Are you looking for a solution to program ur5u 8780l twc remote with your devices? If yes, here you will get the complete stepwise solution along with the spectrum UR5U 8780L TWC remote codes list to program Spectrum Remote UR5U-8780L-TWC. All you need to do is to follow the given steps, and you are done!

We have explained the auto search method to program your universal remote with the device. In this method, the device scans all the ur5u-8780l-twc codes one by one and chooses the best fit. Apart from the process to connect Spectrum Remote UR5U-8780L with your devices, we have given a complete list of ur5u-8780l-twc codes.

Spectrum Remote UR5U-8780L Codes List

Vizio675 , 386 , 624 , 387 , 625
Samsung333 ,229 , 655 , 515 , 228 , 258 , 050 , 363 , 143
LG284 , 648 , 116 , 741 , 569 , 363 , 102 , 113 , 112 , 143
Toshiba007 , 325 , 258 , 230 , 138 , 030 , 703
Sony, 651 , 001 , 702 , 608 , 646
019 , 684 , 308 , 735 , 692 , 143 , 175 , 251 , 028 , 363
Cisco046 , 001 ,003 , 042 , 041 , 045
Scientific Atlanta041 , 003 , 042 , 001 , 046 , 045

Steps to Program Spectrum Remote UR5U-8780L – Auto-Search Method

In the auto search method, the scanning is done through all the codes one by one to Program Spectrum Remote UR5U-8780L-TWC. Follow the given steps.

1. Firstly, turn on the device that you want to program with UR5U-8780L-TWC Universal remote.

2. Now, press the corresponding component button for your device. Along with that, press the Select/OK button and hold for 3 seconds.

3. The LED will get lit. This shows that your device is now ready to be programmed.

4. Now, hold the Spectrum Remote UR5U-8780L pointing towards the device. Press the Vol+ and Vol- buttons.

5. With this, the universal remote will give the device on and off signals.

6. Till your device turns off, keep pressing the Vol+ and Vol- buttons.

7. Now, press the power button to confirm that the code has been correctly selected.

8. After pressing the power button, your device will turn on. Now press the volume buttons to verify that the remote works properly.

9. Finally, press the device button to save the code in the memory. The LED will blink twice to confirm the successful programming of Spectrum Remote UR5U-8780L-TWC.

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What are the Spectrum Remote URU-870L Codes and Programming Steps?

If you are a Spectrum Remote URU-870L user and your remote is not working due to any reason, you can reprogram it anytime. The method to program Spectrum universal remote to TV or any other device is very simple, and you need a set of Spectrum remote URU-870L codes for this. This guide has mentioned all the Spectrum universal remote codes you need to program the Spectrum remote to various devices. Also, you will find the steps to program Spectrum remote with devices using universal remote codes and without codes.

Before moving on to the programming manual, let us check the universal remote codes for Spectrum remote.

What are the Universal Remote Codes For Spectrum Cable Box?

This section gives a detailed list of universal remote codes for the Spectrum cable box. So, check the codes and choose one as per your need to program Spectrum cable box.

How to Connect Spectrum Remote to URU 8780L?

1. On the universal remote, press the component button (TV, DVD, CBL and the OK/SEL ) as per your device. Hold the button for almost three seconds, and the LED will turn on.

2. Hold the Spectrum remote pointing to the device and press Ch+ and Ch- buttons simultaneously. Keep pressing the buttons till the device turns off.

3. Now, you have programmed Spectrum remote to URU8780L device.

What is the Reason for Spectrum Remote Not Working?

If your Spectrum remote is not working, you can do troubleshooting. Various issues can occur, which will require troubleshooting the Spectrum remote, which are mentioned below.

1. Channels not getting changed by the Spectrum remote.

2. Lag in Spectrum remote response.

3. Repeated flashing of red LED light.

4. Red LED light not flashing at all.

Reasons for Spectrum Remote not working

1. Pairing is not properly done

There are chances that you have not correctly programmed the Spectrum remote control, and you can experience issues if the programming is not properly done.

2. Issues with Spectrum Cable Box

There might be issues with the Spectrum cable box, which will be fixed instantly after basic troubleshooting.

3. Signal transmitter or antenna broken

There can be physical damage where your signal transmitter can be damaged or broken. Due to this, your Spectrum remote might not transmit the signals correctly.

4. Spectrum remote is not correctly set

In the Spectrum remote, you can find various options, so there is a possibility that the remote is not properly set.

What are the Steps to Troubleshoot Spectrum Remote?

1. Firstly, make sure that the Spectrum cable box is switched on.

2. Try changing the channels by pressing the buttons available on the receiver. If any objects are surrounding the receiver, remove them.

3. Change the angle of your Spectrum receiver so that it can detect the remote control.

How to Program Spectrum Remote UR5U 8780L BHT?

1. The first step is to switch on the device to program with the Spectrum UR5U 8780L BHT remote.

2. Now, on the Spectrum remote, press the “Setup” button, and an LED will flash.

3. You are now in the learning mode. Press the device button (TV, CBL, DVD, etc.) as per your device on the Spectrum remote control.

3. Choose the remote code from the list of Spectrum universal remote codes mentioned in the above sections and enter it using the numeric keypad.

4. Hold the Spectrum remote in front of your device and press “Ch+” and “Ch-” buttons. If the device responds to the Spectrum remote, programming is successful.

5. Finally, save the chosen Spectrum remote UR5U 8780L code by pressing the Power button.

How to Reset Spectrum Remote UR5U 8780L?

1. To reset the Spectrum remote UR5U 8780L, press and hold CL+REC buttons until the remote light moves three times from left to right.

2. This process will take almost ten seconds. Now the reset for Spectrum remote UR5U 8780L is done.

How to Program Spectrum Remote RC122 without Using Codes?

1. The first step is to switch on the device to program with the Spectrum universal remote RC122.

2. Now, on the Spectrum remote, press the component button (TV, DVD, VCR or  AUX) as per the device you want to connect and then press the OK/SEL button for three seconds.

3. The LED indicator light will get lit, meaning that you are in learning mode and ready to program the device.

4. Hold your Spectrum remote RC122 in front of the device and keep pressing the “Ch+” and “Ch-” buttons repeatedly unless our device turns off.

5. As soon as your device turns off, this means you have found the correct Spectrum remote code. To confirm, test the code by using some remote functions. If something goes incorrect, you can reprogram the Spectrum universal remote 8780L.

6. The last step is to save the chosen Spectrum universal remote code by pressing the “Power” button.

Summing Up

In the above write-up, we have mentioned various lists of codes for the Spectrum universal remote. Also, we have given different ways to program Spectrum remote to devices with or without codes. If your Spectrum remote is malfunctioning or is not properly working, you can refer to the above guide to reset it and check the different reasons for the remote not functioning.

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