Universal remotes are the best solution to cut down the hustle of handling multiple remotes for various devices. If you are looking for a solution to program your universal remote with the LG devices like a TV, you are at the right place.

Here we have mentioned the complete details about the Lg Remote Control Programming Codes, the steps to program devices with the universal remote control, and other details. Also, you will get the complete LG Universal Remote control code list here. So, keep reading and find everything you need to know.

Lg Remote Control Programming Codes

Firstly, let us have a look at the list of LG Universal remote codes. The list is in alphabetical order containing various codes. You have to choose the right code according to your device.

What are the 3-Digit LG Universal Remote Codes?

If you have an LG television and use a universal remote to operate it, you will need some linking code. You must use the correct code to connect the universal remote with your LG TV.

The tabular list given below consists of three-digit LG universal remote codes. Select the key code and use the programming steps to work on your LG device.


What are the 4-Digit LG Universal Remote Codes?

The LG universal remote when programmed with four-digit codes can control the device. You will get those codes in the below table. If the above 3-digit codes do not support your device, try 4-digit codes from the available list below. Choose the correct code and link it with your LG TV or any other device to enjoy movies and music on it.


What are the 5-Digit LG Universal Remote Codes?

Here, you will get five-digit universal LG remote codes for your device. With the help of this code, you can get access to all your LG devices or other brands with one single remote. You have to enter the right code to program your LG universal remote to operate your brand devices.


Dish Remote Codes for Lg TV


Rca Universal Remote Codes for Lg TV

Read More: RCA Universal Remote Codes List & Program Instructions


GE Universal Remote Codes for Lg TV


Directv Remote Codes for Lg TV


Lg Remote Codes for Samsung DVD Player


Lg Remote Codes for Vizio TV


Lg Remote Codes for Charter


One for All Remote Code for Lg TV


All in One Dish Remote Codes for Lg Tvs


Lg TV Remote Codes Comcast


Steps to Program LG Universal Remote With Auto-Search Method:

1. The first step is to switch on the device to program with the LG universal remote control.

2. Now, turn on the remote. After that, press and hold the button on the remote that corresponds to your device. The component button is the device button that you need to program. If you want to set up a TV with LG universal remote control, click on the “TV” button.

3. The LED will turn on. This means that the device is now ready to be programmed.

4. Now, point the universal remote towards the device and click on the “Ch+” and “Ch-“ buttons.  The LG Universal Remote will give On/Off signals.

5. Until the device turns off, keep pressing the up or down key.

6. Finally, check if the LG universal remote control code is correct by clicking the power button. If the device turns on, try to change the channels to verify if the programming is done correctly.

7. To save the Lg remote control programming codes and programming, click on the Device button. The LED will blink to confirm that the code is stored successfully.

Steps to Program LG Universal Remote With Manual Method:

To set up your device with the LG universal remote using the manual method, firstly you have to choose an appropriate code from the above-mentioned list of LG Universal Remote codes. After that, follow the given steps.

1. Firstly, turn on your device to program with LG universal remote.

2. To program the TV, press the TV button on the remote. To program some other device, press the respective button.

3. After that, press and hold the Setup button until the light turns on. This means that the remote is now in learning mode.

4. Enter the code you have selected from the list of LG Universal Remote codes list given above.

5. Once done, hold the remote pointing to the device. Now, press and hold the Power button.

6. As soon as the screen switches off, release the power button.

So, you are done with the set p now. In case your device does not work with the remote, choose some other appropriate LG Universal remote control code and program it again by following the same steps.

Possible Reasons Why Universal Remote Might Not Be Working:

1. You must be using the incorrect code. Try to program your remote with some other remote control code.

2. It is possible that the batteries in the remote are bad and not working properly.

3. There might be some object coming in the way of the device and remote. Due to this, the remote must not be functioning properly.

5 digit code for Lg Remote Control Programming Codes for DirecTV:


What are the GE Universal Remote Codes for LG Smart TV?

GE remotes when programmed with the right key code can operate multiple devices at one time. If you have LG smart TV, then you need to look on the below-mentioned table for getting GE universal remote codes for your GE remote. Try one code and if it does not work, go for the other one.


How to Program LG Universal Remote without Codes

LG is a popular brand when talking about electronic devices. LG electronics are long-lasting and does not need much repairing.

That’s why people prefer to buy LG devices in their home but all of them have their individual remotes. It is very difficult to handle all devices with multiple remotes. No worries. Using a universal remote is a better solution to get rid of the clutter in the living room. 

You can use one remote control to operate all your LG appliances. For that you need a working code matching your device brand. You will learn about the programming instructions below and how to use these codes for programming your LG universal remote. However, you can also program your LG device without codes. 

In the auto search process, all the LG universal remote codes are passed by scanning in the remote. It scans a single code at a time. After scanning process, you will get the working LG remote code that connects with the remote for programming the device. Check out the steps below for programming your LG universal remote without codes:

  • First of all, you need to plug in your smart device (TV) that you wish to operate with the universal remote.
  • After activating the remote, click on the appliance button (VCR, DVD, TV and Audio Player) for 3 seconds. The LED light at the top of the remote indicates the remote is ready to program.
  • Place the remote to the device and press the channel buttons. The remote control will display on/off signals. After clicking the ‘up’ or ‘down’ keys continuously, the device will shut off.
  • Confirm the code by pressing the ‘power’ button. The appliance will turn on. If it begins, try to move the channels to check whether the remote is programmed.
  • Now, click the appliance button for saving the code. The LED of the gadget will blink two times to confirm about the storage of code.

How to troubleshoot when your LG Universal Remote is not working?

Replace the batteries:

Check the batteries if it is working or not. If not working, change the batteries with new ones.

When you replace the battery, be sure about the (+ and -) label within the compartment.

Avoid mixing new batteries with old ones.

Check the IR sensor:

The functional buttons on the remote like (On/Off and CH+ and CH-) work with infrared light ray or IR. 

Make sure that there is no interruption on the line of sight to the gadget.

Unregister and register again:

If the remote buttons does not function, try to unregister and register again.

If no other methods work because your remote keys are not working, replace your LG remote control.

Program the remote again:

If all the problems are fixed, setup the LG universal remote to the desired gadget again.

Choosing the right LG universal remote codes to operate your appliance will make everything simple and functional. Enjoy a clutter-free experience in your home entertainment center with a few easy steps.

How can I Program a One-for-All Remote to my LG Smart Television?

First, press the Magic button on your LG remote. Select the appliance where you will connect your LG universal remote. Hold down the digit key to control your brand device. Release the key when the device shuts off. The LED light of the remote will blink two times.

How can I work on my LG Magnavox Universal Remote?

Push down the (Power and SEL) buttons of the remote at one time. Hold down for several seconds to light the button. The remote gets ready to program when the light blinks. Point your LG Magnavox universal remote towards the gadget and enter the code.

How to click OK on my TV without using a remote?

You can use both the volume keys at the same time. Then, find the menu switch on the TV, Josh Paradise. Pushing down the menu button on the right side of the TV, you have to click on both the volume keys at the same time.


In the above write-up, we have mentioned the complete list of LG Universal remote codes. Also, we have given the complete steps to program your devices with the remote. For programming, you just have to find the correct LG Universal remote control programming codes and follow the steps given above.

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