When you want to use Philips universal remote control for your Samsung smart TV then, you can choose the program method and code from this article, as we have listed all the Philips control codes for Samsung TV for you. universal remote can help you to control your 3 devices so,everyone wants to operate their multiple devices using this single remote. when you find out your code you can easily program your device like TV, DVD, audio player, etc with a universal remote control .

In this article, You can also look up for universal DVD player and blu ray player codes. Well, we are also discussing how you can program Philips universal remote to Samsung smart TV and if you want to learn this, you can also be a part of our discussion but before that, let’s check out remote codes. Ensure you read this post till last to get some ideas.

Philips Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV

Here, you can search for Philips universal remote Samsung TV code as we have mentioned in the complete list. You have to pick one code from the list and use it as Philips remote control code for Samsung TV so, without any further duo let us walk into the remote code list.


Philips Universal Remote Codes for Samsung DVD Player

So, now we are discussing Philips universal remote codes for the Samsung DVD player, you can find out the complete code list in the following table. You need to choose any code from the list and put it on your device using the number pad of your remote control. In this way you can activate your device with a universal remote control.


I am sure from the above list you have selected your DVD player codes. when the chosen code is not working on your device then, you can try with some other code from the list.

Philips Universal Remote Codes for Samsung blu ray Player

Do you need universal codes for the Samsung blu ray player? If so, then you are in the correct place. In the following table, you can search for Philips universal remote code for the Samsung blu ray player. Let us have a look at the table


You can use the manual method to program your Samsung blu ray player with Philips universal remote control. However, make sure you have selected the right code. Remember, when the code you entered is correct, a light will turn on. If the code is wrong, then the light will not turn on.

5 Digits Universal Remote Codes for Philips TV

We have mentioned 5 Digit codes for Philips TV in the below list and You may find many codes. All the codes that we have mentioned in this post are in working mode. As we always test all the code before posting on it. So, don’t worry about wrong codes, sometimes it is possible that any of the code cannot connect with your device so, always keep in mind if one code is not working on your device then, you can try with another code and you can try with every code from the list till you get the correct code. Now, let us see universal code list


Philips Universal Remote Codes Samsung Soundbar

Well, in this section you can find your Philips universal remote codes Samsung soundbar. You can go through the code list and select one code that suits the device so that it can work and connect it to your device to control the Samsung device with Philips universal remote. let’s walk into the table


How do I Program My Philips Universal Remote To My TV

To set up a universal remote on your TV you need a programming method and we have various methods to discuss so, let us learn such things in an easy step which helps you to understand easily. Don’t skip any steps while programming. Select one method which is easy to understand and convenient for you.

How you can Program Universal Remote for Samsung TV With Codes

  1. To begin with, select your device that is going to work with a universal remote. Now, let’s see the device button, have a look at an example., if your device is TV, tap on the TV option, and for DVD tap on the DVD option, etc.
  2. Select your brand from the list. In some cases, you don’t have your brand name in the list at that time you can just click on the left arrow to cancel and switch to automatic search.
  3. Click on the device button and hold on to the setup key until a light will blink for two times.
  4. Enter the code and press the power button
  5. Your device will turn off which means you have entered the right code and if the device won’t turn off then, you need to enter another code using the same process.

How you can Program Universal Remote for Samsung TV Without Codes

  1. Select your device like TV, DVD, VCR, etc and TURN ON then, click on the device button
  2. Now, tap and hold on to the SETUP button until the light blinks on the device key and it will blink twice.
  3. Enter 9,9,1 Digit code and the light will blink twice.
  4. Click on a function key such as a left arrow, play or mute button press any one key. If you don’t press the function key then, the power button is tested.
  5. Repeatedly, tap on CH+\CH- button until the key performs well. then, the device will switch off or a volume option will display
  6. You can save your device code for later use by tapping on the SETUP button and the code will be stored. Now, you are all set to control your device with a universal remote. If you have any issues let us know we will help you as much as we can.


We hope, this article has proved helpful to you. Get the matching code for your brand device and program the Honeywell universal remote. You will surely get the perfect code right here from the above list of codes. Try to share this blog with many people so that they can also gain benefits from this post.

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