Have you tired of using multiple remote controls for your entertainment devices? Here, you will get the way to get rid of this dilemma by just making use of Mediacom remote controls. You have to use particular Mediacom Cable Remote Control Code for programming the Mediacom remote with your favorite device. With the proper setup guide and the programming remote codes, one can end the use of many remotes at your coffee desk.

Mediacom remote control codes are listed below of which you need to select the matching one for your device. If your choice is a Mediacom remote, it can become the remote control for all your devices. It is better to go for it and you will definitely be satisfied with the use of this Mediacom remote.

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4-digits Mediacom Cable Remote Control Code

If you are using a Mediacom universal remote for operating your entertainment device, get the best Mediacom remote TV codes right here. While programming the remote, enter one code after another till you get the correct one from the list. It is important to enter the code that matches the brand and model of your gadget

  • 3560
  • 1284
  • 1376
  • 0476
  • 1877
  • 1982
  • 1584

5-Digit Mediacom Cable Remote Control Code

If you want 5-digit codes for setting up your Mediacom remote control, look at the code list below. You need to enter the correct code in the programming Mediacom remote to successfully control your brand device. Not only the code but you need to perform the programming user guide correctly. Get the perfect code from the list and program the device with the Mediacom remote.

  • 53560
  • 51877
  • 51376
  • 45818
  • 42815
  • 51982

Mediacom Cable codes for GE remotes



Mediacom Cable codes for OneForAll universal remote







Mediacom Cable Remote Control Code for Philips remotes







Mediacom Cable Remote Control Code for RCA remotes









Mediacom Tivo Remote Codes



Mediacom Remote Programming

How to program a Mediacom Universal Remote with your Smart Device?

In this post, the list of Mediacom remote codes is given for a particular brand and device type. Not only the right code but also following the programming instructions correctly is important. So, pay attention to the given user guide on how to program a Mediacom remote control:

  • First of all, make your programming gadget on by plugging it into the electrical socket. Remember to install working batteries inside the Mediacom remote to avoid interruption during programming the remote.
  • Take the remote and find the Mode button on it. You need to press and hold this button for a while till you find it blinking once. When it gets flashed once, hit on the Setup key and wait for it to flash twice.
  • Using the number pad of the remote, enter the remote code to start up with the programming.
  • Place the Mediacom remote facing the device and click the channel up button. The device will get switched off. If the TV turns off, you have successfully programmed the device with the proper use of Mediacom TV remote codes. 
  • For saving the remote code, tap on the Setup key of the universal remote.
  • If the programming device (TV) did not shut off, there are chances of something wrong during the process or entering the invalid code. At such times, you have to repeat the programming method all over again with another code from the list.

How to reset your Mediacom remote?

To reset your Mediacom remote:

Step-1 Press the TiVo button and Pause buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Step-2  The red light comes on.

Step  -3 Enter the number 0 on your Mediacom remote.

Step-4 This will reset your remote.

What to do if the Mediacom Remote not working?

There are many ways to fix the Mediacom remote and one of them is resetting the remote. You can also restart the device whether it is a TV, DVD or Mediacom set box. If none of these techniques works, contact Mediacom.

Reasons for your Mediacom Universal Remote not working

  • If your Mediacom remote does not work, check the battery first.
  • If the batteries are low, replace them. Try to use a new AA battery.
  • Now, click and hold down hotkeys on both the remotes till you see the white light flashing out of one end: Mute and Dimmer for every remote control.

Get the common Mediacom Remote Codes

Some of the Mediacom remote codes are 51376, 45818, 42815, 1982, 1284 and 1584. There are other codes that you can check for the device that you will be programming.

How to fix a Television that does not respond to the Remote?

  • The first step is to change the batteries (AAA or AA batteries) of the remote control and add new first-class batteries.
  • Secondly, you can reset the TV by removing the TV power wire from the electrical socket.
  • Wait for five minutes and plug back the TV power cord into the wall outlet.
  • Finally, check out whether these steps work for the TV.

What to do if you have an Element TV and Mediacom Remote Control won’t manage Volume?

There is an identical setup for DirecTV and Emerson LCD TV. The DirecTV remote has storage of a controlled quantity of codes and none is stored on the TV. It is not something that you can update. They only stick with the popular codes.

How do you reset the Mediacom Remote?

  • You have to click the TiVo and Pause buttons concurrently for about five seconds.
  • Insert the wide variety zero on the Mediacom remote control.
  • This process will reset the Mediacom remote.

How do you use the Mediacom Remote Application?

To software the Mediacom remote, go to TiVo central. Then, choose the settings and amp; Message.

You will see a pop-up menu. You have to tap on Remote, Cable-CARD and amp; Devices.

How to Use the Mediacom Remote?

The cable box’s controls offer you only the essential options for watching the cable programming. But when we talk about Mediacom’s remote, it will provide you with the latest and fullest digital cable experience. You can access Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View programming with the help of Mediacom remote control. In addition to that, this remote can be used to control all other entertainment devices at your home. So, it is better to take some time and learn the basics of Mediacom remote for managing all your home-entertainment devices.

How to program the Mediacom Remote to your Smart Device?

The step by step instruction on Mediacom Remote programming:

  • Move your Web browser to the Support site of Mediacom Remote to get the programming codes for your home entertainment devices. Then, tap on the link ‘Click Here for Devices Codes’ beneath the remote control.
  • Now, press the component button that matches the category of the electronic gadget you wish to program with the Mediacom remote. You have to fill out the brand and model fields. Then, write down the remote programming codes that appear. With the help of the code search technique, you can program any additional device that you wish to program.
  • Make the gadget that you want to program with the Mediacom remote. Then, press the button that corresponds to the programming device on your remote control. Hit the Setup key till the selected key flashes twice. Enter the programming code with the help of the number pad of the remote. You have to repeat this process to program any of the other appliances.

How to program the DRC800 Remote Control?

  • Switch on the device manually that you want to program with the remote.
  • Press and hold the component key for the programming device. The component keys are the buttons situated at the top of the remote named ‘TV’, ‘DVD’, and ‘Audio’ and ‘Cable’. You can see the mode key LED lights turning on, at that time release the button. The LED light for the selected component key will remain lit.
  • Push the Power key. Now, the LED light for the selected mode key will blink thrice and then get shut off.
  • Hold the remote towards the device being programmed to control. Then, press the channel up button continuously till the device turns off. This means the remote is programmed temporarily with the right code to control the appliance.
  • Finally, tap on the ‘OK’ button to save the code permanently.


So, I hope you got much information on the process of programming your brand device with a Mediacom universal remote. Also, you gained knowledge on how to select the correct Mediacom Cable Remote Control Code while programming the device as the complete code list are mentioned in this article.

Go through the Mediacom Cable Remote Control Code once and use them properly to program the device. Share this post with many people so that they can also get the knowledge on programming their brand device with a one-stop Mediacom universal remote.

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