What Are GE Remote Codes for Samsung Blu Ray & Program Guide

You can operate your television with a blue-ray player remote, regardless of the brand you are using; in this case, we are using a Samsung device. As a result, you have arrived at the most appropriate platform and have completed your search for Samsung Blu-Ray universal remote codes. We’ve included all of the codes below; simply enter them one at a time until your gadget is properly programmed with the remote.

If the codes listed below do not function properly, try manually obtaining the codes by following the steps outlined below. For more information on obtaining Samsung television remote codes, see this page. You are welcome to ask us any questions as long as your device is not able to connect through the comment box below. We will respond to your message as soon as we are able.

Codes for the Samsung Blu-ray Player’s GE Universal Remote Control

Check out the complete list of codes mentioned below:


Controlling your Samsung Blu-Ray player is as simple as using the blu-ray player remote that came with it

It’s time to “Put the TV on”

In order to use the “blu-ray remote control,” you must face the “television” with the remote.

Now, “hold down” the “tv power button” for a few seconds.

You must “input the number code” while holding down the blu-ray remote’s number buttons while using the tv’s power button (Change the codes as many as you can till it’s programmed.)

“The TV will turn off” if and only if you’ve entered the right code.

In other words, your TV’s remote control has been “paired” with it.

Now that you have this universal remote, you can control your television with ease.

How to Program the Samsung Blu-Ray Universal Remote Control Without the Use of Codes?

In the auto search approach, all of the universal remote codes are scanned in the remote by the remote’s scanning mechanism. It scans each code one at a time to determine the right remote code that is compatible with your remote control in order to programme the control. Follow the steps outlined in the next section:

To use the universal remote to control a smart device such as a “TV,” simply press the “On” button on the device.

To begin using the remote control, press and hold the device button for three seconds (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL). As soon as you see the LED glow, you know the gadget is ready for programming.

The “CH+” and “CH-” buttons on the remote can be used to control the volume on the device. An on/off signal will be shown by using a remote. Continue pressing the “up” or “down” key until the gadget shuts off.

By pressing the “power” key, you may verify the code. The device should now be ready to use. To make sure the remote is set up correctly, try changing the channel while it’s running.

To store the code, press the “device” button. Device’s LED will flash twice to verify the code.

How to Manually Program the Samsung Blu-ray Disc Remote Control?

A universal remote may be programmed with ease using a keycode, which also serves to identify the brand and model of your equipment.

In order to proceed, you must first “Put The Device Into Use.”

On your “Samsung Blu-ray universal remote,” choose “TV.”

When the “light flash” appears, you should be in “learning mode,” so keep pressing and holding the “Setup button” on the universal remote control.

Put in the “Keycode” from the programing guide, and you’re done! (Instructions Booklet)

You may now just “aim your remote towards the TV” and “pressing and holding the power” button once you’ve completed this step.

“Power Button” can be used to restart your phone if the screen shuts down.

Your TV should now operate flawlessly with the universal remote control; if it doesn’t, try the same technique with a new code from the same section of the reference table and see if it fixes things.

How do I reprogram my universal remote control?

While holding down button 1, operate the remote control for the whole minute. After releasing the button, wait for approximately ten seconds. To wipe the remote’s memory, you will need to perform this step a total of two to four times. After the batteries have been inserted, make sure the battery cover is secure before using the remote control. Instructions to programme the remote control are provided in the package.

What are the steps I need to take to link my universal remote to my television?

Simply telling the remote that it is synchronising with the TV by pressing the button labelled “TV” on the remote will do the trick. There are a number of device buttons on universal remotes, which allow you to connect additional devices to the remote. These additional devices include DVD players and VCRs.

Instructions for Programming a General Electric Universal Remote Control

1. Enter Setup Mode. While holding down the SETUP button on the remote, you should see a red light begin to illuminate on the remote.

2. Activate the device type by pressing the button.

3. Type in the device’s unique code.

4. Puts the results to the test.

5. Carry out the same steps for each of your additional devices.

Closing Remarks

Now that you have this new knowledge, you should realise that everything is feasible. It makes no difference whether you have the list of the codes that are working or not. You no longer need the codes in order to programme the GE Universal remote, which you can do now. Please let us know if any of the aforementioned ways cause you any difficulties if they do. You can undoubtedly count on us to offer you the optimal answer.

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