Are you searching for OCOSMO Tv universal remote control codes? To use multiple devices like TV, DVD, VCR, Blu-Ray, etc, with a single remote you have a universal remote control.

To set up OCOSMO TV with a universal remote you have arrived at the right place. Here, we have listed all of the available OCOSMO Tv remote codes with program instructions. 

There are unique codes that you can select based on your device model. As the below listing has many codes. while programming enters the selected code on your device using a universal remote number pad. Ensure you select a code of your brand and follow the instructions.

OCOSMO TV Remote Code List

Below you will get the working remote codes for OCOSMO TV by which you can control your TV. so, without any further due let’s get into the table of remote code list then we will share some tips


 4 Digit Remote Code List For Ocosmo Tv

In the below list, all the 4 Digit codes for Ocosmo Tv are listed. All you have to do is to select the right remote code that can connect with the Ocosmo Tv. After selecting a code, start programming.


5 Digit Code List For Ocosmo Universal Remote control

To program Ocosmo universal remote with the device, you may have 5 Digit codes. There are many 5 Digit codes listed in the following table. Select a code of your device model or brand then find the right program method and start programming


Well, the tip to select your code is to choose one of the codes of your brand device. you have to follow instructions to enter the code while programming so, follow the instructions carefully. Do not skip any steps while programming and enter the exact code on your device to program well. If one of the codes is not working then, select another code from the list.

How Can You Program Ocosmo Universal Remote Without codes?

In the auto-search method, all the universal remote codes are scanned to get you the right code. To program, the remote scans one code at a time. If you want to know about the procedure to program then have a look below

Step 1. Tap and Switch on your smart device

Step 2. Using the remote control, tap on the device button for about three seconds

Step 3. An LED light will turn on which means your device is all set and ready to program

Step 4. Face the remote control to the device and press CH+ and CH- keys and on/off signals will be shown by the remote

After that, continuously press the up or down button till the device turn off

Now, tap on the power button and make sure your device is working and check by changing the channel and the volume button.

If you want to save the code then tap on the Device button and the code will be stored. When the code is saved the LED light will blink two times.

How To Program Ocosmo Universal Remote With Code Search Method

By using the code search method, you can easily get the correct remote code. If other methods won’t work for you then use this method and find your code. This code search method can force the remote to find its code.

Let’s discuss the procedure to program Ocosmo universal remote

Step 1.  Turn on your device and Ocosmo universal remote

Step 2. Press the setup button for a few seconds

Step 3. Now, enter the 9-9-1 digit code on the device

Step 4. After the keycode, tap on the power button and press the channel up button till the device turns off.

This method may take some extra time to find its code than other methods. Now, your Ocosmo remote will work and control your device.

How To Program Ocosmo Universal Remote Manually

When the remote code is of your device model name then it can be easy to program a universal remote control.

Step 1. Turn ON the smart device that you want to connect with Ocosmo universal remote control.

Step 2. Select the Tv option from your Ocosmo universal remote control.

Step 3. Press the setup button of your Ocosmo remote till it turns the flashlight on.

Step 4. Now, type the remote code that you have selected from the code list.

Step 5. After that, press the power button and switch off the device.

When the device switches off then, again turn on your device and check the remote control.

When the remote is not working then you may enter an incorrect code. Try to enter another code and use the same procedure until you get the code to program Ocosmo universal remote control .


I hope this article helps you to find your Ocosmo remote code. We try our best to provide you with all the Ocosmo universal remote control codes. In our article, we share the latest remote code that may help you to find the remote code for your favorite device. If you have any queries for the remote codes then comment below and also share with your friends.

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