Hyundai TV Universal Remote Codes & Programming methods

Are you looking for a solution to program Hyundai TV universal remote? If yes, you will find it in this article. There might be a situation when your original Hyundai device remote is damaged or not working due to some reason. Hyundai Universal remote control is the best suitable solution here. Using this remote, you can operate multiple devices. For this, you have to program the Hyundai universal remote using Hyundai TV universal remote codes. Here, we have mentioned the complete list of universal remote codes for Hyundai TV and the set of programming instructions. So, keep reading and find your solution to program your Hyundai remote.

How to Program Hyundai TV Universal Remote Without Codes?

This method is the automated method where you do not have to enter Hyundai universal remote codes manually. Follow the steps given below if you do not have codes or want to program Hyundai TV with a universal remote using the auto search method.

1. Power on your Hyundai TV you wish to program and control with Hyundai Universal Remote control.

2. Find the Code Search Button on your Hyundai universal remote and press to hold until the LED Light is on.

3. Then, press your device component button on the Hyundai universal remote such as TV, DVD, etc.

4. Enter the code that is reflected and

4. Point your Hyundai TV universal remote control to the TV, press the power button until the LED Light indicator blinks to turn off your TV or selected devices. If the method does not work, then to program Hyundai TV with a universal remote, you need to repeat the above steps.

5. If your TV or device shuts off, you need to press on the Enter Button within 4 seconds to save the Settings and Exit.

6. Now, test your Hyundai TV universal remote control by pointing it towards your television. Press the Power ON/OFF button on your remote. If it’s not working, then you need to repeat the above steps.

How to Program Hyundai TV Universal Remote Control Manually?

The programming method of the Hyundai tv is given below. In case if you don’t know how to program the universal remote control for Hyundai tv using Hyundai TV Universal Remote Codes. Through these programming instructions, you might be able to program your remote control easily and in very little time. Please read the programming instruction very carefully because if you didn’t read the programming methods then you have trouble programming your remote control.

Step1: Switch “ON” your device.

Step2: Now, you have to press and hold the “TV” and “SELECT” buttons. Please press and hold these buttons for at least 5 seconds. After 5 seconds the indicator light will lit.

Step3: Please make sure that there is no hurdle between the remote and your device. And keep the remote in front of your device until the entire process of programming is not completed. As well as you have to enter the TV’s 3-digit,4-digit,5-digit codes which is given below.

Step4: Please verify by pressing the “CH+” button. If your remote is able to change the channel. Then your remote control is the perfect program for your device.

Step5: Now, you have to again press the “TV” button from your remote control to store the “codes” which you enter to program your remote control. After, press the “TV” button the light will blink “twice” or “once”. It is the indication from the remote control that now your codes are saved correctly.

How to Program Hyundai TV Universal Remote using Auto-Search Method?

1. The first step is to switch on the device you want to connect with Hyundai TV universal remote.

2. Now, on the Hyundai remote, press the component button (TV, DVD, CBL, etc.) for 3 seconds. An LED flash will blink, showing that the remote is now ready to be programmed.

3. After that, hold the remote in front of your device and press the Ch+ and Ch- buttons repeatedly. The Hyundai TV universal remote will give on/off signals. Press the up and down keys, and the device will turn off.

4. You need to test the Hyundai TV universal remote code now. Press the power button on the Hyundai remote. If the device responds, this means that programming is completed successfully.

5. The last step is to save the Hyundai universal remote code by pressing the “device” button. The LED flash will now blink two twice to confirm the saving of the code.

List of Hyundai TV Universal Remote Codes

Here is the complete list of codes that you may need for programming the Hyundai universal remote control. The list contains three, four, and five-digit codes for different models and brands. Choose the appropriate Hyundai TV universal remote code as per your device and then follow the programming instructions.

3 Digit Codes—Hyundai TV Universal Remote Codes:

Hyundai TV universal remote codes are three, four, or five-digit remote codes.  Below is the complete list of Hyundai universal remote codes from which you have to choose one code to connect your device with Hyundai TV. Be careful while entering the codes, as it is essential to input the correct one.


Universal Remote Codes for Hyundai TV

If you want to connect your device with a Hyundai TV universal remote, here is the list of codes that you will need for the process. Check the Hyundai codes list and program your device with the universal remote.











5 Digit Codes—Hyundai TV Universal Remote Codes:

If you are looking for the 5-digit code list for Hyundai universal remote, you will find it right here.  The list contains multiple 5-digit Hyundai TV remote codes. To connect the device with a universal remote, you have to pick one code from the below list.


Philips Universal Remote Codes For Hyundai TV

If you have a Hyundai TV and your original remote is damaged or lost, you can use a Philips universal remote control. But, to control Hyundai TV with the Philips universal remote, you need Philips universal remote codes for Hyundai TV. You need not worry; we have given the complete list of Philips universal remote control codes for Hyundai that you will need.

Select the required Hyundai code for Philips universal remote and follow the programming instructions.



In this post, we have mentioned complete details about Hyundai TV universal remote codes. These codes are required when you want to program a Hyundai device with universal remote control. Along with the codes list, we have also given the different methods to program Hyundai universal remote control.

These methods include the manual process and automated method to program Hyundai universal remote with your different devices. If you want some other universal remote codes for various brands, check out our website. If still, you have any doubts regarding the remote codes or the programming methods, please write to us.

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