What are the Programming Codes for a Jumbo Universal Remote?

Most Jumbo universal remotes, such as the iWave, Innovage, Emerson, Harbor Freight 66687, Sentry RMC10 and RMC20, and other generic Jumbo models use similar remote codes as the old version RCA remotes with 3-digits. Some Jumbo remotes, such as the Harbor Freight Tools Item 61959 and the QFX REM-115, have already been pre-programmed with new codes, just the same as 4-digit codes for the Philips remotes.

The programming process for older Jumbo universal remotes is similar to RCA’s. This post will teach you the direct code entry method for programming a Jumbo universal remote with your brand device. Devices like TV, VCR, SAT, CAB, DVD, Audio player, etc., can use the Jumbo universal remote codes for remote programming. Go through this page to get the latest programming codes for your Jumbo universal remote.

All-In-One Jumbo Universal Remote codes


Jumbo Universal Remote Codes List

Sony Tv128 , 006, 071, 002
Samsung Tv104, 105 , 109, 172 , 005 , 015,106 , 004 ,009
Hitachi Tv059, 060 , 144 , 001, 004, 009, 013, 061, 088, 091, 137, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143
Rca Tv092, 094, 096, 011, 015, 048, 082, 098, 101, 102, 103, 107, 113 , 007, 009
Ge Tv054, 055 , 031, 044, 052, 087, 092, 103, 107, 125, 164 , 015, 022
Emerson Tv041, 042, 043,037, 038, 039, 040, 045, 049, 051, 053 , 035, 036
Zenith Tv058, 059, 004, 023, 038, 064, 073, 121, 135, 136 , 000, 001
Funai Tv155, 189, 198 , 042, 051, 053
Lg Tv057, 155, 156, 172 , 044, 005, 009, 056
Panasonic Tv070, 055, 062,148, 170, 171 , 003, 051
Magnavox Tv068 , 008, 009, 062, 069, 074, 075, 077, 089 , 004
Philips Tv086, 087, 089, 163, 183 , 062, 068, 069, 074, 075, 077
Sansui Tv136 , 135
Sharp Tv112, 114, 079, 095, 111, 122, 123, 124, 173 , 004, 009
Proscan Tv107 , 015, 031, 000
Mitsubishi Tv022, 051, 081, 132 , 004, 005, 009, 089 , 180
Sanyo Tv108, 110, 180 , 004, 013, 049, 209
Pioneer Tv179, 185 , 004, 009, 090
Aoc Tv156, 014 , 175 , 009 , 132
Sylvania Tv069, 074 , 077, 155, 161, 163, 189, 198 , 004, 008, 009, 062, 068, 075
Quasar Tv070, 148, 170, 171 , 054, 055, 062, 003
Jensen Tv009 , 004
Toshiba Tv109 , 049, 089, 105,117, 118, 120, 159, 178 , 013
Audiovox Tv053
Daewoo Tv082, 085, 042, 058, , 097, 100, 126, 127, 130, 138 , 018, 019
Jvc Tv065, 060,067, 089 , 013, 054, 055
Nec Tv010 , 009, 085, 089, 095 , 003, 004, 005
Craig Tv053 , 042
Haier Tv217 , 216
Citizen Tv058, 053, 105, 109, 177 , 009, 042
Fujitsu Tv197 , 051
Memorex Tv009, 049 , 135 , 000, 001, 004,051

Program a Jumbo Universal Remote with Direct Code Entry Method

The programming user guide for your brand device with a Jumbo remote is given below:

  • First, switch on your TV to program with the Jumbo universal remote.
  • Click on the ‘Code Search’ option on the remote control till the LED light turns on and remains solid red. Now, leave the button.
  • Find the Device Select Control button for your programming device (TV, DVD, Cable, or SAT). You have to press and leave this button, and you will find the LED blinking for one time and stay solid.
  • You have to add the 3-digit code with the help of number keys. The LED will flash when you push each number. The remote has identified the code if the LED gets off after adding the 3rd digit. If you find the LED flashing, repeat the programming process with another code as the device does not recognize entered code. You have to try with another emote code to make the device function.
  • Search the On/Off button and press it. If the gadget switches off, click on the On/Off button again. You get the valid code if the gadget turns on and the other common functions are working properly. If not, perform this process again by using the next remote code listed for your device brand.

The 3-Digit Jumbo Universal Remote Codes

If you want 3-digit programming codes for your brand device, you will easily get those codes in the below table. When programmed with the Jumbo universal remote, these codes help you enjoy operating many devices with a single remote control. You have to pick the valid code that matches your device brand to succeed programming the device. Jumbo universal remotes of any type can use the codes mentioned over here to control the device.

Emerson Tv Codes = 035,036,037,038,039,040,041,042,043,045,049,051,053












The 4-Digit Jumbo Universal Remote Codes

You can pair a Jumbo universal remote with the smart device by entering the 4-digit programming codes. When you enter the correct code, you must follow a few simple steps to operate your brand device with the Jumbo remote. You can use any kind of Jumbo remote for programming the device, and all you have to do is insert the working code from the Jumbo universal remote 4-digit codes list.


How can you setup a Jumbo universal remote to a Vizio TV?

While you are pressing and holding the button on the TV (or other device), wait for five seconds or until the LED blinks twice; it will not switch off. You may input the programming code for your TV (or other device) from the code list by using the Number Buttons on your remote control. When you enter a digit, the LED will blink once after you enter it.

How to Setup a Universal Emerson Jumbo Remote for Your Device?

Step 1: First, power up any electronic equipment that will be controlled by the remote, such as the TV, cable box, or VCR.

Step 2: On the Emerson remote, depress and hold the button that is labeled “Code Search.” The red light that is located next to “Code Search” begins to illuminate. After approximately five seconds, it continues to be on. After that, let go of the key.

Step 3: Point the Emerson remote control at the unit being controlled.

Step 4: To complete this step, repeatedly press the “Power” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the remote. Continue doing this, which may take several minutes, until the gadget powers down and shuts off.

Step 5: Immediately after the device has powered down, press the “Mute” button. The code has been preserved. Check out the functionality of the Emerson remote’s additional buttons. It may be essential to repeat the process.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Programming Your Jumbo Universal Remote

Step 1: It involves inserting two AA batteries into the battery compartment of the remote control, which can be found on the device’s reverse side.

Step 2: Activate the VCR, TV, or any electronic device that you intend to control with the Jumbo Universal Remote by turning it on.

Step 3: Maintain pressure on the “Code Search” key, which is situated towards the top of the remote, until the red light on the remote continues to illuminate. After that, let go of the key.

Step 4: Aim the Jumbo remote towards the device that you activated in the previous step by pointing it in its direction.

Step 5: To complete this step, repeatedly press the “Power” button located on the remote. The Jumbo remote may be programmed with a variety of different codes. When the gadget is turned off, you should refrain from pushing the “Power” button.

Step 6: To finish installing the code, make sure you press “Mute” on the remote.


Hope so; this article has become useful to make your life easier. You will get all types of codes here for controlling your smart entertainment devices with the Jumbo universal remote. Using a Jumbo universal remote will help you stay away from the jumble of using many remotes for different devices. Use the codes properly and have unlimited fun on your favorite device.

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