If you still can’t find the Universal Remote Code List for your device and if you’re searching for it now. Well, in this article you can find your universal remote code, as we’ve listed the remote codes completely.

We’ve mentioned all the universal remote codes for all TV brands that you can use with remote control of any brand to operate your TV. If you can’t get it, let me explain with an example.

 For example, If you have a Panasonic Television and you want to control it with the universal remote at that time you can use any remote such as GE remote, one-for-all remote, Chunghop remote, etc remote. Here, you can find universal default codes which help you to control your TV using any brand remote. 

The codes are available in different digits like 3-digit, 4-digit, 5-digit and it is because some of the TVs need 3-digit codes, other TVs require 4-digit codes, and the rest of them work with 5-digits code. However, you can choose codes from this post. First, try with 3,4 Digit codes and if it doesn’t work with your remote, then go with 5-digit codes.

The first thing we had done when we collected these codes was to check them and check if all the universal remote codes are working with different TVs and from that, we’ve picked the best codes.

NOTE: you can use the same code on both old and new model TVs of the same brand.

When your remote is not working with TV after using several codes. Well, don’t worry, we’ve mentioned a procedure that will help you to program your remote with TV in this article and to get some ideas and useful information you have to read the article till the end.

What are the Universal Remote Codes?

Universal remote codes or remote key codes are used with such a remote that works with multiple devices. using these codes, you can program your remote with the device.

As we’ve discussed, before that these codes are the universal default codes that can be used with any brand of universal remote. from the remote codes, you need to select a code according to your device that you want to control with a universal remote. 

If you want to control your TV, you need a TV code and if you want to control your DVD device with these remotes, then you need to search for a DVD code.

For these remote codes, you can also be called remote programming codes, remote control codes, universal remote codes, etc. you will be provided with an instruction paper at the time of purchasing remote control and this paper will have codes to program with your device. however, each device will have its codes and you need to select codes according to your device.

In some cases, instruction paper is not provided with the remote or didn’t notice carefully or threw it without reading and if you had done this before, you don’t have codes of your device now. Well, we’re here to help you only. So, the below-listed tables are the remote codes of the different devices where you can find the universal remote codes of your device. If you can’t find it, let us know

Samsung TV Universal Remote Code List

Firstly, we’ve listed the universal remote codes for Samsung TV and you can use this code to control your TV with remote. These codes are also used for old and new Samsung TVs models. Select a code and enter it using the programming method.


If one code doesn’t work, then use all the codes till you get the right one. Before using the code, first check the batteries of your remote, if the batteries are expired, then replace them with new batteries. The old batteries of the remote will not work properly.

Chunghop Universal Remote Code List

These default codes can control several devices. So, if you want to use the chunghop universal remote on your TV, then you can get the code from the below code list. When you enter the wrong code the device will not accept it so, enter it correctly


When you enter the code, make sure to hold the remote close to the device. If the code is right and the TV accepts the code, then a small light will blink on the remote. Use another code if it doesn’t blink. 

One For All Universal Remote Code List

One universal remote can control the ROKU device, Apple TV, and other devices. and the best part of this remote is it can control up to 3 devices simultaneously. So, this remote is popular. Codes that work with any brand of TV is listed below


When you enter the code make sure to enter all the numbers of the code, if any of one number will be left, then the TV will not accept it unless you enter the correct code. To enter the code again, use the same programming procedure.

GE Universal Remote Code List

GE universal remote is also popular in the market and liked by everyone. This universal remote has two models, 3 and 4 device controllers. With this remote, you can control Television, Stereo system, Home theatre, DVDs, and except for the Roku streaming device, amazon fire stick device.


When the first code you enter is not accepted on the TV, then try with another code and try again and again until you get the correct code. This is the best remote and with this remote soft multi-color LED inside the button, you can also use it in the darkroom.

Pifco Universal Remote Code List

When you have lost a TV remote, then this universal remote is best for you because this remote can control several devices like TV, DVD, VCR, etc. If you can’t find the remote code comment below, we’ll help you.


These codes will operate several TVs. This remote control is also called LG replacement remote control. The advantage is you can use this Pifco universal remote with sky/sat/cable. Make sure to insert 2x 1.5v AAA batteries on the remote. Use codes correctly to work your remote with the device.

Keyin Universal Remote Code List

If you have a Keyin universal remote and you want to program it with codes, if so, then this post is for you only. These codes will connect to every model of TV. Use these codes to work your remote with a TV to control it.


As you know, this Keyin remote has several models such as Keyin rm-133e, RM-133e, etc. however the codes that are listed above will work on each model. So, use every code until you get the right code that works with your remote. Use the number pad to enter the code on the remote.

Verizon Fios TVs Remote Code List

Verizon TV is also at the top of the market. This TV provides quality pictures along with a good sound system. This is a popular TV and this TV will come along with a remote. but if you have lost or broken the remote, then use this universal remote. we’ve mentioned the codes for you


Use all the codes until you get the right code. We’ve discussed 3,4-digit codes all are general codes that work with every model of remote. using the number pad, you can enter a different code unless the right code appears.

Panasonic Universal Remote Code List

If you want to program your Panasonic TV with the universal remote, then you need codes for programming, and for that, you have the codes in the below list. Select one code and enter it. Again, these codes have generally been used for programs.


When you enter the remote code and if there is any issue, then check if your remote batteries may be expired, and replace it with new batteries so that you can program it without any issues. After entering the code, always check your remote control that it works properly. 

Bush TV Universal Remote Code List

The Bush TV also comes with a remote, but in case, if you have lost the remote or have any other issue, then you can use a universal remote to operate your TV. The remote codes are mentioned below check them and try all those codes until your TV accept the code


The above 3,4, and 5 Digit codes are general codes and these codes will be accepted by any brand of remote. First, enter the 3-digit code if it doesn’t work and shows incorrect. At that time you can use the 4 and 5-digit code to activate the remote with the TV.

Sharp TV Universal Remote Codes List

As we know Sharp TV is one of the best TVs. If you want to know remote codes for your sharp TV, then check it in the below list where we’ve mentioned codes for sharp TV only and this code will work with any model of remote.


The 3,4,5-digit codes are tested and the codes will be easily accepted by the Tv. One thing you have to do is, do not miss the code numbers at the time of entering because without one number the code will not be acceptable. So, program it carefully

JVC TV Universal Remote Code List

The JVC brand is the most popular in the market and is also known for launching Japan’s first Television. Again, if you have this JVC TV and you want to control it with a universal remote and you need codes, we’ve listed the remote codes.


As we’ve mentioned, all the 3,4,5-digit codes to program the remote with your TV. These are general codes and you can use them with any brand of remote and these codes are suitable for every model of the JVC TV brand. Try with different remote codes to program.

Magnavox Universal Remote Code List

This Magnavox universal remote can control your device and this remote has several models, some of the Magnavox remotes can control 3 devices and some 4 and 5 devices. All the remote codes for your Magnavox TV are available below.


Use these codes to control your Tv with a remote. If the code you entered is not working for your TV, then try to use it all one by one unless you get the right one and if you still have an issue, then write your model number in the comment box, we’ll help you.

ONN Universal Remote Code List

ONN is also a popular brand and this brand has some devices like Television, soundbar, etc. The ONN brand also launched the universal remote which can control 4 devices. RCA and Curtis International made this remote. Most people use RCA universal remote codes to program it.


To control your TV with the universal remote you need to enter the code. So, select a code from the above and program. If all the above codes are not working, then you can use RCA universal remote control codes that will help you.

GE Universal Remote Code List for Vizio TV

If you don’t have a Vizio TV remote and you’re using a GE universal remote, you need programming codes. We’ve listed the codes in the following table. Pick codes for your TV, enter them into the program, and connect the remote with the TV


As we’ve discussed above, if you have old or new models of Vizio TV and you can use the above codes easily it’ll work. Use the number pad on the remote, to enter the code. An LED light will blink on the remote, which means your TV accepts code.

3 Digit Universal Remote Code List

  When you have entered 4 and 5-digit code, still it doesn’t work, then you need to try three number digit code. If any of the code is not working, don’t worry, you can use another code and can try many times with no issue.


The above 3-digit code is for all the models of the remote which is general code so, without any fear, you can use these codes to handle your Tv with this universal remote. when it is programmed successfully, check the remote keys as it is working properly for confirmation.

4 Digit Universal Remote Code List

In the below table you can find 4-digit codes only, so if you want these codes you can check out and enter one by one code to program. Make sure your program is well, if any of the steps are wrong, then it will not program.


When you start the programming method first check the batteries of the remote and if you insert fresh batteries it will be great for you. Enter the codes within 20 seconds otherwise, will not be accepted by the Television. So, do it fast and correctly to program it perfectly.

How to Find Codes for Universal Remote

When you purchase a universal remote from an online or offline shop, you will get an instruction paper along with the universal remote which has listed every brand TV code, you can choose the code according to your device brand to control your device.

If you’re not provided with an instructed paper or somehow you lost it, in that situation you can use the internet to search your device brand code. Lots of websites that provide universal remote codes for each brand. So, use those websites to find codes but be alert with some websites that show wrong codes.

If you’re facing any issue of wrong codes, then you can use our website, without any fear because we always check every code before we write an article. To make sure that the code we mentioned is suitable for your device for the programming method.

How to Program a Universal Remote to Television Without Codes

When the remote codes are not working, on your device like TV and you have tried with all the codes still you can’t control your TV with the universal remote, then you can use the below steps to program your TV with remote so, to understand easily we’ve mentioned step to step procedure and easy method. You have to understand the points clearly and do it without missing any steps. If the steps are not in order, then it will not program correctly. So, do the steps carefully.

Step :1 First thing first, turn ON your TV that you want to control with the remote

Step :2 Now, using the remote control, tap on the TV button.

Step :3 Next, press and hold on to the TV and POWER button simultaneously, till the LED light turns ON in the remote control.

Step :4 When a light turns on, release both the TV and POWER buttons.

Step :5 In this step, you have to press the POWER button or VOLUME UP button, then your TV turns off. If the TV turns off, it means the code is accepted.

Step :6 If the TV didn’t turn off after pressing the power button. Then press the power button again and press it for every 3 seconds till the TV turns off.

Step :7 When the TV turns off, again turn the TV ON and press the REVERSE button every 3 seconds.

Step :8 When the TV turns on, you have to store the code, and to store it press the STOP button.

That’s all, your process is completely done. Now, check all the remote keys that work properly. If the keys are not working, then try again with a different code by using the same programming process.

Are All Universal Remote Codes the Same?

The answer is NO. all universal remotes have different codes. Every brand has its code. Several companies have launched universal remote so, each company has their code, let’s see with an example. when you don’t have a remote for Samsung TV and you want to program it with a universal remote. Then you need Samsung TV universal remote codes. Likewise, you need to find codes according to your device brand and the device can be TV, DVD, VCR, etc. so, to control your device you need codes and you have to search for your device code.

So, always remember all universal remote codes are not the same. You need codes for each brand. The advantage of this universal remote is that some of the remotes can handle 3 devices of the same brand and another remote can control 4 devices and some of them 5. Well, all these instructions will be mentioned in the guide paper or instruction paper. 

 We mentioned the remote codes in this article, are based on TV brands and these codes are general and by using this code you can connect your Samsung TV to any model of remote and one condition is you have to use Samsung code only for your Samsung TV. when you can’t get your code from this post you can see our other article also to find your code and if you can’t get it, then write for us we’ll help you.


So, this article is completely about all brands of universal remote codes. You can easily find out your programming code with this article. If you have any issue regarding universal remote and remote codes, then write it in the comment box and we’ll hopefully solve your issue as soon as possible. 

If all the codes are not accepted on your TV, then you can use the programming universal remote control without the codes method. This method will surely help you to program your Tv with a remote. you need to understand the steps and do them attentively so it can be programmed well.

Sometimes, it happens that you have programmed it correctly but when you use remote keys it doesn’t work properly. Then you have to program it all over again, but with another code, as we’ve listed many codes for an individual device to use it.

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