Are you having trouble getting your DirecTV rc73 remote to operate with your television? The following instructions describe how to program the DIRECTV remote with the remote codes for all major television brands.

The guide below will assist you in programming a Toshiba television using a universal remote control.

Toshiba Code for Directv Remote

You may find five-digit Toshiba TV universal remote codes, four-digit Toshiba TV universal remote codes, three-digit Toshiba TV universal remote codes, and two-digit Toshiba TV universal remote codes in the following list.

11918 11256

How to Program a Universal Remote Control to Work with a Toshiba Television?

Prior to programming your remote with Toshiba universal remote codes, ensure that the batteries are properly installed and, if possible, new. When a button is pressed, the remote should light up in some way, but it may be dim.

That is why it is recommended to replace existing batteries, and you may keep the old ones as a backup indefinitely if the remote LED(s) or buttons illuminate. Weak batteries can cause interference with the remote’s transmission, squandering crucial time without your knowledge.

However, the Toshiba universal remote codes can also be used to program your television, DVD player, or VCR, among other devices.

Second, confirm that your universal remote control is compatible with the item you wish to program. It is preferable to be closer. If something interferes with the procedure (a pet, a child, or simply an object), you will almost certainly have to restart.

How can I program my Directv remote control to operate in with my Toshiba television?

Step-1 . Program a remote control for a high-definition DVR or receiver

Step-2 On your remote, press MENU.

Step-3 Navigate to Settings > Remote Control > Remote Control Program.

Step-4 Select the device to program (TV, audio, or DVD).

Step-5 Complete programming by following the on-screen directions.

The Verdict

The instructions for programming a universal remote control include hundreds of codes for various manufacturers, which simplifies the process of syncing devices with the remote. You should not, however, be concerned if you misplaced or never received any instructions.

Universal remote controls may check their databases for Toshiba TV remote codes and then sync them with other devices such as DVD players and VCRs. Naturally, depending on the type and brand of the device, you can always check up the codes online.

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