Do you need Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote Control Codes along with the program instructions then you’re in the right place now learn with us If you want to operate your Vizio soundbar with the universal remote then you must need universal remote codes to program your remote with the device that works with the universal remote?

The complete list of codes is available in the following tables you can also find 4 and 5 Digit codes. Read this article till the program ends your Vizio soundbar universal remote.

If you have the correct code and correct guides you can easily program a universal remote.

Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote Codes

In this article, we share some extra methods to program the Vizio soundbar universal remote. Let’s learn the programming process along with the remote codes.

4 Digit Remote Code for Vizio Soundbar

Here, we’ve mentioned the complete list of Vizio soundbar 4- digit universal remote codes. You just need to pick the correct code and enter the code using the manual method.

If the code you enter is not responding, then try with another code until you get the correct code.


5 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Vizio Soundbar

The Vizio sound bar 5 Digit universal remote codes are available in the following table to select one code to program a universal remote with the device.


Xfinity Remote Codes Vizio Soundbar 

The complete list of Xfinity remote codes Vizio soundbar is listed below. To operate and program a universal remote you need to Select one code using a manual method to apply the remote code.


How do you program the Vizio soundbar Universal Remote Without Codes?

On the remote, all the universal remote codes are scanned in the auto search method. One code at a time is scanned in the remote. It scans to find out the correct code for the universal remote to program and control. To setup the remote follow the steps

STEP:1 TURN ON the TV or other device that you want to program with the universal remote.

STEP:2 Now, Turn ON your remote also after that hit on the component or device button such as TV, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL hold it at least for 3 seconds and the flashlight indicates that the device is all set to program.

STEP:3 Next, make sure to point out your remote to the device then hit on CH+ & CH- key, and the remote shows on or off signal. Hit the UP\DOWN key continuously until the device turns off.

STEP:4 Now, you need to verify the code for that click on the POWER button and the TV or any other device which is ready for programming will turn on automatically. 

When the device starts, the first thing you need to do is to check the remote functioning level. Try to change the channel to confirm that the remote is programming well.

STEP:5 Lastly, save your remote code tap on the DEVICE button to save the code. For confirmation, the LED of the device blinks twice and you’re done with the programming method.

How do you Program Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote with Manual Method

By using this method, you can easily program your Vizio soundbar universal remote with keycodes. now, let’s discuss how to do it manually

Step-1 To begin with Switch ON the device

Step-2 Hit the TV button in the Vizio soundbar universal remote and press the SETUP button, hold the button till the flashlight turns on and then release.

Step-3 The flashlight tells me that it is ready to program.

Step-4 Now, enter the code which you get from the code list or instruction booklet

Step-5 Next, take the remote towards the device and tap the POWER button to hold it until the TV turns off.

Now you’re done with the programming procedure. Your TV will work perfectly and can be controlled with your universal remote. If the TV is not in work mode then repeat the same procedure using a different code until you get the right code to program.

You can use this code search method when you can’t get the correct code for the device. with the code search method, you can find out the correct one to program the Vizio soundbar universal remote.

Step -1 First, Turn on your device

Step -2 Next, hold down the SETUP button

Step -3 Enter the three-digit code 9 9 1

Step -4 Finally, press and hold the POWER button on the universal remote and then channel them till the device turns off.

That’s all you’ve done with the procedure and the above method takes extra time but this method will help you to find your keycode. After the above process, your remote will work properly.

We hope that the above steps and methods will help you to program the Vizio soundbar universal remote with a code search process. We’ve mentioned many processes to program your universal remote. By using such methods you can easily do the programming process. 

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