If you are looking for the right way to program your Soniq universal remote, then you are in the right place. Through this guide, we will help you to program your Soniq universal remote with and without keycodes. So without further delay, let’s get started. Before checking the steps to program Soniq universal remote, firstly check the list of Soniq Universal Remote Code .

So, here we are going to tell you about the programming of the universal remote control which you have to perform with your device. That you want to control with the universal remote control. Along with we also provide the Soniq Universal Remote Code which you’ll need at the time of the programming. For the programming instruction and soniq tv remote codes please scroll down.

Find the Soniq Universal Remote Code

For your Soniq TV, if you prefer a One-for-All universal remote, you are on the right page. Soniq televisions are a brand model and are found in many houses. But using many remote controls to operate multiple devices is somewhat hectic. So, to avoid the clutter of using many remotes, it is better to choose a One-for-All universal remote to control your devices. 

Soniq Universal Remote Code for One for All Remotes

Here, you will get the best One-for-All remote codes for your Soniq TV. From the below-mentioned table, you can choose the right soniq tv universal remote code to program the One-for-All universal remote control. Just dive into the soniq remote code and try these two codes 1497, 1328 first. If these codes do not work, try the soniq tv code from the below table.



Universal Remote Code List & Guide

Soniq Universal Remote Code List 3-Digit

The soniq universal remote control when programmed with your brand device will provide you with unlimited entertainment. A soniq tv remote can manage many devices at one single time. You just need to enter the correct soniq universal remote control codes that matches your device brand. Use these soniq tv 3 digit remote codes for your Soniq devices to program.


Soniq TV Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes

The below-mentioned list contains Soniq TV 4 Digit Remote Code for programming your smart Soniq TV. Enter one code and try to program your Soniq universal remote. If the programming fails, try with some other code from the list.


Soniq TV 5 Digit Remote Code

If the above soniq tv remote code do not connect with your Soniq universal remote, go for these 5-digit soniq remote code and program your favorite device. The programming steps are so easy that one can easily program their universal remote for controlling Soniq TV. All you must enter the right code for pairing the universal remote with the device.


Soniq Universal Remote Code for One for All Remotes

Soniq TV Code for One for All Remotes  are given below will help you to program your universal remote ,all you need to choose the right code from given list


Audiosonic Universal Remote Code for Soniq TV


Skandia Universal Remote Control Codes


How to Program Soniq Universal Remote Control Without Keycodes?

All universal remote codes are scanned in the remote during the auto search method. To program the control, it scans one code at a time to locate the proper Code that works with your remote. Follow the below-given steps to program universal remote without codes :

Step -1 “Switch On” the smart device, such as “TV,” that you want to operate with the universal remote.

Step -2 After that, “Turn On” the remote and press the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED light on the device indicates that the device is ready for programming. 

Step -3 Point the remote towards the device and press the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons. The remote will display on/off indicators. Continue to press the “up” or “down” keys until the gadget turns off.

Step -4 After that, confirm the code by clicking on the “power” key. Now the device should turn on. If it gets starts, try changing the channel to ensure that the remote is properly programmed.

Step – 5 Finally, press the “device” button to save the code. The device’s LED will blink twice to confirm the code saved.

How to Program Soniq Universal Remote Using Manual Method?

We can easily program a universal remote by using the keycode, and the keycode identifies the manufacturer and model of your equipment.

Step -1 First, “Turn on the device”. 

Step -2 Next, click the “TV” button on your “Soniq universal remote.” 

Step -3 Then, press and hold the “Setup button” on the Universal Remote until it shows the “Light Flash” (this indicates that it is in “Learning mode”).

Step -4 Finally, input the “Keycode” you obtained from the programming guide (Instructions Booklet). 

Step – 5 Once you’ve completed this step, just “point your remote at the TV” and then press and hold the “Power” button.

Step -6 When the screen turns off, press and release the “Power Button.”

That’s it; now your TV should operate perfectly with the universal remote control. If it doesn’t, try to repeat the operation with a new code from the same section of the reference table.

How To Program Universal Remote

Step1: switch “ON” your Tv.

Step2: Then, find the “TV” and “SELECT” buttons on your remote control. When you get these buttons then Press and hold both buttons for a minimum of 3 seconds.

Step3: When the button is lit then enter the 3,4,5 digit soniq tv remote codes.

Step4: Now, you have to check whether the program button are working or not. So, press any “FUNCTION” key such as the “CH+” button.

If you are able to change channels then your codes are program for the following codes.

Step5: Now, you have to again press the “TV” button from your remote to save the code as well as to store the codes. If your soniq universal remote code are then remote gives an indication by blinking its indicator light.

In what way can you program a Soniq Universal Remote Control without Codes?

The automatic searching method includes scanning all the Soniq Universal Remote Code in the remote control. It scans a single remote code for one time to find out the right key code working with your remote to program the command. The user manual given below will help you with the Soniq TV programming steps:

Step -1 Make your smart TV on that you will be using with the universal remote.

Step -2   After activating the remote, you have to hit the device button (TV, VCR, DVD, CBL) for about 3 seconds. Now, the LED light of the appliance indicates that the device can be programmed.

Step -3   Place the remote control facing the device and tap on the ‘CH+’ and ‘CH-‘buttons. After that, the remote will display the on or off signals. Pressing up the up or down button continuously will turn the device off.

Step -4  Confirm the remote code by pressing the ‘Power’ button. The gadget should turn on. When the equipment gets to start on, move forward the channels to verify the remote’s programming status.

Step -5  Click on the button of the gadget to save the soniq tv universal remote code. The LED of the appliance will begin to flash twice for verifying the Soniq Universal Remote Code stored.

What Universal Remote Works With Soniq TV ?

Yes, a Soniq TV can be operated by using universal remotes of any type such as Dish Network, Comcast, GE, RCA, DirecTV and many more. The only thing is to use the correct Soniq Universal Remote Code for pairing up the universal remote with your Soniq TV.


If the above Soniq Universal Remote Code has worked for your smart device then please share this article with many people. There may be many users who want these Soniq TV Remote Codes to program their sonic tv remote controls. So try to share them as early as possible and enjoy the TV content with your favorite sonic tv remote control.

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