Do you have a GPX TV in your home? If you misplaced the GPX Tv remote or the remote is not working, you can select a GE universal remote as it can handle your GPX TV.

This GE universal remote works as a replacement remote for your device and can control up to 3 electronic devices. The devices like TV, DVD, Audio player, Video player, etc. GE universal remote codes for GPX TV are essential for programming with the device.

This post will help you to find your remote code with program instructions. To set up the remote you have to follow instructions. 

GE Universal Remote Code List for GPX TV

The remote codes to operate your Tv or other device are listed below. You may have multiple codes of each brand on our page, you need to select one code from the code list that matches with your brand’s model to program the control. All the below-listed program codes are valid. 


How You Can Program GE Universal Remote for Your GPX TV?

This programming method uses a keycode to set up your universal remote with GPX Television. In the below section, you can find steps to program which are easy to understand and you need to follow them properly.

If one of your model’s codes is not responding then, you have to select another code and apply the same process.

STEP:1 The first step is turning on your GPX Television.

STEP:2 Click on the TV button using GE universal remote codes

STEP:3 Press the setup button and hold it till a light blinks twice on the device button.

STEP:4 Now, enter the program codes from the code list.

STEP:5 Press the power button and hold it until the device turns off.

That’s it. Programming ge universal remote with the device is completed. Now, you can control your GPX Tv with a GE universal remote. 

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