Sceptre is a famous brand that produces TVs. The Sceptre TV usually comes with its remote control. But, if due to any reason, your original remote is damaged or lost, we have a solution for you. Universal Remotes are the best go-to option if your original brand remote is not working. You have to program universal remote control with a TV.

For this, you will require Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes . This post outlines the complete list of Sceptre TV universal remote control codes. Also, you will find the step-wise programming instructions to set up Sceptre TV with universal remote using Sceptre universal remote codes.


Universal Remote Code List & Guide

How Do I Program GE Universal Remote to a TV Without Code?

What are the Ways to Program Sceptre TV Universal Remote?

If you want to use Sceptre TV universal remote control with your devices, you have to follow a few steps to connect the remote with your devices. You just have to pick up the Sceptre remote, point it towards the TV or device, and just follow a few quick steps. Programming can be done manually using the codes or without codes.

How Can I Program Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control without Codes?

To program Sceptre TV universal remote control without codes, follow these steps given below. This method is the automated method where you do not have to put codes manually.

1. Firstly, turn on the TV or the device to program with Sceptre TV universal remote.

2. After that, press the component button on the Sceptre remote as per your device for three seconds. The LED indicator will blink, showing that the Sceptre Universal remote is now ready to get programmed.

3. Hold the remote in front of the device and press the “Ch+” and “Ch-” buttons. The Sceptre remote will give on/off signals; keep pressing the buttons unless the device turns off.

4. Now, to verify the Sceptre TV universal remote code, press the “Power” button on the remote control. If it turns on, try changing the channels. If the Sceptre remote works correctly, this means that Sceptre TV universal remote is successfully programmed.

5. Finally, to save the code, press the “Device” button, and the LED will blink to confirm.

List of Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes

Before reading the programming guide, have a look at the list of Sceptre TV codes for universal remote. You can use these sceptre remote codes to program your TV, DVD, VCR, Home Theatre, and other devices.

We will not only share the programming methods to connect Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes but also the codes list. Here is the list of codes for Sceptre TV universal remote control. These are three, four, or five-digit codes that you can choose as per the models and requirements. Also, be careful while selecting the code. In case one Sceptre TV remote code does not work, you can always choose another one from this list. So, before jumping to the programming methods, let us check the complete list of Sceptre TV universal remote codes

Sceptre TV’s 3 Digit Universal Remote Codes

If you have a universal remote to set up your Sceptre TV, it is well and good as with one remote, you can manage many features of your device. In the below list, you will get three-digit Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes to program your universal remote with the device. Enter the right pairing code from the list and control your Sceptre TV.


Universal remote 5 digit codes will work with your Sceptre TV

The Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes are needed to program a universal remote with the Sceptre TV. You have to type the correct code from the below list of 5-digit remote codes to get the proper programming for your brand device. If the above3 and 4-digit codes do not work, try these 5-digit codes.


4 Digit Remote Code for Sceptre TV

Here, you will get the best 4-digit Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes of which you have to select the right pairing code for your Sceptre TV. You can use any type of universal remote for programming the Sceptre TV. All you require is to add the correct code using the number pad of the remote.


Sceptre TV Codes for GE Universal Remote

A GE universal remote supports the Sceptre TV if it is linked with the correct key code. There are many Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes given below of which, choose the perfect code and program your GE universal remote. If one code does not program your device, try another code.


RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sceptre TV

If you want to avoid the clutter of using many remotes for your favorite devices, use an RCA universal remote. This RCA remote is best if you want to program your Sceptre TV at your home. For RCA remote programming, the list of Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes is mentioned in the below table. Enjoy unlimited TV content in your Sceptre TV by linking it with the right pairing code with the RCA remote.


Sceptre TV Codes for Xfinity Remote

If you are using an Xfinity remote for your Sceptre TV, find the programming codes below. Choose the correct programming code so that your Xfinity remote easily connect with your Sceptre TV. Follow the programming guide along with the correct code from the Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes list to get success in enjoying TV programs.


Spectrum Remote Code for Sceptre TV

If you are using a Spectrum remote control for controlling your Sceptre television, a remote code is needed. You should have Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes to program your Spectrum universal remote with the Sceptre TV. Those programming codes are listed below wherein you must choose the perfect code for programming the Spectrum remote with your brand device.


Sceptre Directv Remote Code

10878 1252812506

Sceptre TV Codes for Philips Universal Remote

SRU7060 , SBCRU510 , SRM51001244
SRU5110 , SRP2008B2498
SRP5016/27 , SRP3014/2710742 , 13175, 15570, 10717, 13251 , 15235 , 11150 , 11046
SRP2017B , SRP2014H5111, 4071 , 1071 , 4101 , 3521, 5321
SRU3003 , SRU5108 , SRU20401318 , 0516 , 1814

U-verse remote codes for sceptre Tv

AT&T U-verse A101132 , 0149
AT&T U-verse S101467 , 1392
AT&T U-verse A3011217 , 13899 , 12337, 12528 11360 , 11599, 12506 , 14160 , 10878
AT&T U-verse Silver Series1467, 1365
AT&T U-verse S2012337, 11217, 10878 , 12506 , 11360 , 11599 , 14160

Sceptre Tv Code for One For All Remote

URC78803899, 4139 , 4886 , 2528 , 2337
URC1050 , URC4220 , URC31100878, 1599 , 1217 , 1360
URC1289 , URC12492337 , 3899, 1217
OARC03G, OARN08G , OARN03S11599 , 11360
OneForAll URC27812337 , 1217, 1599
URC793526523 , 25564, 4112

Blackweb Remote Codes For Sceptre Tv





Sony Universal Remote Codes For Sceptre Tv



Sceptre TV Universal Remote Code for Lg TV

1423, 0178, 0017, 1768

Sceptre TV Universal Remote Code for Magnavox TV

1867, 1454, 2597, 1755, 0171, 0051, 1365, 1913, 1963, 1990, 2492

Sceptre TV Universal Remote Code for Insignia TV

2049, 1423, 1564, 0171, 0463, 1204, 1326, 1517, 1660, 1963, 2417, 2751

Sceptre TV Universal Remote Code for Toshiba TV Codes


How to Program Sceptre TV with Universal Remote using Auto-Search Method?

In the auto search method, the codes with be scanned one by one unless the correct sceptre tv code is found. Follow the given steps to set up using Sceptre TV codes for universal remote.

1.  Turn on the device like TV to set up with Sceptre universal remote.

2. Now, turn on the universal remote control and press the component button such as TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL.

3. The LED light indicates that the device is ready for programming.

4. Point the remote control to the TV and press “CH +” and “CH-” switches. The remote signal will display on/off. Press the “OFF” or “DOWN” key continuously until the Sceptre TV is turned off.

5. Verify the code by clicking the “Power” button on Sceptre universal remote control. The device must respond. If Sceptre TV starts, try to change the channel to verify that the remote control is correctly programmed.

6. Finally, tap on the “Device” button(TV) to save the code. This time LED flash confirms the stored code.

How to Program Sceptre TV with Universal Remote using Manual Method?

Firstly select the required code from the list mentioned above of Sceptre TV Universal remote codes. Once you have selected the required Sceptre universal remote code, you can program the universal remote control manually by following the given steps:

1. Turn on your device and select TV on the “Sceptre universal remote.”

2. Now, click and hold on the Setup button of the Sceptre Universal remote control and wait for the light flash. You have entered the learning mode.

3. After that, it’s time to enter the key code that you chose from the list of universal remote codes for Sceptre TV.

4. After completing all these steps, point the Sceptre universal remote at the TV. 

5. Next, please press the Power button on the remote and hold it for a while.

6. Finally, leave the power button as the screen shuts down.

That is all. Now you have successfully programmed Sceptre TV with universal remote using the Sceptre remote codes. If one code does not work, you can choose another from the Sceptre TV universal remote codes list.

How Can I Check If Sceptre Remote Control is a Universal Remote?

The remote that comes with the Sceptre TV is a universal remote. Universal remote refers to a remote using which you can control multiple devices. To check if the remote you got is universal or not, you have to check if the remote contains “Set” and “Mode” options. If it includes these options, it is a universal remote control. And once you have a universal remote, you can program it with other devices following some programming instructions using the Sceptre TV universal remote codes. You can find the codes for different models and brands in the above-mentioned list. If one code does not work, you always have an option to choose another one.

Summing Up

Now you finally know how to program your Sceptre TV with Sceptre TV Universal Remote Control Codes . We have given the list of Sceptre TV universal remote codes for your reference. Pick up the correct Sceptre tv code and follow the steps easily.

In the above guide, we have mentioned the different methods and codes for Sceptre universal remote. As technology evolves, it is now possible to handle multiple devices using a single remote control. We hope that now you do not have any doubts regarding Sceptre TV universal remote and its programming methods. We have explained all the ways in a very simple language and short steps. You can follow any of the given methods to program Sceptre TV universal remote control.

Also, in case we have missed any codes in the Sceptre TV universal remote code list, please send us suggestions for the same. Any tips or queries will be appreciated. You can check codes for other brands and categories also!

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