Do you own a Sylvania TV or are fed up with separate remote controls for controlling the Dish network receiver and Sylvania TV, get the perfect solution here.

You can switch to a Dish network universal remote for operating many devices in your home entertainment area. Besides programming different remotes for your electronic appliances, program the Dish network universal remote with your TV and enjoy different programs over there.

Here, you will learn about Sylvania TV codes for Dish Remote programming along with the programming method.

Hence, with the help of a Dish universal remote, you can control both the Sylvania TV and the Dish network receiver with only a single remote control. The only thing is you have to enter the compatible code that will connect the Dish network remote with your brand Sylvania TV.

Sylvania TV Codes for Dish Remote

If you own a Sylvania TV and wanted to operate it with the Dish network universal remote, get the programming Sylvania TV codes below. Try one code and follow the programming steps and if the TV fails to operate, use another code from the list of Sylvania TV codes for programming the Dish remote.


How to program the Dish Universal Remote with the Sylvania TV?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions correctly and program your brand Sylvania TV with the Dish universal remote control:

  • The very first step is to turn on the Sylvania Television that you will be programming with the Dish network remote.
  • Then, locate the switch with the antenna symbol of your universal remote. Press and hold it down till the SAT and TV buttons light up.
  • You can see the TV button flashing once when you leave the antenna button.
  • After that, you need to click on the TV button and add the code with the help of the remote’s keypad.
  • You have to press the MUTE button for saving the used code.
  • For checking the remote code, hit on the TV button. If the entered code is correct, the Sylvania TV will turn off. If it does not happen, you have to perform the above steps again with another remote code.
  • Next, you have to pick the codes one by one till you succeed in finding the right code matching the Sylvania TV model.
  • When you get the correct code, your TV is ready to work with the dish network universal remote.
  • Now, you have to check the programming of the dish remote. For that, use other functions of the remote like adjusting the volume by using the volume up and down switches and trying to change the channels.
  • If none of the remote functions is working, you need to re-program the remote with the help of the above-mentioned steps. You have to use different codes till you get around the right code that will let you operate all the remote functions.
  • Once you enter the right code, you can use your dish network universal remote for controlling the Sylvania television set.

The Final Words

Here, you came to know about programming your brand Sylvania TV with the Dish remote. The step-by-step instructions are mentioned correctly wherein you have to use the proper code for dish remote programming. Moreover, you will also get the best Sylvania TV codes above to program the dish network remote. Enter the correct code and program your favorite Sylvania TV for having unlimited fun on your device.

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