In your household, you can program Philips UM4 Magnavox Universal Remote to operate multiple devices. For example, this remote can program the remote to control your DVD player, TV, and CD player. It is beneficial to you since you can conveniently control any device with this remote without looking for a different remote for each device.

Step 1: Discover the device code for the device you wish to operate with Philips remote. To find the codes, look in the user manual or click in the “Resources” section.

Step 2: Switch on the device (VCR, TV, DVD player, etc.) that you wish to program.

Step 3: Now press and hold down the “Code Search” button. This button is present in the upper left corner of the Philips remote. Now let go of the “Code Search” button once the red indicator light stays lit.

Step 4: Push and then let go of the device you wish to program. Keys of the device are present on the top of the Philips remote control.

Step 5: Now enter a three-digit code. The red indicator light shuts off when you enter the correct code.

Step 6: Push the “Power” button on the Philips remote control, and the device you were programming should turn off.

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Philips UM4 Magnavox Universal Remote Codes List

Sanyo002 412 506 619 902
Toshiba112 313 413 506 510 512 613 902
Technics007 107
Sansui115 215
Yamaha002 102 502 914
Zenith002 008 115 215 405 407 601 701 713 903 916
Universal310 806
Sylvania002 009 109 209 309 402 408 502 508 717 807 914 917
Soundesign002 206 402 502 805 906
Radio Shack/Realistic002 111 117 406 502 506 601 618 704 705 805 818 906 914
Philips002 009 109 202 209 210 310 402 408 508 510 807 901 914 917
Sony202 708 801
Panasonic007 107 516 608 618 718 807 901
Optonica111 918
Philco002 009 102 109 309 402 408 502 508 807 901 914
Proton002 119 220 502 910
Quasar007 107 516 608 618 718 807 901
Rca002 011 102 211 302 312 318 320 406 409 411
420 502 511 514 519 601 702 711 719 809 811 901 909 911 912 914
Samsung002 012 102 103 112 212 502 512 818 914
Sharp002 013 014 111 502 712 812 813 913 918
Signature601 701 903
Techwood002 007 107 502
Vidtech002 102 502
Teknika002 019 102 112 206 209 402 407 502 512 601 618 701 805 902 906
Wards002 004 009 102 109 111 206 209 310
408 502 508 513 601 701 704 806 807 914
Sampo002 119 502 818
Orion105 115 713
Nad002 120 502 512
Proscan312 601 704 719
Sss002 805 906
Tmk002 502
Tera002 220
Nec002 102 110 111 502 510 602 901
Nikko002 407 502
Pioneer002 120 502 519 610
Sears002 112 206 312 502 506 512 520 601 612 619 704 719 902 914
Telerent601 701
Scott002 004 105 206 502 805 906
Portland002 102 407 502
Symphonic520 904 906
Onwa805 906
Optimus120 618
Price Club112
Scotch002 502

List of 4-Digit Philips Universal Remote Codes

For programming a device with a Philips universal remote, you can use 4-digit codes. Only one thing is essential that you should enter the correct code that matches the brand of your device. You will get the best 4-digit codes for programming your Philips universal remote down in the list.


RCA Universal Remote Codes List for Philips Brand

If you want to program your Philips device with an RCA universal remote, check for the pairing codes below. Pick one code from the list and try to program your RCA remote with the Philips device. If you fail in remote programming, try with some other code from the list.


GE Universal Remote Codes for programming Philips Device

If you want GE remote codes or codes for a One-For-All universal remote for controlling your Philips TV, then you have reached the right place. Here, in the below-listed table, you will get all the GE and One-For-All remote codes that will pair with your Philips TV or any other device. Follow the programming user guide with the right key code for your GE and One-For-All universal remote for Philips.


Magnavox Universal Remote Codes List for Philips

A Magnavox universal remote easily supports all Philips devices if paired with the correct key code. This remote helps you to avoid the confusion of operating the devices with different remotes. With one Magnavox remote, you can control all your devices. The only thing is to enter the correct code matching the type and model of your device. The below table provides you with the Magnavox universal remote codes for your Philips gadgets.


User Manual for Philips Universal Remote Control Codes

A universal remote control can handle all the features of your programming device. It can program all your electronic devices at your home with one remote. Here, you will learn about Philips universal remote which is a great choice and you will get the programming codes for this remote on this page.

You can program any brand device with the help of a Philips universal remote. You need to apply the correct code that will pair with your device brand. The programming steps are also explained below so that you can easily control your favorite gadgets once you find the right code.

How do you program a Philips Universal Remote without using Codes?

Whenever you buy a new Philips TV, you need to program it. For programming, you will require codes and losing the codes may be frustrating. Each remote comes with its code user manual. But you can program your Philips remote control even if you lose the codes. Find the steps of programming the device without any codes:

Step 1 : Turn on your Philips Smart TV or any other device that you want to program. You need to do this manually till your Philips universal remote is programmed.

Step 2 : Find the ‘Setup’ or ‘Code Search’ button on your Philips remote control. The button carried by your remote will rely on the original Philips remote control that you are using. This button will be of different color or can be labeled.

Step 3 : You have to hold down either the ‘Setup’ or ‘Code Search’ key for 10 seconds. If there is any light in your remote, it will start flashing. If your remote has no light, you have to count to 10 and release the button.

Step 4 : Find the ‘TV’ button on your remote and click on it. This will program the Philips universal remote to your TV set.

Step 5 : You have to press any of the ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ channel keys on the remote control. Press either key continuously till the TV channel changes. It will take some time to complete. Once you switch the channels, tap on the ‘Power’ button on the remote to shut off the TV set. Your Philips universal remote is now programmed successfully for your TV.

Where should you search the code for your Philips Television?

Check the menu screen of the TV to find the Media-connect code for your device. Press the Menu button on the remote control. After that, choose the ‘Setup’ option and then the ‘Software’ option. Then, you will reach the Media-Connect code option. After selecting this option, the code gets displayed on the right side of the screen.

How will you program a One-For-All Universal Remote to a Philips Television?

The manual setups are as follows:

You have to hit and hold the universal mode button (STB, DVD or HTS) that you will be programming and the OK button simultaneously for 5 seconds. The 3 universal modes and the TV mode buttons will illuminate for 1-second and the selected mode will remain lit. Now, you have to type in the 4-digit RC code of the programming gadget.

Why is my Philips Universal Remote not responding?

If your TV does not respond, the battery power of the remote may be low and you have to replace the battery. Be sure that the remote’s battery is inserted properly inside the battery compartment. After inserting the battery, randomly check some of the functions of the Philips remote.

How should you program a Philips Universal Remote to an Insignia TV?

Switch on the appliance (Insignia TV) that you are programming with the Philips universal remote. You have to click the ‘Function Key’ (VCR, CABLE, TV or AUX) and release it. Then, you need to press the Setup key and hold it till you find the function button blinking twice. Now, enter the four-digit remote key code for your desired appliance.


What are the steps to program Remote Controls?

Universal remote controls require programming so that they can control various entertainment devices. These universal remotes are compatible with DVD players, cable boxes, TVs, VCRs, and stereos thereby avoiding the need for separate remote controls.

  • Check your remote has fresh batteries or not. Switch on the appliance that you will be programming with the universal remote.
  • Find the programming key on your remote control. This key will often be named ‘Setup’ or ‘Code Search’. Hold down this button till your remote’s red light gets off and then on.
  • Press the button of your remote that corresponds with the programming device. The name of the buttons will be ‘TV’, ‘VCR’ or something similar.
  • Get the device codes in the above table or the instructions booklet. You can use the keyboard of the remote for entering the code for your device.
  • Tap on the ‘Power’ key of your remote to make your appliance on or off. Press continuously until the appliance responds and the universal remote will be programmed.
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