How to Program Brighthouse Remote Using Universal Remote Codes?

With the growing technology, the number of gadgets and devices in our homes is also increasing. Each device comes with a remote. But isn’t it tedious to handle multiple remote controls for various devices? A universal remote is a best-suited solution for this problem. Brighthouse universal remote is a well-known and top-rated product made by Spectrum. You have to program Brighthouse remote with your devices with the universal remote, and you are good to go! To set up the devices, you need Brighthouse Universal Remote Codes.

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Below we have mentioned the complete Brighthouse remote control codes list.  You have to choose the appropriate Brighthouse Remote code as per the devices you want to program and follow some instructions. After the list, we have given the complete detailed steps for how to program Brighthouse universal remote with your devices. Using the Auto-search feature, you can save time and effort to try multiple codes from the list and program Brighthouse universal remote control. So, firstly, have a look at the list of Brighthouse universal remote codes given below.

Complete List of Bright House Remote Control Codes:

4 Digit Bright House Remote Control Code

4 Digit Code

5 Digit Bright House Remote Control Code


Steps to Program Brighthouse Remote:

Steps 1. In the first step, switch on the device that you want to connect with the Brighthouse universal remote control.

Steps 2. In the next step, press the corresponding device button present on the universal remote. If you want to program television with a remote, press the “TV” button.

Steps 3. Now, press the “Setup” button on the Brighthouse remote. Keep pressing it and release it when the indicator light blinks twice.

Steps 4. With the numeric keypad on the universal remote, press the code “9-1-1”. The indicator light will blink twice.

Steps 5. Hold the Brighthouse remote control and point it towards your device. Now, press and release the “PWR” button. After that, press the “Ch+” button repeatedly.

Steps 6. As soon as the device responds and turns off, press the “Setup” button to lock the code. The device button will blink to confirm.

Note: Make sure that the light on the Brighthouse universal remote blinks to confirm the programming. If it doesn’t, it means that your device is not programmed with the remote. Repeat the programming steps and try to connect the device again.

Summing Up:

In the above write-up, we have mentioned how you can program Brighthouse remote control in detail. Also, we have given the complete Brighthouse universal remote code list that will help you choose the correct code for your device. The list contains all the Brighthouse universal remote codes in alphabetical order of brand names. We hope that the provided information is helpful for you and we have successfully cleared all your doubts about the setup.

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