Are you searching for a GPX Tv remote control? A universal remote is the most popular remote to control any device. It can also operate multiple devices at a time.

The GPX brand is famous in the market. If you want to use a universal remote for GPX here, you can find GPX remote control codes in the below list. We have listed multiple codes of each brand.

You have to select one code of your brand to program and we have discussed the instructions to program so, read out the instructions and select one of your device model’s names from the code list. 

GPX Remote Code List

The GPX remote control codes are listed here. you need to search for your code. From the remote code list, check for your device brand’s name, where you can find multiple codes. select one code and enter it following the procedure. When the selected code is not working on your device then select another code until you get the right code.

One For All Universal Remote Codes For GPX TV


GPX TV codes for Comcast remotes


GPX TV codes for DirecTV remotes


GPX TV codes for Dish Network remotes


GPX TV codes for GE universal remote controls:


GPX TV codes for Philips remotes


GPX TV codes for RCA remotes


GPX TV codes for Spectrum remotes


GPX TV codes for U-verse remotes


5 Digits GPX Remote Control Codes


4 Digits GPX Universal Remote Control Codes


3 Digits GPX Remote Control Codes


Programming Universal Remote to GPX

To program universal remote GPX you have a few steps to be followed. Understand the steps and follow them carefully

STEP:1 SWITCH ON your device and if the DTA is installed correctly.

STEP:2 Hold the universal remote facing your device to program correctly.

STEP:3 With the universal remote click on the PROG and INFO button simultaneously and hold it until a light blink on the device button. When the light blink that means till now you have done the process correctly now follow the next step

STEP:4 Now, enter the keycode that you have selected from the above code list.

STEP:5 When you enter the right code the device will show success word and if the code is incorrect the device will show sorry and you need to enter another code following the same steps.

STEP:6 Press any key on the universal remote to confirm that your remote is working properly. If it is not working, you need to select another code and repeat the steps. 

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