right satellite.

What is Error Code 102 on your Dish Receiver?

This error means being unable to stow the dish.  You have to switch off the power and then get back to the Datron Controller. Keep the controller in the stow mode.

How to reset my Dish Network Receiver?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the Dish Network receiver. This will restore the default settings:

  • Select the menu button and press it twice or the HOME button thrice depending on your remote control.
  • The next step is to choose the receiver. Then, select the Tools option.
  • Select the Reset to Factory Defaults option.
  • After that, choose Reset Receiver to Factory Defaults.
  • Now, you have to choose ‘Yes’ on the Reset Receiver to Defaults Pop-Up.
  • The Dish Receiver will restart.

How can you fix the Dish Code 11 11 11?

Find the troubleshooting steps below for this problem:

  • First, you need to switch off your Dish Network receiver.
  • Then, press and hold down the Power button of the receiver for 15 seconds.
  • Finally, switch on the receiver by plugging it into the electrical socket. Wait for about 10 seconds till it gets the power.

What is Dish Receiver Error Code 1288?

This error code comes when a serious issue happens with your hard disk drive – error code: XXX. Here, you have to make a call on the number 1-800-333-DISH (3474). This error is also displayed in the form of 04EE.

How to solve the Error EA14 on your Dish Receiver?

Click the Menu switch to display the main menu. Select (#5) the Locks option to show the Parental and System Lock menu. Note: If your Dish receiver shows a message reminding you to enter a password, this means your receiver has already been locked.

Choose the Lock System (3#) menu to lock your Dish receiver. The receiver will show a message for entering a password. Note: If this option displays as Unlock System Instead, your Dish receiver is already locked.

What all channels does your Dish Network Lose?

 Dish has been proved the king of the fee fight. Besides the eight ongoing battles, this year Dish lose the NFL Network, the Red Zone Channel and Scripps’ local channels prior to final settling.

How to fast forward on a Dish Remote Control?

You have to skip Back Jump back for 10 seconds at one time or press and hold to rewind. Then press the option Pause/Play Pause or restart live or On Demand content. Then skip Forward Jump forward for 30 seconds at one time or click and hold to fast-forward. Recall quickly returning to the previous channel.

When does your Dish Network Receiver show the ‘Warning’ Error?

This problem is recovering program information from the satellite. You have to wait or cancel.

What is Error EA69 on a Dish Receiver?

This problem arises due to failure in applying a credit card to your account as submitted. You have to update the credit card information or use another card to solve this error code.

Why does the Dish Remote stop working on TV2?

On your TV2 remote control, press the ‘Sat’ button and then hit ‘Record’. If you do not get any response, hold down the power key on the front side of the receiver for about 10 seconds. If still does not work after resetting, connect with the Dish for replacing the remote control.

How to reset your DSTV HD Decoder?

Get back to factory defaults: Follow the below steps for resetting:

  • Tap on the DSTV button on your remote control.
  • After that, scroll to settings.
  • Then, you have to reach System Settings.
  • Choose Reset Decoder Setting option.
  • Finally, choose Reset to Factory Default.

What is Dish Receiver Error Code E328?

You need to choose ‘Yes’ to leave this service and get back to normal remote control functionality. Choose the option ‘No’ to continue the interactive functions. Afterwards, click the option ‘Select’ in the full-screen video to get back to the Dish Coverage main menu.

How can you reset the Error 346 on your Dish Receiver?

This problem is due to low operating temperature. The satellite receiver remains too cold. Therefore it cannot begin the operation without causing future damage to the internal hard disk drive. The satellite receiver should heat up to 40 F before it is ready to use. Your Dish receiver will reset automatically once it reaches the minimum operating temperature.

How to program Dish 20.1 Remote Control?

The programming user manuals of 20.1 remote to your TV or other appliance are as follows:

  • You need to press the HOME switch two times or the MENU button for one time as per the type of your remote.
  • Then, choose the Settings option.
  • Select Remote Control.
  • Move the arrow to the device code that you wish to learn.
  • Select the correct Pairing Wizard for the gadget.
  • Then, go behind the on-screen prompts.

What could be the reason for my Dish Joey Remote not working properly?

Check the antenna of the remote on the back of the Dish Network Receiver. If this remote control is for a Joey, there will be no antenna, so skip this step. Ensure that the remote antenna stands upright and is linked hand-tight to the Dish receiver. The other electronic devices or cables should not touch the antenna.

How can you solve the Dish Receiver Error 613?

Here, the switch Matrices are not equal. You have to make sure that every tuner contains the same switch setup and the satellite inputs.

How to fix the Dish Error Code 653?

In this case, the timer that you are trying to edit has already begun the recording process. It is essential to stop the recording and get back to delete or modify it.

What do you mean by Error Code 666 on a Dish Receiver?

This problem is known as Information Dial-out failure. Your Dish receiver cannot dial out. Select the ‘Yes’ option to try again.

What are the steps to reprogram a Remote?

You have to switch on your TV or some other device that you want to control. Then, simultaneously press and hold down the corresponding appliance and power buttons on your remote control. You have to wait for the power button to get on and then release both the buttons. Place the remote facing the TV or other gadget and then, press the power key of the remote and wait for two seconds.

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