Are you looking for the Vizio code for the dish network remote control? As such, the following is a comprehensive list of codes:

Vizio sound bar code for Dish Network Remote


We Are Also Providing Vizio Sound Bar Code for Different Brands Please Check Following

JVC058 , 059 , 060 , 057
Contec091 , 028 , 041 , 027
RCA081 , 015 , 083 , 048 , 086 , 087 , 079 , 080 , 125 , 085 , 134 , 133 , 084 , 082 , 014 , 003 , 005
Daewoo032 , 026 , 031 , 029 , 030 , 005
Emerson039 , 026 , 027 , 038 , 041 , 033 , 122 , 034 , 040 , 035 , 037 , 028
Samsung112 026 088 023 006 005 032 016
Mitsubishi123 071 005 072 004 070
Hitachi053, 055 054, 023 051 126 049 052 050 048 026
Radio Shack112 041 107 026
Magnavox065 110 064 066, 025 006 067, 069 068, 020
General Electric (GE)015, 044 130 003 040, 043, 008 009
Sanyo109 089 091 090 042 092
Panasonic012 066, 008 010 011 074, 009 075
Emerson122 027 035, 041 040 028 034 026 037, 038, 033 ,
Philips088 066
LXI117, 003 095 125 090 063 066
Sharp106 129 108, 107 105 091 128, 026
Goldstar046 026 088 005 045 023
Candle025 022 006 023
Sony122 000 119 109
Curtis Mathes026 016 006
Citizen022 026 023 016 006 024 025
Scott093 , 037 , 034 , 041 , 026
Matsui032 , 109
MGA071 005 006 004
Penney005 026, 003 016 014 043, 006 096
Nikkai118 112 113
Craig041 021
Fisher090 042
Memorex090 018 032
Kloss110 022 062
Soundesign041 025
Pioneer076 048 051 002

How To Configure A Dish Remote Control For Use With A Vizio Television

Configure the Dish Remote Control to Work with the Vizio TV:

Step-1 Aim your Dish remote at your Vizio television.

Step- 2 Continue pressing and holding the TV button on the Dish remote’s top until all four mode buttons flash.

Step-3 Enter the following codes: 773, 505, or 627. (whichever works on your Vizio model).

Step-4 Depress the # key.

Step-5 The TV button will flash three times to indicate that the connection was successful.

Step-6 Using the Dish remote, check the volume or power buttons.

Step- 7 Your Dish remote should now control your Vizio TV.

How can I programme my Dish remote control to communicate with my Vizio sound bar?

Double-click the Home button on your remote. Choose “Settings,” followed by “Remote Control.” “Auxiliary Device” should be selected. Following that, “Audio Accessory.” Select the wizard for pairing. Select your soundbar brand and complete the setup by following the on-screen directions.

How can I programme my Dish Network remote control in the absence of a code?

You can use the Pairing Wizard from the Settings menu to programme newer versions of Dish remotes without a code. For earlier devices, you’ll need to use the Power Scan method, which flashes off device codes until one of them works. To connect the Dish remote to a Joey or Hopper DVR, simply press the SAT button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the remote codes for the sound bar?

Ans:  Remote codes depend on the brand or model name of your sound bar. The model or brand name can be found on the instructions paper or back of your remote control.

Q2. Where to find the remote codes for the sound bar?

Ans: To find out the remote codes you have to check on the manual instruction paper or you can also find it on the backside of the remote control.

Q3. Is it possible to operate the Vizio sound bar with a Tv remote?

Ans: yes, it is possible and you can control the Vizio sound bar with the help of the Vizio Tv remote but it works only for switching it on/off and volume up/down that’s it.

How to connect Tv to Dish Networks?

To connect the satellite dish to the Tv you have to take one end of the coaxial cable and connect it to the back of the satellite dish labeled LNB. Now, connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the satellite receiver and it is marked as “sat in”. Lastly, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the output at the back of your satellite.

What channels are on the TV for my Dish Network?

You have to change your Tv channel.

You can use the Tv remote or channel button on the Tv itself and change the channel to 60. If the Tv screen does not appear then change it to channel 73. If your previous Tv, has a different channel number then try those numbers also.

How to sync a remote to the Tv?

If it has a setup option on the remote control.

Switch on your Tv and press the setup button and hold it until the light turns on at the top of the remote control and it turns from red to green color. Now enter the 9-9-1 key code using the remote control and the light will flash twice. Press the CH+/- key and hold it until the TV turns off then release the button. When the Tv turns off, press the setup button and lock the code, and now press the power button on the remote control.

How can I use remote codes for my soundbar?

First, try to find the remote codes. When you get the remote codes then you may also know how to use them. If you want to reset your remote control then select a code that starts with the number 6. Also, note that there are multiple types of Vizio soundbar remotes available.

There are different codes for each model of the soundbar. If you want to find the lost remote control then 3 Digit codes are useful. You have to make sure that the selected remote codes are correct for your soundbar. If you want to program you can also use the codes to reach out soundbars advance setting.

When you need to program your soundbar you need to choose a code that works and can connect. This is because the soundbar has a security system that cannot work and program with the wrong codes. Some codes can be used and adjusted on the soundbar’s settings.


I hope this article helps you to clear all your doubts as this article is all about answering public questions. We have also shared program methods that can be useful for you to program easily. If you have any queries or you find it difficult to program then comment below. Also, visit our channel to search for other universal remote codes and program methods.

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