What Are the Roku Codes for Rca Remotes & Program Guide

To use your cable, satellite, or universal remote to operate your Roku TV, locate the code that matches to your device or component. Along with the codes, we’ve included programming instructions for each remote.

Due to the fact that the Roku TV includes various functionalities that are not available on universal remotes. The majority of universal remote controls have power, volume, and input selector buttons. Additional capabilities such as back, home, up, down, right, left, replay, options, play/pause, reverse scan, and forward scan are supported by some expanded universal remotes.

The following instructions describe how to program the Roku TV remote code using the Universal Remote:

Universal Remote Codes For Roku TV: Below is the roku universal remote codes for the majority of devices. To utilize these codes, you must first program your Roku television with your universal remote control using the simple techniques detailed below.

This Roku universal remote is really easy to set up and program in order to utilize it for your entertainment. To locate the best functioning code for your device, utilize the table below, which contains all available roku remote codes by brand name.


How can I program my RCA universal remote control to function with my Roku?

Simply follow these few steps:

Step -1. Manually power on your television.

Step -2. Aim the remote control at the television panel and press and hold the TV button.

Step -3. After turning on the light, simultaneously push and hold the “On/Off” button until the light turns on again.

Step -4. For five seconds, hold down the Play or Slow button on your remote.

Step -5. Your television should then turn off.

Step -6. If the television turns off, it is operational. If the TV does not turn off automatically, hit the Play or Slow button once again. This procedure should be repeated every five seconds until the device shuts down.

Once the gadget is turned off, the remote control should be in sync with the television. If this method does not work, exercise patience. Simply repeat these procedures, ensuring that you are hitting the buttons for the whole duration required.

Universal Remote Codes for RCA Streaming Devices

This is the most comprehensive collection of free universal remote codes for streaming devices available on the internet.

For programming your RCA Universal remote, we have listed the Streaming player followed by the five-digit Streaming player code.

Apple TV52615
Panasonic 53760
Toshiba 51272
RCA 53335
Microsoft54000 51272 52049
HP 51272
Sony51272 52713
Roku53061, 52371
Media Center PC 51272
NVIDIA 54918
Systemax 51272
Dell 51272
Netgear54799 53292 54401 53324
CyberPower 51272
Logitech 53272
Magnavox 53339
Ortek 53122
D-Link 53693 53671
Gateway 51272
Northgate 51272
Hewlett Packard 51272
Linksys 51272
Matricom 54899 54440
Boxee 53693
Mind 51272
Ricavision 51272
Viewsonic 51272 54249
Xiaomi 53982
Seagate 52698
Omniverse 54421
Xbox 54000 52049
Touch 51272
Pivos 54339