How to Program Samsung Universal Remote Using Pairing Code

How you can Program the Samsung TV Remote?

It is one of the most convenient gadgets in the house to have a remote control. Unintentionally pressing the wrong buttons might cause Samsung TV’s remotes to be deactivated, resulting in the remote being disconnected from the set. It is not possible to operate the television using the remote control if the remote is out of sync with it. To get your Samsung Television remote control back in sync with the television, you may have to re-program it.

Step 1: Turn off the television for which you are programming the remote control. It is necessary to switch off the television in order for the synchronising procedure to be finished. Despite the fact that it is switched off, the TV continues to receive the signal from the remote control.

Step 2: Press the “TV” tv remote control all the way down. In order for the remote to recognise that it is pairing with a television, it must be told that it is pairing with a television before it can send out the proper signal during the synchronising process.

Step 3: To set the remote control, push down on the tiny indentation “Set” link at the bottom of the remote control with a paper clip, tooth pick, or any other thing with a thin point.

Step 4: To locate the code for your television, go to the resource area and click on the link. On the remote’s number pad, enter the three-digit code that was provided. If the first code does not work, try the next one in the list until you find one that does work.

Step 5: To turn on the computer, click the “Power” button on the phone. This indicates that the code was successful; otherwise, repeat steps 2 through 5 until the TV is turned on by the remote control, whichever comes first

Program Samsung Universal Remote-Control With Manual Method?

We can quickly programme a universal remote using the keycode, and the keycode identifies your equipment’s make and model.

First and foremost, you must “Turn The Device On.”

On your “Samsung universal remote,” select “TV” from the drop-down menu.

Now, click and hold the “Setup button” on the Universal Remote until the “Light Flash” appears (this indicates that the remote is in “Learning mode”) on the screen.

Finally, input the “Keycode” that you discovered while reading the programming tutorial (Instructions Booklet)

Simply “aim your remote at the television” and then “press and hold the power” button once you’ve completed the above step.

When the screen turns off, you can press and hold the “Power Button” for a few seconds.

That’s all there is to it; your television should now function flawlessly with the universal remote control; if it doesn’t, try repeating the operation with a new code from the same section of the reference table.

What are the universal remote code for Samsung tv?

Here is the complete list of Samsung TV universal remote control code:

4 Digit Code for Samsung TV


5 Digit Code for Samsung TV

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What are the remote codes for Samsung tv?

The following is a comprehensive list of all Samsung TV remote codes that may be used with any of the company’s television models. When a universal remote requires a 3, 4, or 5 digit code, these codes may be used with any universal remote, and it is a very simple procedure to programme these codes into your Samsung television. You just need to test the global Samsung television remote codes once to see whether they work.

What are the LG universal remote codes for Samsung tv?

Here is the complete list of codes:

Samsung TV 4 Digit Remote Codes


3 Digit Code for Samsung TV


What are the directv remote codes for Samsung tv?

Check out the list of the directv remote codes for Samsung tv:



GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV


Rca Universal Remote Control Codes for Samsung TV


How to find Samsung tv IR code?

Go over to Settings>Equipment Control>Manage Equipment>TV>Infrared Options>Change IR Profile, and then click on “Find IR Profile” to locate the IR profile you want.

214125513601 23911181
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One for All Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV


What is the best way to set my Philips universal remote to work with my Samsung television?

To begin programming the control, turn on the device for which you want to configure the remote (TV, VCR, etc).

Press and hold the ‘Function Key’ for a few seconds (TV, CABLE, VCR or AUX).

Press and hold the ‘Setup’ key until the function key blinks twice, and then release the key. Enter the 4-digit code for the device that you want to use

Samsung Universal Remote Control Programming Without Codes

All universal remote codes are scanned by the remote in the auto search mode. In order to programme the control, it analyses each remote code one at a time, finding the one that is compatible with your remote. Here are the steps you need to take:

In order to use a universal remote, you first need to turn on the smart device, such as “TV.”

In order to activate the remote, press the “turn on” or “turn on” button on the remote three times. When the LED light turns on, the gadget is ready to be programmed.

The “CH+” and “CH-” buttons on the remote can be used to control the volume on the device. Will show on/off indications with the remote. Repeatedly press the up or down arrow keys on the device until it is completely turned off.

By pressing the “power” key, you may verify the code. Devices are supposed to start up. If the problem persists, try adjusting the channel to ensure that the remote is programmed properly.

To store the code, simply press the “device” button again. Device’s LED will flash twice to verify the code.

How one can reset the Samsung Smart Television remote-control?

If your Samsung Smart tv set is not functioning properly and is not responding when you press the power button, you can try the methods listed below to fix Samsung smart tv remote and get it back up and running. You may also need to reset your Samsung Smart tv remote if it is not responding when you press the power button. Let’s have a look at this in more depth.

Steps to Reset Samsung Smart TV

Step 1: The Samsung smart television remote control should be within reach.

Step 2: Remove the batteries from the remote control for the Samsung smart television.

Step 3: To finish the procedure, click and hold the power button for a total of ten seconds.

Step 4: Once you have pressed and held the power button for 10 seconds, unplug the batteries from your Samsung smart tv remote and replace them with new ones.

Step 5. Samsung smart televisions have a remote button that may be used to control your television.

All right, that’s how you reset a Samsung smart television. This method of doing a power reset on a Samsung smart tv is effective for all models.

The Samsung smart tv remote may be reset for what?

You should reset Samsung Smart tv remote working if your remote stops responding all of a sudden, or if only the power button or the source button is not responding when you press them. You should also check out the other Samsung remote troubleshooting options after resetting Samsung tv remote working

How to sync Samsung remote to tv?

As your older Samsung remotes fail (for example, if the button icons are worn away or the buttons are too difficult to press), you’ll need to replace them. The Smart Remote is equipped with Bluetooth technology (which eliminates the need to point the remote at the TV’s receiver in order to operate it) and is meant to be comfortable in the hand, something that earlier remotes lacked. This post will show you how to manually connect a Samsung Smart Remote to a Samsung TV using the instructions provided. If your TV is compatible with the new Smart Remote, it will attempt to complete this procedure automatically when the new Smart Remote’s batteries are fully charged; however, you can complete this process manually if necessary. The Samsung OneRemote operates in a similar manner.

Manually pairing a Smart Remote with a OneRemote is possible

Start by turning on your Samsung television. If the batteries in your Smart Remote or OneRemote are not fully charged, this will not function. They require two AA batteries, which you must put according to the instructions on the package. [1]

Make a beeline for your television with the remote. Typically, the remote control sensor is situated on the lower right-hand side of the screen or centred at the bottom of the screen on Samsung televisions.

Press and hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons at the same time. It is distinguished by a hairpin-curved arrow, and the “Play/Pause” button is distinguished by the play and pause icons that are shown on it. When you see a message on the TV indicating that your remote is linked, press the buttons to release them. The Samsung Smart Remote and the OneRemote may not work properly if you see an error message that reads “Not Available.” This means that your TV does not allow the usage of the Samsung Smart Remote or the OneRemote and can only be managed by the original remote

Is it possible to use a universal remote on a Samsung television?

The vast majority of universal remotes will function with your Samsung television.

How to Find TV Remote Code Samsung?

For a few seconds, press and hold the “PROG” button. You will notice a solid red light at the bottom of the screen. Release the “PROG” button and then hit the “TV” key only once, without holding it down. Enter the Samsung TV code: 0101, and then try the Samsung 4 digit and 5 digit remote code list below to see if you can get it to work.

How One Can Program a Universal Remote to Samsung TV?

1 To reach the Home Screen, press the Power button on your television remote control.

2 On the Source screen, select Universal Remote from the drop-down menu.

3 In order to make controlling things even easier, your TV and remote will memorise the external device and its connecting port (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.).

To use your Samsung Smart TV remote, just connect it to your Smart Remote

In order to make the setup process as simple as possible, the Samsung Smart Remote is programmed to automatically connect to your Samsung Smart TV. Any Samsung Smart TV that you own may be synced with the remote at any moment if you want to switch between them, but the remote will only operate with one TV at a time. If you plan to use it with many TVs, you will have to manually link it with each Smart TV that you want to use it with each time.

Steps to Pair Smart Remote to Your Smart TV

The Smart Remote should be pointed at the remote control sensor on the Smart Television. Generally speaking, the remote control sensor is positioned on the bottom right-hand side of most Samsung televisions. If not, it is directly in the centre of the bottom row.

Pressing and holding the Return button and the Play/Pause button together for at least 3 seconds to complete the process. The Smart Remote and your Smart TV will begin to sync once the Smart Remote is connected. After that, a message will show on the screen confirming that the remote has been successfully connected to your Smart TV.

If you have misplaced your Smart Remote, you can get a replacement. If your remote does not contain the same buttons, you can refer to your model’s user manual for instructions on how to do the same actions. If you are still having trouble connecting your Smart Remote, or if your TV remote is not functioning properly, we can assist you with that as well.

The old Samsung Smart tv remote should be reprogrammed before you buy the new one

A large number of individuals, including the majority of Samsung smart tv customers, will be under the notion that if the remote buttons do not function, you will need to get a new remote control device for your Samsung smart tv. Purchasing a new Samsung smart television remote control device is the next step if the power reset option fails.    Most of the time, the power reset Samsung smart tv remote option will work, and there are many other ways to fix Samsung remote before resetting Samsung Smart tv remote, such as cleaning your remote properly and changing batteries, among other things, to resolve the problem.

Is your Samsung smart tv remote not operating properly because the red light is blinking?

Samsung smart tv remote not working red light blinking: A red blinking light indicates that there is a problem with pairing the remote with the Samsung smart tv. If you notice this light, it signifies that there is a problem with connecting the remote with the smart tv. You must first couple your Samsung smart tv remote with your Samsung smart tv, and after your remote has been successfully associated, you will no longer have the red blinking light on your remote issue.

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